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A career in Cloud computing: Why is it a hit?

career in cloud computing

Career in Cloud Computing is hailed as a wonderful option. Those of you who know how progressive this field is, definitely know that Cloud Computing is legit tech transforming.

Those of you who don’t, are to know how smart it is to aim for a Career in Cloud Computing and get the salaries you once dreamt of. It’s a human need for almost everyone to make a livelihood for themselves, but a few of us dream big, to have handsome salaries and even fewer of us get to realise this dream of ours.

Do you know, where lies the difference? The entire difference lies, in approaches and knowledge. We are only aware of certain mainstream job options while there lies a world of opportunities waiting to be explored. Cloud Computing is one of them, it’s a highly potent domain, with handsome job opportunities.

In this blog, we shall know more about this in detail. 

What is Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing: Cloud here refers to servers that are accessed over the internet and the softwares and databases that function on the servers. These cloud servers are present in data centres all across the globe. 

The Cloud services include services like the following, although it isn’t limited to these alone: 

  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Network Solutions
  • Databases
  • Virtual Machines 
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software machines  

Career in Cloud Computing: Where does Cloud Computing stand currently?

The technological world is fast-paced, evolving, heading ahead each minute and has witnessed its share of trends. Cloud Computing is one of those trending topics, currently. Now Cloud Computing has gotten to a point where its popularity is far spread. Cloud Computing has been used by almost everyone at some point in their life.

Do you know? 

An individual is to pay only for the services he/she uses. A person isn’t supposed for the development and maintenance of the infrastructure. 

The rise of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is evolving fast, as a service as there is an intense increase in digitization and everyone is looking for the most flexible workspace, which the Cloud caters to.

Do You Know?

The Cloud Computing market size was analysed to be 274.79 billion in 2020, whereas it is now projected to have an annual growth rate of 19.1% through the year 2028. 

There are multiple reasons why Cloud Computing is witnessing the growth, it is witnessing. We shall have a look at these reasons : 

1. Cost: The most common worry is that this migration may make a big hole in the pockets. Well, there’s nothing to worry about, as it is a service that keeps in an account that you do not pay for the benefits you do not reap. So in the long run it proves to be economical. 

2. Speed: Cloud facilitates faster product development and deployment, which leads to saving time overall on all Cloud Computing. 

3. Insight:  Data is the currency, and is the most common thing currently. As crucial as it is to look for actionable information amongst the heap of information, it is equally difficult. But Cloud-based storage solutions offer integrated cloud analytics for the purpose of bird’s eye view of customers’ data. With the data being stored in the cloud, an individual can easily implement tracking mechanisms and build customised reports to critically analyse information, the insights from here can help in devising ways to increase the efficiencies to meet the organisational goals. 

4. Reliability: The security provided by Cloud services is top notch hence the reliability on the Cloud is way more than any in-house system or application. It never flinches as there haven’t been any instances of trust breach.

5. Security: The Cloud host’s job is to monitor security, which is far more efficient than any in-house system for security. As the in-house system of any organisation has many concerns, security being one of them. 

Why is Cloud Migration so Popular?

What drives the popularity of cloud migration, particularly in pursuing a career in cloud computing?

The above-mentioned reasons are evident, as to why everyone wants to opt for cloud computing. Now we shall understand in detail how and why Cloud Computing outshines numerous trends. To put it simply, Cloud Computing tends to cater to all the needs of efficient working.
Let’s now have a look at certain such regions in which the Cloud stands out. 

1. Data crunching
Data crunching is one such area, the ability to get real-time visibility on consumer patterns and further suggest or provide solutions is bound to create an upheaval and revolutionize many sectors. The efficiency or need won’t be just confined to banking or manufacturing alone. 

2. Leveraging Cloud Computing for the betterment of the Healthcare Sector:
The ability to instantly share excessive data will prove to be even far more beneficial for better health outcomes by being able to integrate more than one more in-depth analysis.

Who all are hiring Cloud Computing Professionals?

best career in cloud computing

Cloud Professionals are in huge demand in any role. Having said that let’s first have a look at the various job roles in the Cloud domain. They are as follows.

Job roles in Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Security Professional
  • Software engineer

The major Employment Locations:

There are three major players in Cloud Computing that take up to 60% of the total Cloud Market share. These three are: 

It’s needless to say working with these big sharks is bound to give you the salary you, dream of but what if you do not make it? If you do not make it in these, there is no shortage of opportunities. There are ample opportunities. 

There are options to be involved in the private deployment of Cloud Solutions. As it is often a necessity to specific regulations. 

Qualifications for Cloud Computing:

Career qualifications in cloud computing.

The way to enter this domain is one way of repeating its benefits. As we focused on how this field is a lucrative option, so far. Let’s have a look at Cloud Computing Certifications an individual should opt for :

Yet another prestigious brand to learn and get Certified with is, Cisco, it has proven its metal in Networking and Enterprise-level internet. 

Worth it or not?

The entire point boils down to this very question, if the hype, this domain has, is worth it or not? Is going for a career in this field worth it or not? Well, the answer is simple, Yes! Cloud Computing is growing and is bringing about Multiple Opportunities in terms of employment and is opening Paths for more job avenues. 

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