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What is an IP Address? – Explained 

IP Address

What is an IP ADDRESS?   The IP address, known as Internet Protocol Address, is the address of your devices on the internet.   Suppose you want to call and invite your friends for a weekend party but don’t have their phone numbers. You decide to visit and invite them personally, but remember that you do not … Read more

Transmission Control Protocol: Master the concepts of TCP 

transmission control protocol

In the world of networking, ever wondered how our emails arrive to us without any missing text or attachments, our web pages load without any error and missing details, and files are downloaded intact? Behind the scenes are always interesting, be it a movie or technology.   Protocols are working on different layers to achieve these … Read more

Understanding the STP Election Process & How it Takes Place!


Redundancy in any network is necessary to provide a backup path if one link goes down, but it may also lead to a loop in a network and hence network congestion.    Networks get configured with redundant paths. Although redundancy is a crucial aspect of network design, it may also lead to form a loop. The … Read more

What is FTP Protocol? – Explained 

FTP protocol

Ever wondered how files get exchanged over the wires connecting different servers, clients, routers, and switches even if more than one network device is requesting different files from servers at the same time?    It is surprising to note that you get the same file you requested even if we have thousands and lacs of requesting … Read more