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I am going to recommend some CCNA books, which I like the most.?These books are worth the money. It covers the information needed for the exam, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to pursue networkingThe first one is

Cisco official CCNA book by Wendell Odom,

About the Author

Wendell Odom, CCIE No. 1624 (Emeritus), has been in the networking industry since 1981. He has worked as a network engineer, consultant, systems engineer, instructor, and course developer; he currently works writing and creating certification study tools.

Wendell Odom’s CCNA book set is the one to turn to for any CCNA exam. I run a training company that teaches 15 – 20 people in CCNA courses a month and these are the books that we always hand out with the course. The information is concise and to the point. Everything that you need to know for your CCNA exam is contained in these books. Don’t forget to practice with hands-on labs as well.

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Todd lamle :!jIfP!NNNN

CCNA by Todd Lammle

About the Author

Todd Lammle (Evergreen CO), Cisco Certified in almost every category, is the authority on Cisco networking and certification. His three decades of real-world experience is prevalent in his writing. He is an experienced networking engineer with very practical experience working

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If you want to give CCNA in two parts (ICND1 & ICND2 )

1st part is ICND1

?This is a great guide to get prepared for your ICND1 Exam. Wendell Odom offers great knowledge and experience throughout the book to help you prepare for the exam. It is also full of study tips, charts, and information needed to pass the exam.
The book is very well laid out, and very detailed. Each chapter opens with a Do I Know This Already quiz, which lets you evaluate if you need to read this chapter or are familiar with the concepts already. This is a great timesaver. The chapters end with a review quiz to help you gauge your knowledge after reading the chapter.

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2nd part is ICND2

I originally purchased the iPad version and highly recommend avoiding the electronic copy and opting for this hardcover book instead. It makes studying much easier as you can view more material, make necessary notes and highlight. You will also get a handy disk included with plenty of tools and resources to maximize the effectiveness of your study time. I recently passed the ICND1 exam and used the same Cisco Official Cert Guide (ICND1) as one of my primary study sources. I highly recommend this to get the knowledge you need to pass.

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Buy it, they are the one-time investment for your career growth

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