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A Quick Way to Learn IDS VS IPS: Tech Hacks 

ids VS ips - what's the difference

Intrusion prevention and Detection Systems (IPS/IDS) are security technologies designed to protect computer networks from malicious activity. IDS vs IPS get often used together to provide comprehensive protection. IPS is a system that monitors network traffic, identifies suspicious activity, and then prevents it from happening. It is typically put to use to block malicious traffic … Read more

Top IT Jobs Without Coding

IT Jobs Without Coding

Gone are the days when you needed coding skills to enter the Information Technology (IT) domain. From the beginning, the tech field has been related to programming. We are about to see high-paying IT jobs without coding.  The job roles that are mentioned below do not necessarily need coding. But it will be cherry on top … Read more

Best Short Term Courses with High Salary in India

best short term courses with high salary in india

Looking for the best Short term courses with Higher Salary in India? Look no further! Network Kings provide ‘n’ number of short term courses for students to choose from, irrespective of their background, be it technical or nontechnical. One can get their hands on short-term courses to acquire a skill and be proficient in a particular subject … Read more

What is a Firewall in Computer Network – Explained

What is a Firewall in Computer Network - Explained

In our modern interconnected digital world, the importance of strong cybersecurity measures is undeniable. Among these measures, the firewall plays a vital role as a guardian, shielding our digital assets and sensitive data from malicious threats. But what is a Firewall in Computer Network? Serving as a barrier between our trusted internal networks and the … Read more

What are the Firewall Functions: Explained

firewall functions

A firewall is a device or software application that is used for network security. It helps to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on some pre-defined security policies Its purpose is to establish a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network such as the internet and to … Read more

Cisco ASA Interview Questions and Answers

Cisco ASA interview questions and Answers

Need help to prepare for your ASA interview? Look no further! Our comprehensive blog entitled “Cisco ASA interview Questions and Answers: The only guide you need will help you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. Cisco has been a tech leader when it comes to network infrastructure and firewall equipment. Almost 90% … Read more

Top 15+ Most-Asked Palo Alto Firewall Interview Question and Answers:

paloalto Interview Questions and Answers

Palo Alto Firewall Interview Questions and Answers:  Be it any business organization, from healthcare to banking to enterprise ecosystem, privacy remains the utmost concern for any of them. These organizations are filled with unlimited user databases. They cannot afford to lose it. Here comes the role of a Firewall Engineer.   If you really want to become … Read more

Most-Asked Network Firewall Interview Questions: The Only Guide You Need

firewall interview questions

Whether you’re appearing in an interview to become a Network Security Engineer, Firewall Engineer, or even a Cybersecurity Engineer; it is very important to be aware of basic network firewall security. If you’re appearing for any of the above interviews, then you’re at the right place. This blog will also help those who want to … Read more

F5 LTM Top 20+ Interview Questions and Answers

F5 lTM Interview Question and Answers

F5 LTM has been placed in the Leader’s Quadrant for 4-5 years straight by Gartner, Inc. This indicates that you will be marking a successful career by choosing F5 LTM Networks.  Becoming an F5 LTM Engineer is not easy, yet there are some things that need your proper attention. In this blog, I have combined … Read more

12 Most Important Check Point Firewall Interview Questions and Answers

Check Point Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers:

In this blog, we have combined the top-most important Check Point Interview Questions with answers for you. These questions have been put together from basic to advanced levels firewall. This way, it will be easy for you to grasp the concepts. Let’s begin with the questions without further a do. What is Check Point? Check Point is the world-class … Read more