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Networking and security salaries | Will they resist the technology market trend of 2020?

With the entire industry under a pressure, the IT pros find themselves worrying about the rise and fall of the market this year. Networking and security domain professionals are under tremendous pressure currently to survive in their technology job sectors. Majority of professionals are worried sick about job and career security. The trend of the technological industry is shifting by the day. Uncertainty has started dwelling upon these markets tremendously too. Who will survive and who will not?

As per the research of 2019, we have gathered the data of what the salary trends looked like for network engineers and managers. Network engineers curious about their growth and salary hikes are worried sick of keeping their job at the moment, let alone the thoughts about promotion and appraisal cycles.

What does the industry have to offer us right now? Can we survive this breakdown? Is there someone pressing the Reset Button on our careers right now? Let’s take a look into what a network engineer with certain skillset can earn in 2020.

CCNA is on of the most valued and trending certification qualifications today amongst aspiring network engineers. Regardless of their graduation curriculum, CCNA has made its way through to being recognized by corporates as the basic criteria for network engineers to start their career. Freshers graduating in 2020 should ensure that they are certified as a CCNA professional by either of the training centres available to them.

The best ways to make sure of spending just the right amount of money on the fees and yet yielding the proper benefit is to go with training platforms that provide completely web-based trainings like Udemy or Network Kings. These platforms make sure that you invest the right amount of money by creating a fee structure that does not involve any lab training or access fee at since, we are in the times of home-quarantine.
As for the insight, a CCNA certified professional has a number of choices like the following:

Profile Designation Salary (Per Annum INR)
System Administrator 4,50,000
Network Technician 4,83,000
Network Associate 6,00,000
Network Engineer 4,86,000

As CCNA is best suited for freshers and people starting with their career, or for the ones with a mere experience of 1-2 years in the field of networking, the salary packages mentioned are for the starting points of your career.

Professionals in the networking and security fields are currently under the pressure of the market as it basically is hanging by a thread. The data clearly is biased towards the experienced personnel. The graduating class of 2020 is less likely to be able to land job and realise how the real-world works. These job prospects are going down day by day.

67% of the jobs in the IT field today are endangered, as per the collective data of our sources. For a fresher, the range of the packages they might earn with the CCIE training varied from 2-4 LPA to around 6-8 LPA in India.

The reason behind this is that the experts suggest freshers not to enrol for this course. The CCIE training, as per the experienced professionals is best suited for individuals holding at least 5-6 years of relevant experience. For that category of IT Pros, it can lead up to generating an income of 30,00,000 to 40,00,000 Per Annum, INR.

  • CCNP on the other hand is the next step for a CCNA certified professional. Those who do not suggest freshers to directly take up the CCIE integrated training for both enterprise and security, recommend the CCNP Enterprise and Security trainings as the market of 2020 allows those individuals to directly move for a CCNP training even without having the training of CCNA.

  • This training opens a lot more doors than expected for an experienced network engineer. The CCNP training also allows for growth opportunities to go from a network associate to a network engineer or in fact, a network manager.The basic salary of a CCNP certified personnel varies however the starting point can prove very beneficial. The average data shows that a CCNP network engineer can up to 20,00,000 INR Per Annum.More than 247 profiles are the widespread options available for CCNP certified professionals to grow. The range can vary from 10,00,000 to 40,00,000 of income being generated with 20 LPA being the average.
  • Going to very next level, we can take AWS into consideration as well. Cloud trainings are the next step for network engineers. Network engineers can now take their learning curve to the next step in 2020 with the AWS certification. The training involves the learning of Amazon Web Services i.e. AWS.

  • Amazon, being one of the leading organizations across the globe, changes the trends themselves altogether. AWS training has changed the lives of multiple networking and cloud engineers. Data storage and security are at its best with AWS. Organizations are stirringly looking for AWS engineers and data scientists.The training could not only spike the career growth but also the chances of pivoting your career stream from simply a developer to a data scientist itself. As for an AWS engineers, the salary structure in trend is approximately between 13,00,000 INR to 16,00,000 in India currently. It is to be kept well in mind that these are also initial stage packages, with merely an experience range of 3-4 years.
  • Azure on the other hand, being the equivalent competitor of AWS today, by Microsoft has gained a fair share of the market. It has risen incredibly in the recent years. The data storage demands are going high and increasing every single day. The hard drives and hardware storage are slowly depleting and vanishing eventually.

  • Experts predict that by the end of this decade, we could look at a world completely functioning on cloud. That basically comes down to the fact that the demand for the leading cloud storage facilities being AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are to shoot high.The average starting package for an Azure certified individual in India varies from 12,00,000 INR to 14,00,000 INR per annum.These statistics clearly prove the great prospects of these career streams.

While we are in a state of dilemma currently, these fields of networking and security are expected to survive the blow and make it through 2020. The market fall will start to decline by the end of the year 2020, as predicted by experts. We need to prepare for that time right away. Enrol for these trainings now to ensure you career stability and job security.

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