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Privacy Policy

Network Kings is owned in proprietary under sole recognition and functions independently. There are no affiliations or third-party website connections. Under the policy, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Organization”, “Company,” or other pronouns are about Network Kings itself.
We care for your privacy and peace of mind. We ensure that you experience a friendly and adequate relationship at Network Kings. The purpose is to govern the information and personal details of our users. We will share an insight into how the received information gets perceived. This page explains the legal agreement between you and the organization via any information provided from your end. The policy also includes the modes of collecting and retaining information. Our policy does not include any information regarding any third-party websites as we do not affiliate with any client or partner websites. The user information gets governed legally for both Indian and International users.

What information do we collect and why?

It is not mandatory to share your details if you wish to browse the website for information purposes or any other requirement. We do not request any information from your end for visiting the site. There is no requirement for sharing details.

However, at any step that you wish to proceed for in-depth details, you agree explicitly to allow us to retain your information and use it when required.

We will collect certain information concerning the query if you wish to enrol. The information requested shall be in constraints of but not limited to the following:

  • It includes basic information like Name, Email address, Phone Number, and Location.
  • Disclaimer: We do not request financial transaction information before enrolment under the course batches.
  • Information is shared directly via email.
  • Information gets shared via comments on our blogs and social handles.
  • Information such as Internet Protocol number (IP Address), browser type, referring/exit pages and URLs, several clicks, domain names, and landing pages get captured by our servers upon someone visiting our site. 

Cookies Policy

Well, It is a Disclaimer that our website functions are based on cookies and restored information. The cookie file gets stored on your hard drive. This file may be consulted and used on basis of your browser history to understand you better. 

These cookies help to serve better for personalizing the experience of users to meet their requirements effortlessly. We enhance the engagement and service basis of these cookies.

The cookies help deliver the following:

  • User’s estimated usage pattern
  • Retention of information speeding up your search delivery
  • Customize your website experience.

How do we use your information?

We believe in complete transparency and wish to let you understand how your personal information gets used on our platform. When you are aware of us, you trust us more. Here is a list of how we use your details on the platform-
  • To understand your requirements and deliver accordingly.
  • To abide by all contract constraints as per legal norms on our website.
  • To administer and monitor the security levels of Network Kings. The internal operations contributing to security maintenance of data analysis, research, testing, functioning, and troubleshooting get better understood through your information.
  • We use email marketing. Your information helps us understand what is of value to you and provide you only with the relevant information.

Using your cookies, we may collect certain information from third parties. We collect this information only for the purposes mentioned above. However, we want you to understand that the shared objective is not exhaustive. We may apply analytics tools to the information provided to us as well.

How do we proceed with BILLING?

In addition to your basic personal information, we also request certain financial information from you for the bill, such as your mailing address to remit your payments, your account/debit or credit card details, and your financial platform usage.
Please, note that no entities or individuals from Network Kings request your account details or OTP/PIN. Please do not provide such information on a false basis in case of whatsoever requests from fraudulent Network Kings claimers.

Security Norms

We understand that the internet poses numerous security threats. Therefore, we ensure that the secure servers are in order. As a registered user, you get directed to the student portal that empowers you to stand as a unique entity for the training platform, Network Kings.
However, no platforms on the internet are 100% secure. We ensure that no data get lost during the transmission as we always keep our servers safe.
By sharing your details and registering with us for the credentials, you agree that you permit us to communicate regarding security, privacy and other administrative-related issues during your usage.

How do we retain our information database?

We make it understandable to our users that all information gets retained as shared by the user via web platforms.

How comfortable are you sharing your personal information with us?

If you enroll as a user, we may request to share a testimonial video where the data and social media content will get posted on our website.

Considering your privacy concerns, we ensure that we do not share your information other than your name on our testimonial pages. Upon your agreement, we shall display the additional information.

Email Database

After you register, we maintain a database of your email IDs which we use to update you from time to time. By sharing your email ID with us, you agree to allow us to be in touch with you for promotional content.
These promotional emails entail the product and service range available with us or those of our users and affiliates.

Legal Disclaimer

Upon sharing your personal information, you agree to provide us permission to share your information entirely, if and when required, under the provisions of law.

How do we connect with our International Users?

The team of Network Kings functions from India. However, as we are a virtual learning platform, we accept and entertain international users. If you are from any other country, you agree to abide by Indian norms of functioning at our end.

Please also keep in mind that you abide by the transmission of your data to Indian platforms that may not have the same security norms as that of your native country.

The usage of any websites which may transmit your data is at your own risk and discretion.

Change in Privacy Policy

We may update or change this privacy policy depending on the changes in the industry. As we maintain your email and other contact details, we shall try to remain in contact with you and consider your opinion before proceeding with any detailed changes. In case of any legal or monetarily effective changes, you can directly refer to our website.
You are responsible for periodically reviewing this privacy policy to stay up-to-date about how we protect our data and transmission.
Your continuous engagement with us and enrollment adheres to your agreement with all aspects of our privacy policies.