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Enhancing Data Security with Cloud Security Training

Cloud Security Training

Working in the digital era is a bit challenging, but it is the need of organization. To please the digital demand of this generation, one needs to cope with digitalization. Digitalization is possible with the help of cloud infrastructure. Thus, organizations must develop a cloud security team, mainly requiring a Cloud Security Engineer

Now, you might not know who a cloud security engineer is. A Cloud Security Engineer plans, executes, and upgrades security measures to protect their computer systems. 

Here, we will focus on Enhancing Data Security with Cloud Security Training.

Who is a Cloud Security Engineer?

A Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for creating new features of the cloud system, upgrading the old one, and maintaining it to ensure a safe and secure cloud environment.

A Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for maintaining the cloud environment security in an organization by integrating cloud security solutions into other applications.

What is the importance of Data Security in the cloud?

As cyber threats are increasing, there is a mandatory need for strong and effective cyber security. Nobody knows if the laptop or computer we are using is secure.

Organizations contain crucial data in their system. For them, data security is a top priority. Data security helps protect the data from cyber threats, data breaches, theft, and ransomware attacks.

Data security is a critical part of the IT sector, and so are data security engineers. One can enter the cloud security world with the help of cloud security training. Let us explore cloud security training to provide you with a roadmap for the same.

What skills will you learn with the Cloud Security training?

You will learn the following skills with the Cloud Security training:

  • Learn about security technologies and features to secure Azure resources.
  • Learn to fulfil compliance requirements.
  • Learn to deploy network security and plan, maintain and troubleshoot using firewalls.
  • Manage Azure resources, implement and monitor security and optimize cloud infrastructure.
  • Learn about security encryption, access control, penetration testing, cloud security infrastructure, and network infrastructure.
  • Learn to deploy, manage and monitor resources.

What courses are there in the cloud security program?

A cloud security course program includes the following courses:

AWS Associate is a course by Amazon that includes knowledge of cloud computing services. It includes a mixture of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. 

AWS Professional course deals with deployment, designing, and evaluating applications on AWS course. 

AWS DevOps includes a deep study of provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform.

Microsoft Azure includes computing, storing, analytics, and networking. We can also teach hosting databases in the cloud through Azure.

Google Cloud Platform or GCP is the study of advanced-level skills in designing, implementing and managing Google Cloud products.

Docker training includes software development tools and Kubernetes training is a system for operating containerized applications.

Why choose Network kings for cloud security course training?

Network kings is the best choice for pursuing cloud security training. Don’t just believe the words, listed below are the benefits of pursuing cloud security training from Network kings-

  • Practical knowledge is a must it adds more value than theoretical knowledge. With Network kings, you get access to the world’s largest virtual labs for cloud security training 24/7.
  • You will learn from trusted and experienced engineers who possess experience of around 12 years. 
  • Live, interactive classes with open-end discussions are delivered by Cloud Network and Security engineers.
  • Get access to both the session recordings from the prior batch and the live session recordings.
  • Access to our individual and master’s programs is available at reasonable prices.
  • Access to the Network Kings portal where you may keep track of your academic growth.

Network kings offer a cloud security master program in which you can learn all the courses of the cloud with a single program.

What are the job opportunities after Cloud Security training?

We pursue a course when there are better opportunities in the field ahead. Here are the top 20 job opportunities after the completion of cloud security training. The learner can choose as per their wish and requirements.

  1. Cloud Security Architect
  2. Network Security Engineer
  3. Cloud Security Engineer
  4. Information Security Analyst
  5. Cloud Security Consultant
  6. Network Administrator 
  7. Cloud Security Operations Manager
  8. Security Compliance Analyst
  9. Cloud Security Analyst
  10. Network Security Administrator
  11. Cloud Penetration Tester
  12. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  13. Cloud Security Auditor
  14. Network Security Consultant
  15. Cloud Incident Responder
  16. Security Solutions Architect
  17. Cloud Security Manager
  18. Network Security Specialist
  19. Cybersecurity Operations Manager
  20. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

What is the expected salary after Cloud Security Training?

The salary after cloud security training varies from country to country. Listed here are the salary differences between cloud security engineers in different countries. 

  • United States: USD 90,000 – USD 160,000 per year
  • Canada: CAD 80,000 – CAD 130,000 per year
  • United Kingdom: GBP 50,000 – GBP 90,000 per year
  • Germany: EUR 60,000 – EUR 100,000 per year
  • France: EUR 50,000 – EUR 90,000 per year
  • Australia: AUD 90,000 – AUD 150,000 per year
  • United Arab Emirates: AED 180,000 – AED 350,000 per year
  • Singapore: SGD 80,000 – SGD 150,000 per year
  • India: INR 600,000 – INR 1,200,000 per year
  • Japan: JPY 8,000,000 – JPY 14,000,000 per year


Cloud Security Training has a bright future as it is a booming sector. You can learn how to maintain cloud security which is a mandate in today’s IT sector. There are various job opportunities in the cloud sector with high-paying salaries. If you are considering Cloud as your bright future, then you are on the right path. One can pursue cloud security training with Network Kings as they are listing numerous benefits for the learner.

Without a doubt, cloud engineers are in high demand. 

I hope this blog, has helped you to know about Cloud Security Training. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

01. Why is Cloud Security training important?

Cloud security training program will help you to learn to maintain cloud security. The training can open your doors to becoming a cloud security engineer which has a bright future.

02. What are the challenges in cloud security?

Major challenges in cloud security are mishappening, unauthorized access, hacking, lack of visibility, data privacy, sharing data externally, and third-party resources.

03. What is the scope of Cloud security certification?

Cloud Security will advance in intelligence, automation, advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, quantum computing, etc. Cloud Security will become the digital citadel in future and so is cloud security training.

04. How to learn Cloud security?

One can learn cloud security with the master programs available online. The best choice to learn from the best engineers will be network kings.

05. How big is the cloud security market?

The cloud security market will reach USD 148.3 billion by 2023.

06. Is cloud security training difficult to pursue?

Cloud security training might be a challenging task, but perfect guidance will help you pursue it with ease. The learner can get the perfect guidance from the industrious engineers of Network kings.

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