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Types of Routing Protocols – Explained 

types of routing

Routing is a process of selecting the best possible paths for data packets to travel from a source to a destination in a network. Routing is performed by layer 3 devices like routers and multi-layer switches.  What are the different types of Routing? Routing protocols can be broadly categorized into three types:-   Static Routing   Default … Read more

What is NTP? Explained in Detail 

what is ntp

On routers and switches, we can even configure time and date locally but in a network with a large amount of network devices, it becomes difficult to configure time and date and even to manage it individually. If time is wrongly configured it can lead to inaccuracies in failure logs etc.   To configure it accurately … Read more

What is Quality of Service: A Comprehensive Guide

what is quality of service

Quality of service refers to a set of techniques and mechanisms used to manage and prioritize network traffic to ensure the performance, reliability, and availability of the packets in the network. QOS helps to set priority for the type of data packets. Key aspects of QoS include traffic prioritization, bandwidth management, latency control, packet loss … Read more

What are VLAN and QinQ?: Explained 

What are VLAN QinQ?

What is an Ethernet Frame?  An Ethernet frame is a fundamental unit of data transmitted over an Ethernet network. It contains the necessary information for data to be transmitted from one device to another within a local area network. Ethernet frames consist of various fields each serving a specific purpose in facilitating communication across the network.  … Read more

What are the Firewall Functions: Explained

firewall functions

A firewall is a device or software application that is used for network security. It helps to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on some pre-defined security policies Its purpose is to establish a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network such as the internet and to … Read more

Redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP  

route redistribution between ospf and eigrp

In a network, there is a possibility that it is running on both OSPF and EIGRP and the route of OSPF cannot be advertised to EIGRP by itself. Similarly, routes of EIGRP cannot be advertised to OSPF by itself.    We can make use of Redistribution to advertise routes between each other.  Route Redistribution is a … Read more

Redistribution Between RIP and OSPF 

Redistribution Between RIP and OSPF

In a network, there is a possibility that it is running on both OSPF and RIP and the route of OSPF cannot be advertised to RIP by itself. Similarly, routes of RIP cannot be advertised to OSPF by itself.   Now the question arises how can R2 reach the routes advertised on R1?   We can also … Read more

Route Redistribution: Explained in Detail

cisco route redistribution

Routing protocols are used to exchange routing information and select the best routes. But what if a network is configured with 2 or more different routing protocols? Do they share the routes between them? What is Route Redistribution? Route Redistribution is a process that helps to exchange routing information from one routing protocol to another. … Read more

What is Route Summarization?: Explained

route summarization

Route summarization, also known as route aggregation or supernetting, is a technique used in networking to reduce the number of routes in a routing table by combining multiple smaller subnets into a single larger network address. Route Summarization helps simplify and optimize routing in a network. It can be used in routing protocols like OSPF, … Read more

HSRP Configuration: Explained

hsrp configuration

HSRP is a protocol that helps to achieve the failover. With the help of HSRP, we can configure active and standby routers and that goal is achieved with the help of a virtual IP. When active goes down, the standby router comes to the rescue. Let us understand the Cisco HSRP Configuration. Given below is … Read more