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Cloud Computing & Data Science: A Collaboration to Know

Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence – these are just a few of the newly emerged terms that have gained innate traction in the last few years. With the amount of change we saw happening in 2020 however, it is in fact important to understand the impact of Machine Learning and Cloud together on the world.

Understanding Data Science & Cloud Computing

Our digital world uses data as an anchor for survival with the Gen Z as their consumers. We understand Data Science as a method that uses the scientific approach to create, test and run algorithms so as to then mine data for machine learning and more.

Applications of Data Science

Weather Forecast

Machine Learning is extensively used for determining the weather forecast. It isn’t just the basic weather forecasting anymore but in fact, to predict the natural calamities going forward as well. Weather forecast has been in the process of getting conducted for a long time now however, with a ton of data getting collected today, the weather forecast can now in fact proceed for predicting calamities like landslides as well.

This technique right here works for both Big data as well as Applied Mathematics.

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry uses Big Data and Data Science for targeted advertisement, customer sentiment analysis, recommendation engines, an insight into customer church analysis.


The broader aspect says that the healthcare industry uses big data to save lives. It is extensively used in Medical Research, Personalized Treatment, Cost Reduction, Health of the Population and more. A great example of the same is United Healthcare.


The process of transportation storage, loosely known as Logistics, surely uses Big Data for multiple things such as Flexible Routing, Capacity Planning, Smart Warehousing, Customer Satisfaction and more. The biggest example of this domain is the organization – UPS – Biggest Shipping Company across the globe.

Travel & Tourism

The industry of travel and tourism uses data science as well when it comes to Revenue Management, Market Research, Personalized Offers shared to the consumers and Investment Opportunities.

airbnb – a leading travel and tourism organization uses data science extensively as well.

Government & Law Enforcement

The New York Police Department, among many others, is known to use big data for Predictive Policing, Tracking Unemployment, Poverty and Improving Social and Economic Policies.

Data Science & Cloud Computing: Bridge the Gap

In a study conducted in 2019, the global giant, Walmart, was found to be collecting the data of its users and buyers at the rate of 2.5 PB data/hr.

This basically implies that on an average, 13.3 years of HD video data is compiled by Walmart EVERY HOUR! Besides, that’s equivalent to 130 years of HD Video data EVERY DAY!

Imagine the hassle that would go into saving this amount of data without having a cloud based server. That unfortunate scenario would in fact, burden our lives expectantly. The problems occurring in such a scenario could include the following:

Servers need storage space.
Servers need backup
For fast growing companies, server needs can be unpredictable.
With servers, companies can end up paying more than they actually need to.

With these many hassles, cloud is possibly the biggest blessing to ever exist for:

Data Scientists as well as Data Analysts.

In fact, companies may have to face additional problems such as the following:

Operating servers locally is a difficult task
Manual Intervention is needed
Single point of failure
Slow processing speed
Non-real time data

The Advantages of Cloud for Data Scientists

Data scientists use cloud computing for:

Testing Algorithms
Testing Hypothesis
Data Utilization
Cloud Creates a Level Playing Field

Importance of Cloud Computing

In the past years, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services have tried to increase their standing in this fast growing sector of the IT industry – the cloud computing domain since this is effectively taking over Machine learning as well.

These three giants now have a huge competitive advantage over the rest of the world however, it is still unclear as to who shall win this battle between the three.

The biggest advantage is that small and medium level organizations can also rely on these three cloud services because otherwise storing data would be extremely costly as well as inconvenient. Cloud has enabled the small level organizations as well to directly compete with the large organizations.

Your career can grow exponentially with:

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Services

– the three most in-demand trainings of 2020!

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