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Why Cloud Computing is Important for Your Career? Explained

why cloud computing is important for career

Confused about a career in Cloud? Let us discuss why cloud computing is important for your career.

In this blog, we will discuss from what is cloud computing to why is it important in making your career. 

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, such as storage, networking, databases, software, and more, over the internet, or “the cloud”. Rather than purchasing, holding, and supporting physical data centers and servers, users can get these services on an as-needed foundation. Users generally spend only for the cloud services they utilize, which can help lower operating costs, run infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as business requires difference.

What are the types of Cloud Computing?

Here, are the following types .

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Edge Computing
  • Serverless Computing
  • Code execution without server management
  • Containerization
  • Fog Computing

Note: Refer to this blog to learn about all the above-mentioned types in detail.

How does Cloud Computing work?

how does cloud computing work?

There are three types of deployment models for Cloud

  • Private Cloud: Private Cloud delivers a proprietary cloud environment dedicated to a single business organization, with physical features stored features based on or at a vendor’s data center. A private cloud is only limited to a single business and offers a high level of control. Private cloud computing includes advantages like customized architecture, evolved safety protocols, and the power to expand computing resources in a virtualized environment as required. 
  • Public Cloud: The public cloud utilizes the internet to maintain and direct access to data and applications. It is virtualized, delivering an environment where shared resources are imposed as required. Because these resources are deposited over the web, the public cloud deployment model permits organizations to mount more efficiently—the capacity to pay for cloud resources as required is a vast advantage over local servers.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid cloud merges private and public cloud models, letting organizations use the advantages of shared resources while using present IT infrastructure for necessary safety provisions. The hybrid cloud model lets companies keep personal data internally and access it via applications running in the public cloud. To follow privacy restrictions, for example, an organization could store exposed user data in a private cloud and perform resource-intensive computation in the public cloud. Within these deployment models, there are four main services: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless computing.

Why Cloud Computing is important for your Career?

A cloud career is important for your career due to the following reasons:

  1. High demand: According to some sources, the amount of cloud computing jobs will rise to 5,31,000 by 2029. Hence, you can start to secure your future in the cloud computing field now.
  2. Scalability: With cloud computing, you get scalability. Organizations can scale their resources as per the requirement. Hence, there is a high demand for cloud experts to handle these fluctuations efficiently.
  3. Cost efficiency: Cloud computing cuts the costs of physical infrastructure and cloud experts know how to save costs for the organization.
  4. Innovation: Cloud Computing comes with great innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and IoT services. With these technologies, one can innovate to provide profits to the organizations.
  5. Flexible and remote work: Cloud computing allows flexible and remote working keys to data and applications. It can help to manage work-life balance.

Why Cloud Computing is important for Businesses?

why cloud computing is important for business?

Cloud computing is important for businesses for to following reasons:

  • Data Storage: Cloud computing helps organizations or businesses to store data as it offers unlimited space to house information.
  • Data Security: The cloud comes up with high-security options. Experts can suspect any threat and can secure digital threats by using the firewall.
  • Data Sharing: Data sharing is easier with Cloud as it allows easy transferring of large files and also owners can grant access to whom they want easily.
  • Remote access: With the help of cloud computing offers companies remote entry to all their data no point where they decide to log in to the cloud. 
  • Controlled Access: Cloud computing lets businesses manage user credentials to their data. Companies know strictly who’s logging in to their systems.

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What does Network Kings have for you in the Cloud Computing Course?

Network Kings offers Cloud courses as follows:

What are the job opportunities after the Cloud Computing training?

Here are the job prospects after Cloud Computing training:

  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Operations Manager
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Migration Specialist
  • Cloud Governance Specialist
  • Cloud Compliance Analyst
  • Cloud Solutions Developer
  • Cloud Technical Account Manager
  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Cloud Operations Analyst
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Network Administrator
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Cloud Application Support Engineer

What are the salary expectations after the Cloud Computing Training?

Here are the salary expectations after Cloud computing training:

  1. United States: USD 100,000 – USD 160,000 per year
  2. Canada: CAD 80,000 – CAD 130,000 per year
  3. United Kingdom: £50,000 – £90,000 per year
  4. Germany: €60,000 – €100,000 per year
  5. France: €50,000 – €90,000 per year
  6. Switzerland: CHF 100,000 – CHF 150,000 per year
  7. Australia: AUD 100,000 – AUD 150,000 per year
  8. Singapore: SGD 80,000 – SGD 120,000 per year
  9. India: INR 6,00,000 – INR 15,00,000 per year
  10. China: CNY 150,000 – CNY 300,000 per year
  11. Japan: ¥8,000,000 – ¥12,000,000 per year
  12. South Korea: KRW 50,000,000 – KRW 80,000,000 per year
  13. United Arab Emirates: AED 180,000 – AED 300,000 per year
  14. Brazil: BRL 100,000 – BRL 200,000 per year
  15. Mexico: MXN 600,000 – MXN 1,200,000 per year


To conclude, Cloud computing is important for your IT career as it will help you build a strong foundation in IT. Career in Cloud has a high scope as almost every organization is shifting to cloud computing. Cloud computing tempts you to make a career in it due to the high demand, affordability, scalability, innovation, and flexible and remote work. 

There are more than 85k+ job vacancies these days and the salary expectation in India is around INR 5-15 lacs per annum. 

You can take cloud training from Network Kings where you can get training from industry experts.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

What is the salary for Cloud computing?

The average salary for Cloud Computing is INR 13 LPA.

Which cloud is most in demand?

AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP are most in demand.

Which Cloud to learn first?

AWS is for the beginner to master

Is cloud computing hard?

Yes, it is a bit difficult but not impossible

Is Cloud good for the future?

Yes, it has high growth as 90% of organizations are shifting to the cloud which is creating a high amount of job roles.