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Mastering Azure 104: A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Azure Certification

azure 104 certification

Have you ever thought of getting a certification in Cloud Computing? If not, here is a golden chance for you all to get a certification in one of the renowned courses of Microsoft named Azure 104 certification course.

So, in this blog, we will learn about the Azure 104 course, its importance, scope, job prospects and salary in the industry. Therefore, continue to read the blog till the end.

What is Microsoft Azure 104 certification?

Microsoft Azure 104 course is one of the recognised certification courses offered by the world’s famous technological corporation (Microsoft) all around the globe. A candidate who gets training in Microsoft’s Azure 104 course will learn about the hosting databases in the cloud services like computing, analytics, storage, and networking. Microsoft’s Azure course is one of several major public cloud service providers engaging on a large international scale. 

Further, Microsoft Azure 104 course is considered an entry-level certification course in the industry. An individual who wants to become an “Azure Administrator” must apply for this course to boost their profile’s value in the market.

What is the importance of Microsoft's Azure certification course?

The importance of Microsoft’s Azure certification course has been justified by its worldwide recognition all around the globe. A candidate who wants to step into the world of the cloud can enroll for this course. Azure 104 course helps an individual to get a high-pay-scale job in the market. Therefore, validate and upgrade your skills in cloud computing by applying for Microsoft’s Azure 104 training today.

What is the scope of Microsoft's Azure 104 certification?

Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course is a beginner-level course in cloud computing. Azure 104 certification helps to open distinct career options in a candidate’s life. The scope of Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course is as follows:-

  • Worldwide Recognition:- Microsoft’s Azure 104 is a globally recognised certification course. One who completes certification in Azure 104 has a high chance of getting high-pay-scale jobs in the market. Therefore, one can take advantage of this course by upgrading their skills in the cloud industry. 
  • High Demand:- Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course is one of the high-demand courses in the IT industry. A candidate must have a certification in Azure’s 104 course who wants to apply for Azure’s Administrator position in the industry. 

The average salary of a Microsoft Azure Administrator ranges between Rs. 3.8 Lakhs to Rs. 15.8 Lakhs in the industry (source: AmbitionBox).

  • Professional Development:- Microsoft Azure 104 certification helps an individual to enhance the level of Professional Development in an organization. One can get promoted from the junior level to the expert position in an organization. Hence, there is a high scope for Professional Development in the IT industry.
  • Enhancement of Technical Skills:- Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course will help an individual to enhance technical skills in cloud computing. The knowledge of technical aspects of cloud computing will help an individual to get hands-on experience before entering the industry. 
  • High Job Opportunities:- Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course helps an individual to apply for distinct job positions in Cloud computing. There is a high chance of getting high salary packages in the market. 

To get detailed information on the job prospects and average salary after Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course, read this blog till the end.

Is Microsoft's Azure 104 certification worth it or not?

The answer to this question is “Yes.” A candidate who gets training in Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course gets the below-mentioned advantages in the future:-

  • Hands-on-experience:- One who completes Microsoft’s Azure 104 training will get hands-on-experience before entering the real world of cloud computing. Hence, Azure 104 training can help to boost your practical knowledge, which makes the certification worthwhile for you. 
  • Technical Skills:- The Azure 104 training helps to enhance your technical skills to nurture your profile value in the market. Therefore, a candidate will benefit from completing Microsoft’s Azure 104 training.
  • Industry Ready:- The technical concept of Azure 104 will help you to become industry ready in the market. This job-oriented certification also validates your skill set in the industry.

What is the exam format of Microsoft's Azure 104 certification?

A candidate should have detailed information on the exam format of any examination for which one is preparing. So, given below are the details of the exam format of Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification:-

Exam Name:- Microsoft Azure Administrator

Exam Code:- AZ-104

Exam Cost:- USD 165

Exam Format:- Multiple-choice questions

Total Questions:- 40-60 questions

Passing Score:- 700/1000

Exam Duration:- 150 minutes

Languages:- English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Indonesian

Testing Center:- Pearson VUE

What are the prerequisites to enroll for Microsoft's Azure 104 training?

The basic requirements to apply for Microsoft’s Azure 104 training are as follows:-

  • A candidate should have completed a graduate degree in the field of engineering.
  • A candidate should have some basic understanding of the IT industry.
  • A candidate should also have a basic knowledge of Microsoft.
  • A candidate should also have some basic understanding of the concept of Virtualization. 
  • A candidate should also have a basic comprehension of Cloud management and building.

Therefore, A candidate who fulfills the above-described requirements is fully eligible to apply for Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course in the market.

Which modules will you learn in Microsoft's Azure 104 course?

The modules which a candidate will learn during the Microsoft’s Azure 104 training are as follows:-

  • Cloud Concepts:-

    In this module, a candidate will learn about the basic concepts related to cloud computing during the course. Given below are the main subjects of this module:- 

1. What is cloud computing? 

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that consists of delivering hosted services over the internet. Emails, calendars, and Skype are some of the best examples of cloud computing.

2. Benefits of using cloud services. 

The benefits of cloud computing services are as follows:-

  • Cloud computing helps in the data loss prevention of softwares and systems.
  • Cloud computing enables you to access your data anywhere and at any time. 
  • Cloud computing helps to provide your data with the most advanced security facility in the market.
  • Cloud computing support to test new ideas and innovations without hardware limitations or slow procurement processes.
  • One has to only pay for the resources an individual is using. Therefore, cloud computing services are considered cost-saving.
  • Cloud computing provides your businesses or companies more scalability and flexibility in the market.

3. Cloud service types.

Mainly there are three types of cloud services:-

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Azure Architecture and Services:-

    In this module, a candidate will learn about the details of Azure Architecture and Services. Below mentioned are the main subjects of this module:-

1. Core architectural components of Azure.

Given below are the core architectural components of Azure:-

  • Azure Resources
  • Resource Groups
  • Azure Resource Manager 
  • Azure Regions
  • Region Pairs 
  • Availability Zones

2. Azure compute and networking services.

Given below are the main compute options available in Azure:-

  • Virtual Machine
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • App Service
  • Service Fabric
  • Azure Batch
  • Azure Container Instances
  • Cloud Services
  • Azure Functions

Given below are the details of the Azure virtual networks that provide the following key networking capabilities:-

  • Isolation and segmentation
  • Internet communications
  • Communicate between Azure resources
  • Communicate with on-premises resources
  • Route network traffic
  • Filter network traffic
  • Connect virtual networks

3. Azure storage services.

Below mentioned are the points of the Azure storage services:-

  • Azure Managed Disks
  • Azure Files
  • Azure Blobs
  • Azure Elastic SAN
  • Azure Tables
  • Azure Queues

4. Accessibility and security concept.

Microsoft uses several security practices and technologies across its products and services that help to identify, manage and access data. 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Token-based authentication 
  • Microsoft Authenticator 
  • Password policy enforcement
  • Integrated identity management (hybrid identity)
  • Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC)
  • Azure Management and Governance:-

    In this module, a candidate will get knowledge on Azure Management and Governance, about its features and monitoring tools. Below described are the main subjects of this module:-

1. Cost management in Azure.

Azure Cost Management is a free solution provided to Azure cloud customers via the Azure portal. It furnishes information about your overall costs and usage across all Azure services and Azure Marketplace products.

2. What are the features and tools used in Azure for governance and compliance?

The features and tools in Azure for governance and compliance are as follows:-

Azure Policy grants you to create, assign, and manage policies. These policies enforce rules on your resources so those resources stay compliant with your corporate measures and service-level agreements. 

The motive of Azure Policy is to manage your operational standards and assess your compliance. Azure Policy controls compliance, security, costs, and management while executing  governance for the consistency of your resources.

3. What are the features and tools used for managing and deploying Azure resources?

The features and tools for managing and deploying Azure resources are as follows:- 

  • Microsoft Azure portal.
  • Azure Mobile App.
  • Cloud Shell.
  • Azure Advisor.
  • Azure Policy.
  • Azure Managed Grafana. 

4. Which are the monitoring tools used in Azure?

The monitoring tools used in Azure are:-

  • AppDynamics
  • Datadog
  • Dynatrace
  • New Relic
  • SolarWinds
  • CloudMonix
  • Zoho Corporations
  • Serverless360 – Azure Monitoring
  • LogicMonitor

Which is the best place to prepare for Microsoft's Azure 104 exam?

Network Kings is the best Ed-tech platform from where a candidate can prepare for Azure’s 104 certification exam. It is one of the best-emerging technology platforms which provides live interactive sessions with pre-recorded videos to the students. A candidate who enrolls for any certification course with Network Kings will get the benefits like:-

  1. A candidate will get training from specialized and industry experts. 
  2. A candidate will get career guidance through career counselors.
  3. A candidate will get the benefit of live doubt sessions with industrial experts.
  4. There is an economical fee structure for all the cloud certification courses.
  5. A candidate will get all the valuable tips and tricks to crack the examination.
  6. A candidate will get a certificate after completing any course with Network kings.

What are the tips and tricks to crack Microsoft's Azure 104 exam?

To clear an exam, a candidate should learn about the tips and tricks before attempting the final exam. Therefore, given below are the tips and tricks to crack Azure 104 exam:-

  • Proper Planning for Exam Preparation:- One of the main tips to crack the Azure 104 certification exam is to prepare a strategic study plan. Try to categorize your exam subjects and start preparing accordingly.
  • Availability of Resources:- Use the available resources to study for your exam. Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification exam is not a cup of tea. Therefore, proper preparation is required to crack the exam. 
  • Strategy Planning For Study and Practice:- Mock tests are considered the best way to test your knowledge before sitting for the final exam. Hence, a candidate should practice a few mock tests before appearing for the final Microsoft Azure 104 certification exam. 

Practice Makes a Man Perfect. – Bruce Lee.

  • Microsoft’s Azure 104 training:- Theoretical knowledge is not just enough to stand out from the crowd in the examination. Practical knowledge with theoretical information can help a candidate to clear the exam. Online training on the Azure 104 certification exam can help a candidate to get hands-on experience in the market. 

Therefore, above mentioned are some of the main tips and tricks to crack Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification exam.

What job opportunities are available after Microsoft's Azure 104 training?

The job options available after completing Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification training are as follows:-

  • Cloud security engineer
  • Azure security consultant
  • Azure DevOps engineer
  • Compliance manager
  • Information security analyst
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst
  • Security software engineer
  • Network security engineer
  • Senior security engineer – Incident Response
  • Junior application engineer
  • Azure network engineer associate
  • System engineer
  • Azure active-directory admin
  • Cloud network and security architect
  • Cloud infra engineer
  • Cloud solutions architect associate
  • Azure cloud administrator
  • Azure IaaS technology architect
  • Azure DevOps analyst

Thus, a candidate has many job options available to apply for after completing Azure’s 104 certification course and training in the industry.

What are the salary packages after completing the Azure 104 course?

The expected pay scale that a candidate can get after completing Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course is as follows:-

  • United States – USD 79,500 to USD 128,000 per year
  • India – INR 3.6 LPA to INR 15.3 LPA per year
  • Canada – CAD 117,072 to CAD 157,680 per year
  • United Kingdom – £52,500 to £79,750 per year
  • Australia – AUD 46,000 to AUD 100,000 per year
  • Germany – €45,000 to €82,500 per year
  • Singapore – SGD 43,650 to SGD 60,000 per year
  • France – €46,800 to €60,936 per year
  • United Arab Emirates – AED 2,88,837 to AED 3,11,046 per year
  • Japan – average salary of ¥8,559,137 per year
  • South Africa – ZAR 540,000 to ZAR 960,000 per year


Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course is a professional course in one of the main domains of the information and technology industry. A course in cloud computing can uplift your value in the job market. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification course, its exam format, valuable exam tips and tricks, job opportunities and the average salary one can get after completing the certification course in Azure 104.

Hence, if you are also looking to give a power boost to your profile to get a hike in the job market, then Microsoft’s Azure 104 certification is just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. What is Azure 104 certification?

Azure 104 is a highly technical certification course (offered by Microsoft) in cloud computing. The certification course helps an individual enhance their knowledge of the technical concepts of cloud computing. The Azure 104 exam helps to analyze an individual's technical skills in managing Azure identities and governance; implementing and managing storage; deploying and managing Azure compute resources; configuring and managing virtual networking; and monitoring and maintaining Azure resources.

02. Is the Azure 104 exam hard?

Microsoft's Azure 104 exam is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is considered a challenging exam in the market. Some people with few days of preparation and study can clear the exam on their first attempt. With Network Kings' career guidance and study preparation tricks, a candidate can easily crack the exam in just one go.

03. Is Azure 104 certification for beginners?

Microsoft's Azure 104 is a beginner to intermediate-level focussed cloud computing course. Azure 104 certification helps to boost a candidate's profile's value in the job market. Azure 104 certification can become a boon to a candidate's career by upgrading their technical skill set in the market.

04. Can a candidate pass the Azure 104 exam without any prior experience?

According to the latest updates from Microsoft, a candidate needs at least six months of prior experience to pass Microsoft's Azure 104 examination.

05. Does Azure 104 require any coding experience?

Azure 104 certification does not require any coding experience.

06. What are the exams for which one can apply after clearing the Azure 104 exam?

Given below are the details of the exams which a candidate can go for after clearing Microsoft's Azure 104 exam:- Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate – Exam AZ-204. Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate – Exam AZ-500. Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate – Exam AZ-700.

07. Is Azure a good career option?

Yes, Azure is a good career option. The certification demand for Azure is increasing with the rise of cloud computing technologies day by day. Therefore, an Azure certification can help you to enhance your salary package in the industry.

08. How many questions in Azure 104 exam?

Around 40-60 questions are there in the Azure 104 certification exam. The questions will be related to Cloud concepts, Azure architecture and services and Azure management and governance.

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