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Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

DevOps Interview Questions

DevOps has taken over the IT industry, considered the trendiest job title or revolutionary technology. This has led to an increased demand for DevOps professionals in the industry. Although it’s a difficult task to break in as a DevOps Engineer considering the competitive environment, you can sharpen your skills by going over our guide of … Read more

Everything You Need to Know for CEH online Training

CEH Infographics

CEH Online Training: Certified Ethical Hacking Certified Ethical Hacker CEH V12 course will teach you the latest commercial grade hacking tools,  techniques , an  methodologies  used  by  hackers  and  the information security professionals to lawfully hack an organization. Learn advanced processes in Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) course. In this online ethical hacking training , you … Read more

5 Reasons to Gain Linux Certification Online in 2021


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AWS vs Azure: Key Differences You Need to Know


Difference between AWS vs Azure? The world of cloud engineering is ever changing and AWS & Microsoft Azure are on cloud nine. Quite Literally. Cloud computing came into existence a few decades ago, with AWS being the very first inventor of such a platform. The world, as we knew it, has never been the same … Read more

Networking Basics – What You Need to Know about Networking

Networking is an important aspect of any IT organization. This is often overlooked as a skillset. Networking holds a huge potential as a career option. We will discover everything about networking basics in here. This article contains the following about Networking: What is a Network Infrastructure? What are these networks used for? What are these networks made … Read more

Best Three Firewall Certifications That Can Make or Break Your Career

Best three network certifications that can make or break your career, including firewall.

Company infrastructures, data files and many secure information files are the most prized possession of any platform. The reason for the same is that data today is the most difficult thing to acquire. Acquiring data is difficult in today’s day and age. This becomes a driving force for unethical platforms and users to use unethical … Read more

8 Ways to Continue Learning During 2020 Pandemic

World Map

2020 came with a blow to our dreams. During these times while being in a 21-day lockdown, India is shutdown. The youth is worried about their careers and the pandemic has left the entire world in a state of uncertainty. However, some still believe that there is hope. While we sit in our homes, with … Read more