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Is CCIE worth it in 2023? or not

The truth about whether CCIE is still worthy in 2024 matters. This question has been asked for years, one after another now. Among the certifications and trainings that bring home a high-end salary, CCIE is surely one of them. But, is it the only certification that does that? There is a pool of certifications out there which now entitle individuals to high salaries. Its in fact, of much importance, whether or not CCIE lands in the pool of prestige. 

Well, if we speak in a nutshell, its more up to you than on statistics whether CCIE is worth it or not. Investing money and your time in the certification is as important and significant as choosing a career. Attaining this certification would be a step forward towards a career in the field of networking, while it is important that you make a choice about it. 


The Exam is Expensive:

The exam costs about $2000 simply when the cost of the written and lab exam is considered. While there are multiple hidden costs behind this exam which make it even more expensive and difficult to take. The exam preparation takes a long time for the preparation. The time considered to be spent on the preparation along with the study material is humungous. 

The Logistics are Difficult:

The logistics include the platform to take the exams in the first place. While the written exam can be taken from anywhere in the world, provided the internet connection is available along with a computer. However, the certification is not complete without the lab exam. The lab exam creates issues for the users. There are only nine Cisco operated labs worldwide and only a few mobile labs where this exam can be taken. The accommodation and travel costs included the cost increases tremendously, not to mention the effort that goes in simply to appear for the exam. 

The Difficulty Level is High:

The exam is highly difficult. To become a CCIE certified professional, a tough examination needs to be passed. It takes a tremendously long time and effort to prepare for the examination. The preparation requirement is such as that it requires undivided attention, meaning the devotion of your weekdays, weekends, holidays and every waking hour to be dedicated to the study for this examination for at least about half a year. 

You Surpass Overqualification:

Once you are done with the examination and are a CCIE, certified by Cisco, you definitely are eligible for high-end jobs for roles such as senior network engineer or network architects. This may sound like the best of the opportunities for those who wish to put in the effort and earn higher salaries from the very beginning. The problem, however, is that the job opportunities available on mass level in the industry are entry-level jobs. This makes it harder to attain the suitable jobs for which the individuals put in their time and effort.  

No Bomber Jacket Anymore:

Lastly, one of the many attractions for the completion of this course used to be the Bomber Jacket provided by Cisco post the completion of the course. Known by few, it used to be a fun practice by Cisco to provide this Bomber Jacket to the CCIE certified individuals. While even fewer know this, that Cisco wanted to name their CCIE course as Cisco Top Gun but couldn’t. However, they did initiate a trend to provide a Bomber Jacket to the CCIE professionals once they were certified. This practice is no longer in continuation. 


It Pays a High-End Salary:

The most basic and obvious answer is that a CCIE certification is entitled to jos that pay impressive and high salaries. That is the basic end goal for the users in most cases. I am sure the reason why you would invest your time, energy, effort and money into this course is because it would reap you great results. The end point of those results is of course, high salaries and reputed job opportunities. Well, with a CCIE certification on your resume, attaining a job comes as a cakewalk. 

The Demand is Growing by the Day:

The demand if CCIE engineers is growing by the day. According to a 2017 survey, the total number of CCIEs required across the industry would be somewhere around 300,000 globally. While the number of CCIE engineers available worldwide as of today in 2022, is highly disappointing. With only 38,005 CCIEs across the globe, the demand-supply gap is clearly visible. This clearly proves the point that the demand for CCIE engineers is growing everyday and is expected to go higher in the future. 

When Should you Pursue this Certification:

The certification is proven to bring better career opportunities and enhance the quality of your resume exponentially, however, what the industry is not clearly telling you is that as a fresher, your value will not be affected a single bit with this certification. The industry looks as freshers as budding learners. They do not expect freshers to know and understand everything from day ONE. If they do, that is simply a bonus, however investing in courses such as CCIE would simply prove that you are too eager. All that money and time would reap results only once you have attained an experience of a minimum of 3-4 years. 


This course is highly recommended for those who hold an experience of at least 2-3 years in the networking industry. 

In a Nutshell – CCIE

If we come down to conclude whether or not investing in CCIE is a viable option in 2023, well, there is no specific answer to it. However, considering the results and demand of CCIE engineers in the industry, if you are willing to build a career in the field of networking instead of cloud, attaining a CCIE qualification would prove wonders for your growth prospects. 

The bottom line is, that you make the choice for yourself, by yourself. 

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