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The Future of Cloud Computing: Trends and Predictions

future of cloud computing

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we save our information, retrieve it, and process any material. Being flexible enough while still having scalability features makes cloud technology more appealing than ever before! Therefore, the future of cloud computing is what everyone is talking about. With digitization becoming the norm nowadays across most industries all over … Read more

What is GCP (Google Cloud Platform)? Introduction to Cloud Computing

what is GCP

Imagine you want to start your own start-ups like Uber or Flipkart. What would you choose out of the two? Run and buy 200+ servers, create a runtime, or rent a service provider? After all, everyone will choose the latter.  Welcome to the world of cloud computing. This blog covers what is GCP – Google … Read more

What is Cloud Bursting? Benefits & More – Explained

what is cloud bursting

In the growing industry of technology, where most businesses, enterprises and corporations have shifted towards cloud resources, it is significant to manage and handle the resources systematically in the industry. But is there any way by which organizations can manage the workload of systems and cloud resources? Yes! Have you heard about the Cloud Bursting … Read more

The Difference Between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in Cloud Computing : Explained

difference between iaas paas and saas

The Cloud computing industry has continued to expand for a long, opening a variety of job opportunities for tech enthusiasts. Before dwelling on the cloud, one needs to understand the domain in detail. From its types to services, the cloud offers endless benefits. And one such concept is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – do you know … Read more

Characteristics of Cloud Computing: Explained

characteristics of cloud computing

94% of companies across the globe make use of cloud services. Thanks to the boom in cloud computing that came along in 2020, especially when everyone was forced to work remotely. Ever since then, cloud computing has become a part and parcel of every business organization. Large-scale organizations cannot survive without cloud computing anymore. Let’s … Read more

A Detailed Guide: Advantages of Cloud Computing

advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the high-demand courses in the information and technology industry in the world. The high demand for managing and accessing data online has enhanced the value of cloud computing certifications in the job market. If you are also looking for an opportunity to explore the world of cloud computing and want … Read more

How to Become a Cloud Security Expert?: Explained

cloud security expert

Do you know cloud computing is one of the extensive domains of the information and technology industry in the market? A certification course in cloud computing or cloud security can help you to boost your pay scale up to 5x in the IT industry. You can become a Cloud Security Expert by acquiring the required … Read more

Exploring GCP Jobs: Is GCP a Good Career Choice?

GCP jobs

Have you ever heard of GCP jobs? But you have no idea, how to get it. Before exploring GCP Jobs, let us first know what is GCP Certification. Google Cloud Platform or GCP certification enhances one’s advanced skills to handle everything about Google Cloud Platform or GCP. One gets prowess in products, services, tools, features, … Read more

Azure Cloud Security Certification: Learn the Best in IT

azure cloud security certification

Have you heard about the term Cloud computing in your life? Well, cloud computing is simply the process of managing, accessing and processing the data and software systems online in the market. The need to process data has become necessary because of the over-storage of files and system softwares in companies all around the globe. … Read more

Enhancing Data Security with Cloud Security Training

Cloud Security Training

Working in the digital era is a bit challenging, but it is the need of organization. To please the digital demand of this generation, one needs to cope with digitalization. Digitalization is possible with the help of cloud infrastructure. Thus, organizations must develop a cloud security team, mainly requiring a Cloud Security Engineer.  Now, you … Read more