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Router on a Stick: Explained

router on a stick configuration

VLANs divide traffic in a LAN according to the needs and increase the broadcast domain. There are methods using which two different Vans can communicate with each other. This process is known as Inter-VLAN routing. We have discussed Inter-VLAN routing and different methods that can be used to make different VLANs communicate with each other. … Read more

Inter VLAN Routing: Explained

inter vlan routing

Before talking about Inter VLAN routing, let me give you a brief introduction to VLAN first. VLAN is a logical grouping of network devices connected to a switch. VLANs are used to create smaller broadcast domains at layer 2 by assigning different ports to different subnetworks on the same switch so that two or more … Read more

What is EIGRP in Networking? Explained

eigrp in networking

EIGRP in networking, also called Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), works on layer 3 of the OSI model and helps find the best path. It is an updated version of the IGRP protocol. EIGRP used to be a Cisco Proprietary protocol but it became an Open standard protocol and can be configured on devices … Read more

What do you mean by IPsec? – Explained

what is ipsec?

IPsec is a set of protocols and technologies designed to secure internet communication. It is also known as Internet protocol security. IPsec is useful in providing security and authentication to the data sent over the internet. IP packets when sent, do not have any added security to them, and an attacker can easily access the … Read more

What is MPLS & How does it work : Explained

The Concept of MPLS

Internet routing works on packet hopping from one router to another until it reaches the destination address. IP Packet contains no information about the route which it must follow to reach the destination. It just contains the destination IP Address. In this process, each router that receives the packet has to make an independent forwarding … Read more

Cisco Virtual Switching: Explained

Cisco Virtual Switching: Explained

The Cisco Virtual switching system is the technology introduced in CISCO catalyst 6500 series switches, which overcomes the drawback of EtherChannel and Spanning Tree protocol. It allows two catalyst switches to work as a single virtual switch.  Before understanding how it works and its benefits, let us first understand the Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model.  What … Read more

OSPF STUB AREA – Explained 

ospf stub area

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a commonly used Internal gateway routing protocol for routing within an Autonomous System. OSPF’s capacity to optimize the routing table by separating the network into areas is one of its most important features.    We have discussed OSPF, its backbone area, and standard areas in our previous blogs. Today, … Read more

What is BGP Route Reflector Configuration : Explained

bgp route reflector

Avoiding network loops in a network is of utmost importance. iBGP uses the split horizon rule to avoid loops. However, due to the Split horizon rule, all the iBGP neighbours must be in a full mesh topology. But why should the iBGP neighbours be in a full mesh topology? Split Horizon states that routers that … Read more

How to configure Prefix-List on Cisco Router: Explained

How to configure Prefix-List on Cisco Router

A prefix list is a set of IP Address prefixes that are grouped and can be denied or permitted to be advertised into the routing protocol according to our needs. Suppose there is a network topology with 5 routers and EIGRP is running on it. We need to filter some routes of R1 from R2 and … Read more