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Cryptography and Network Security: Best You Need To Learn

cryptography and Network security

Cryptography and Network Security are two of the most widely used technologies in the contemporary era. Cryptography is a collection of methods that allow people to send messages without being seen by others. Network Security is an umbrella term for all the ways mandatory to protect a device against- intrusion, theft, or unauthorized access.

In this technology-packed era, cryptography and network security are necessary to keep your data, network, and information fully secure. Therefore, here we bring a blog entitled Cryptography and Network Security: Best You Need To Learn to enlighten you regarding the concepts in detail. Keep reading the blog till the end to know everything at once!

What exactly is Cryptography?

The word ‘cryptography‘ got coined by combining two Greek words- Krypto and Graphene, where ‘Krypto’ means hidden, and ‘Graphene’ means writing.

Cryptography is the science of secret writing. Cryptography helps to secure data, send data securely, and store data securely. It also gets used to verify the identity of a user to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM).

What is the scope of Cryptography and Network Security?

Cryptography is the science of securing information, while network security refers to preserving computer networks, devices, and data from damage or unauthorized access. 

Cryptography and network security are related to each other in a way, as both deal with the physical protection of data. The two fields are cognate because cryptography protects against attackers trying to gain access to your system or network through these means:

  • Passwords

The best way to protect your data is- if you want someone else who has access to your device or network account, then you require encryption technology. This encryption technology can be SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

These technologies allow users having accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other similar platforms to log in without having their passwords revealed while entering them into their browsers. They need not go through a third-party website displaying those crucial details online for everyone viewing it.

What is the importance of Cryptography and Network Security?

Cryptography secures data, protects the integrity of data, and provides non-repudiation. Cryptography also issues authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of a network. 

What are the major applications of Cryptography and Network Security?

Cryptography and network security get used in various applications. The major ones are as follows:

  • Encryption

Cryptography may get used to encrypt data so that it cannot get read by anyone who does not have the proper keys. It gets commonly used to protect sensitive information or personal data, such as credit card numbers.

  • Authentication

Cryptography confirms the identity of a user and device for authentication before allowing access to resources on a network. 

For instance, if you want to log into your bank account online using an internet banking service, there are two ways it could happen- 

either by entering your password (which you may have shared with someone else) or through biometric verification (such as fingerprint scanning).

In both cases, if someone else were able to intercept this information from either end (either from your device or through interception at one point along its journey), they would be able to steal sensitive financial details. These details may be about yourself without needing special equipment beyond their knowledge base regarding topics such as hacking methods!

What are the perks of Cryptography and Network Security?

Cryptography is the science of securing information. It provides a way to store data securely, preventing unauthorized access and misuse. A cryptographic system protects data in transit and rest (on disk).

A cryptographic system uses encryption and decryption techniques to secure data within an application, such as email or web browsing sessions; it may also use hardware devices such as smart cards or USB drives.

Cryptographic algorithms get designed so they can never break by any amount of brute force mathematics alone. Even if someone knows all possible keys used by an algorithm, the person will still need some time before being able to break it by brute force. Since there are too many possible combinations between two keys (one million possibilities per second), it will be pretty hard. 

Wrapping Up!

Cryptography and network security are vital parts of our modern society. They provide a way to securely store information, which is incredibly important in today’s world. These days data gets stolen or manipulated at any time. Therefore, accurate measures are what everyone seeks! 

Since you know about cryptography and network security, you can move further in the domain without hassle. But if you feel perplexed and still do not want to decide to adopt cryptography, there is just one question for you-

Would you not protect your home, assuming a burglar can break in any way?

Please give it a thought. And if you need help, leave a comment!


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