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5 Reasons to Gain Linux Certification Online in 2021

Its been thirty years that Linux came into existence and the world of operating software has not been anywhere close to how we know ever since then. Every year, a new question comes upon us. We end up questioning what our next steps should be. To understand them better and make a better decision, it is important to know all facts before hand. As the year 2020 comes to an end, we take a step back and analyze what our students will benefit from the most next year.

Year after year, Linux Online Training stays right at the top. After thirty years in existence, Linux has still not declined in its value. Yet again, Linux Online Training is the most significant training for any IT professional to gain in 2021. We know that 2020 has not affected Linux in any derogatory form. So, instead of taking a look back at what the year was like for Linux, we take a look forward to know how good a Linux Certification will be for our students. In the analyses ahead, we focus on the 5 Key Reasons why gaining a Linux Certification Online is a must for IT professionals in 2021.

Linux Certification Online is the Basis for Cloud.
Open Source Growth
New Commands on Linux
Linux Ensures Cyber Security for Professionals
The Tiny Linux

Linux Certification Online is the Basis for Cloud

Cloud engineering is a choice for many IT professionals as they proceed with their careers further. This is because Cloud as a platform is conquering the world gradually. Why wouldn’t it? Hard Disks are old news. Data storage on cloud is the first choice for individuals as well, let alone business corporations. The pre-requisite for becoming a cloud engineer however, is a Linux Certification.

The cloud runs on Linux. This open-source operating software is no more limited to desktops or data centers. No matter how well a professional might know Linux on their laptop, desktop or even in data centers, Linux has taken a whole new experimentation turn with conquering cloud as a technology. Cloud is a widespread connection between computers, massively called nodes. This entire system is managed by Kubernetes.

Open Source Platform Advantages

The new Linux platform is a testament to the original Unix System. Linux online courses and certifications not only focus on understanding the basics of Linux but in fact provide a detailed understand of what an open source platform means and how beneficial it can be. In the past few years, multiple users have made the switch from Mac to Linux. This can’t be a coincidence. Linux is not only a direct competitor of Windows operating software but also a platform that is counterintuitive to Mac and many more platforms. The reason behind this likeability across the world can’t be in fluke.

Indeed, it isn’t. It is so because of the flexibility that Linux offers. Learning on a new command on Linux operating software is like establishing the basis for a whole new operating system. Linux courses and certifications have in fact become a pre-requisite for many more further career paths apart from the Cloud. We will take a look into this further on.

New Commands on Linux

Running on old systems has never been the go-to way for Linux. Adapting to the new methods is inevitable and they understand it very well. Sometimes, adapting and coming up with new methods is inevitably required to ensure smooth functionality. Linux online training helps learners and professional ensure advanced learning. Considering new adaptation requirements, Linux introduced multiple new commands this year, to be able to keep up with the moving and changing world of technology. Let’s take a look at all that has changed:

(a) incofig has been replaced with mcli now. The idea of Linux behind the same is that the combination of incofig with iwconfig was simply insufficient and well, a replacement was necessary. Linux now uses mcli now and it has proven to become highly usable. It sometimes in fact acts as an intuitive way to interface with your network.

(b) at and batch both work well for quick and simple scheduling. But, for more complex jobs, some supplement features might be required: Systemd Timers.

Linux Certification Online Ensures Cyber Security as a Career Path

CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker – is the go to certification for all aspirant cyber security engineers. This certification however requires an extensive amount of skillset. Most important skill among those is – Linux Online courses and certifications. As a prerequisite for Cyber security engineering, Linux certification online is the go to choice of most learners. This is because CEH and any form of cyber security requires utmost flexibility therefore Linux as an open source operating software provides the best conditions for flexible changes. Securing networks it extremely efficient in situations where the entire system can be built as per the preference of an organization. System and data security depend on cyber security today. Now, Linux online training of course, is the basis for cyber security.

As a result, our experts design the courses in a step by step process to ensure that students learn the most important certifications right at the beginning. These beginner certifications serve as the basis for many further career paths.

The Tiny Linux

With smartphones that came into our lives a few decades ago, nothing has remained out of the reach of our fingertips. So hasn’t Linux. Linux as an open source OS is used as a Kernel in Google’s Android OS. Many of us technically are daily users of Linux without our knowledge. Thankfully, for those who are the ultimate fans of Linux, it is easily usable on our phones as well along with all possibilities of Python, Bash, a package manager and a terminal as well.

Linux in fact doesn’t even discriminate. It can be easily used on both Android and iOS platforms. Linux online training equips learners with the ability to work on Linux on both desktop as well as the phone software. This Linux certification online ensures the best of learning for all Linux lovers.


Linux Certification online is still a mandatorily required certification for IT industry aspirants. We recommend the following learning certifications for you as a Linux career path.

Linux Online Training: Zero to Hero

RHCSA Red Hat Linux Fundamentals

Python for Network Engineers

Certified Ethical Hacking v11

For any further comparison points, advantages – disadvantages or further knowledge that you might like, feel free to connect with us and share your queries. Tell us the platform you chose in the comments below.