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What is LAN? Local Area Network Explained

what is lan

Are you in search of an explanation about what is LAN (local area network) and how it operates? Perplexed by all the technical lingo surrounding this tech? Then look no more. In this blog, we will cover whatever you need to be aware of regarding Local Area Networks: from their fundamental components right through to … Read more

Route Redistribution: Explained in Detail

cisco route redistribution

Routing protocols are used to exchange routing information and select the best routes. But what if a network is configured with 2 or more different routing protocols? Do they share the routes between them? What is Route Redistribution? Route Redistribution is a process that helps to exchange routing information from one routing protocol to another. … Read more

What is Route Summarization?: Explained

route summarization

Route summarization, also known as route aggregation or supernetting, is a technique used in networking to reduce the number of routes in a routing table by combining multiple smaller subnets into a single larger network address. Route Summarization helps simplify and optimize routing in a network. It can be used in routing protocols like OSPF, … Read more

HSRP Configuration: Explained

hsrp configuration

HSRP is a protocol that helps to achieve the failover. With the help of HSRP, we can configure active and standby routers and that goal is achieved with the help of a virtual IP. When active goes down, the standby router comes to the rescue. Let us understand the Cisco HSRP Configuration. Given below is … Read more

Router on a Stick: Explained

router on a stick configuration

VLANs divide traffic in a LAN according to the needs and increase the broadcast domain. There are methods using which two different Vans can communicate with each other. This process is known as Inter-VLAN routing. We have discussed Inter-VLAN routing and different methods that can be used to make different VLANs communicate with each other. … Read more

Inter VLAN Routing: Explained

inter vlan routing

Before talking about Inter VLAN routing, let me give you a brief introduction to VLAN first. VLAN is a logical grouping of network devices connected to a switch. VLANs are used to create smaller broadcast domains at layer 2 by assigning different ports to different subnetworks on the same switch so that two or more … Read more

What is EIGRP in Networking? Explained

eigrp in networking

EIGRP in networking, also called Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), works on layer 3 of the OSI model and helps find the best path. It is an updated version of the IGRP protocol. EIGRP used to be a Cisco Proprietary protocol but it became an Open standard protocol and can be configured on devices … Read more

Basic OSPF Configuration: Explained

ospf configuration

It is not just essential to understand the concepts of any routing protocol but also to know how to configure it. Understanding of configuration also helps in troubleshooting the network. In this post, we will go through a basic OSPF configuration for Single Area and Multi Area OSPF. Single Area OSPF Configuration OSPF (Open Shortest … Read more

What is the Difference Between Router and Switch? Explained

difference between router and switch

The difference between router and switch is what every network enthusiast must know. But how do a router and a switch work? Both the router and the switches enhance data communication. Routing enables the whole network while switching connects a single network with individual computers. The role of routers and switches are similar, but router … Read more