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Best Three Firewall Certifications That Can Make or Break Your Career

Company infrastructures, data files and many secure information files are the most prized possession of any platform. The reason for the same is that data today is the most difficult thing to acquire. Acquiring data is difficult in today’s day and age. This becomes a driving force for unethical platforms and users to use unethical methods to acquire the data from other organizations. There can be multiple reasons for the same since it can include agendas such as competing in the industry or harming a nation and so on.

In order to protect that data, firewalls are used. Similar to how people build huge walls as their house boundaries, systems are protected with firewalls. These firewalls act as a safeguard to each and every aspect of their data. They ensure monitoring as well as tracking, which makes it easier for companies to retract the data as well, if lent out to any unreliable party.

As the data keeps increasing, the need for securing it also becomes a huge responsibility for organizations as well as nations. Firewalls therefore are the most important aspect of any organization’s cyber security. The things to understand is that knowledge about firewalls can make or break your career. Here’s how.

It Gives You Layers of Security

Firewall gives multiple layers of security to the organization and the systems as well. Firewall can either be physical or installed as a software. The physical protection automatically suggests laying of the hardware which means in direction that the data is not in contact with the outside world anyhow. However, since this is restrictive and can eliminate flexibility from the user’s routines, a soft firewall is important.

This entails that all information can be tracked and seen how and where it flows. The importance of this aspect is that it is an application method uses bits of code to determine the flow of the information. Such systems of firewall are known as Packet Filtering.

Internet Protocol Traffic is Accessible

Two types of Internet Protocol (IP) can be used: TCP – Transmission Control Protocol is connection based or UDP – User Datagram Protocol is connectionless. These protocols are the entry screening point for any information entering the system. This ensures that no unwanted and unnecessary item can enter the system. A firewall can effectively conduct stateful inspection which determines the right and relevant information and differentiates it from the clutter and threats.

Common Attack Vector

Hackers and attackers today do not stick to a single point of attack. Information from multiple directions is sent to the systems so as to overwhelm the system and make it utterly difficult for the users to identify the source of the information. The objective of a firewall’s common attack vector is to streamline that data of sources and identify the same. This safeguards the systems from attacks known as DDoS Attack.

These functionalities and support standpoints given by firewall as the stream of hope for any organization’s system. Let’s understand how you can upgrade yourself with Firewall through the 4 MOST IMPACTFUL & VALUABLE CERTIFICATIONS.

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Palo Alto Firewall

  • The PANC – Palo Alto Network Certification ensures the certification and ability of an IT professional in integrating, deploying and managing the Palo Alto Network products.
  • The basic and most important purpose of these products from Palo Alto is to secure their networks and the internet altogether.
  • Palo Alto networks are advanced in nature to understand and the demand rate for Palo Alto is trending in 2020.
  • These course trainings require the users to attain about 2-3 years of industry experience, which is why these are the best in trend courses for advance level professionals.
  • This course training enhances your ability of getting to net level of networking.

Checkpoint Firewall

  • Firewalls control and monitor the interaction between the internal and external networks all over the networks.
  • The number of wireless and mobile connections are rapidly increasing in 2020.
  • The Checkpoint firewall monitors and regulates the interaction in these networks.
  • All VPN and Mobile device connectivity are managed for next generation firewall features.
  • The software blade architecture supplies for the next generation firewall features.
  • The checkpoint firewall is trusted worldwide and believed against cyber-attacks as for sophisticated fifth generation.


  • F5, designed to protect networks with huge databases. It is a full proxy network solution, designed to guard datacenters against incoming threats over the internet.
  • A network firewall may provide policy-based firewall management or even a denial of service depending upon the level and degree of the data threat.
  • In depth IP Intelligence with dynamic customs and database reputations along with reporting and logging with local and remote syslog streaming.
  • Virtual severs, Self IPs and Packet filters are all a part of this training which focuses on the understanding of F5 firewall in detail.
  • The default setting of these firewalls is to simply deny access unless manually corrected.
  • 2020 is the time to learn and understand the firewall fundamentals with F5 firewall as the internet databases are growing.

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