Etherchannel PAGP vs LACP

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Both protocols are used for Link aggregation, To bundle the links to get maximum throughput. It's known as Link Aggregation | Etherchannel | NIC teaming LACP is standard protocol you can make ether channel between Cisco —————————- another vendor PAGP - Port aggregation protocol is Cisco Proprietary,...

Static with default routing

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enable conf t hostname Branch int fa0/0 ip address description Hq-link no shutdown int fa0/1 ip address description Lan-network no shutdown ip route This default route is created on branch to send all traffic to HQ. -...

OSPF introduction

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OSPF: Open Shortest path first. > Link state protocol > Unlimited routers > Open standard ( Mostly used IGP ) > Multicast : and > SPF algorithm - Dijkstra > Administrative value : 110 > IP protocol : 89 Hello - 10 secs Dead time - 40 secs Types of Table : > Neighbor table - Direc...

Dynamic Routing Overview

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Dyanmic Protocol Overview. 1. Static Routing 2. Default Routing 3. Dynamic Routing Advalue: Administrative Distance The trustworthiness of a routing protocol. The Lower the value the higher the trust. > RIP : Routing Information Protocol > 120 > Max 16 Routers. > UDP Port - 520 > Multicast : 224.0.0...

Static routing

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Routing : Forwarding of packets( IP ) from one network to another network. Routers shares his own network information with other routers with the help of routing. For example : Router connects two diffrent networks : >>> Router >>> Three types of Routing : 1. Static Routing 2....



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