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Azure Exam Tips for Microsoft Azure Certification

Azure Exam Tips

Microsoft Azure exam Tips to help you pass in your first try. When a candidate plans to apply for any certification course, he or she needs to understand each and every aspect of the concerned topic as people say that the more someone practices the higher is the probability of success. 

After being a graduate in any field of Engineering, the enrolled candidate can opt for Microsoft Certifications to step ahead in the tech domain. Since the technology is developing rapidly, the demand for employees is increasing with each passing day.    

Though Microsoft offers numerous certification courses to become a tech expert in the field of Servers, one of the most high demand professional level certification courses is Microsoft Azure Certification Course. And, in case you too are preparing for the Microsoft Azure Certification Course, here are a few important Azure exam tips for you to clear the exam with the flying colours. 

So, do not stop scrolling and do read the blog till the end in order to know all the answers to the important questions regarding the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam.

Azure Exam Tips - Let's start with the Very Beginning - Why Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud certification course offered by Microsoft in order to provide the enrolled candidates with the skills required in the field of solving problems of the networking and cloud services.

Before applying for the Microsoft certification course, one is required to be fully aware of all the prerequisites, job opportunities, salary packages and the other benefits of the Microsoft Azure Certification to be availed after the exam gets cleared.  

What is the Exam Pattern of Microsoft Azure Certification?

In order to claim the Microsoft Azure Certification, one is required to clear the AZ-900 exam comprising 40-60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes where only the score of 700 marks out of 1000 is considered pass where the exam costs around USD 99 and one is free to choose either English or Japanese as the exam language which can be scheduled online as well as offline at any desired place and the Microsoft certification never expires

Well, one can make only 5 attempts in a year to clear the exam and such candidates should work immensely hard and seek proper guidance to crack it.

What is the Syllabus/Curriculum of Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

One is required to hit the books and glossaries in order to clear the Microsoft Certified Azure Certification exam by getting the proper study material as the clearance of the exam is completely dependent on the practice, concentration, and time devoted to its preparation. 

The syllabus for the Microsoft Azure Certification exam is as follows-

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Azure Architecture and Services
  • Azure Management and Governance 

An enrolled candidate must have in-depth understanding of each above-mentioned topic in detail and should be well prepared for every possible question to be framed out of these topics. Since, most of the questions will be based on Cloud Concepts, one must remain completely prepared. 

How Much Time is Required to Prepare the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

Since, the studying pattern of each individual utterly varies from the rest of the enrolled candidates, one can never specifically tell the accurate time needed to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. But, still a person needs to study immensely hard, for around 5.5-6 hours a day for around 6-7 months, in order to clear the Microsoft Azure Certification examination.

Where/How to get the Training for Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

After a candidate plans to enroll for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification exam, the following questions- ‘Where and How to apply for training?’ originates. And, in order to find a suitable answer to these two majorly important questions, one wastes a lot of time in looking for a better place and opportunity to get the proper training for the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. 

Well, one has the option to choose either online training or offline training for the Microsoft Azure Certification. But, online training is considered as the best mode of training available because it helps in creating a balance in one’s life which also saves a lot of time required in travel and settlement.

What Sort of Practice is Required for the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

Since, appearing in any exam without preparation is undoubtedly the worst idea ever, one is required to practice hard enough with all the course materials available offline as well as online to pass the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. Various mock tests and papers are hence available to be taken in order to practice hard before appearing in the actual Microsoft Azure Certification examination in order to spot the weak areas in the whole syllabus.

Numerous training institutes provide mock tests as well as previous years question papers for the examination practice sessions which further help in providing in-depth knowledge of the concerned topic. 

How Much Laboratory/Practical Experience is Required for Microsoft Azure Certification Exam?

In order to clear the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam, just theoretical knowledge is not enough. One needs to be well experienced in the Microsoft Azure practical tasks as the practical knowledge of the Servers Services and its other domains helps a lot. 

The enrolled candidates must spend at least 3.5-4 hours in theMicrosoft Azure laboratory for the well-detailed practical understanding of all the Server based concepts.

How Much Revision is Required for Microsoft Azure Certification Examination After Training?

Once the Microsoft Azure Certification course training gets completed, one should never stop practicing or revising the syllabus and the learnt concepts. Infact, one must devote as much time as possible to the preparation of the exam as the ideal time of preparation for the Microsoft MCSA Certification Exam is 2-3 hours each day after the completion of the training

Also, even after the announcement of the date of the exam, one should begin to study for around 3.5-4 hours twice a day as the more time an enrolled candidate devotes to the revision, the chance of clearing the Microsoft Azure Certification exam increases simultaneously.   

What Study Pattern Should One Follow to Clear the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam?

The enrolled candidate is required to divide his or her revision time in two parts, namely- Theoretical revision time and Practical revision time to clear the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam. 

One of the major perks of the practical revision of the Microsoft certification is that it helps a candidate in understanding a particular Server better than the theoretical revision. Even a famous Chinese proverb explains the same- “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” 

Hence, one should devote more time to the practical revision than the theoretical revision to pass the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination. 

How to Manage Time During the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

During the Microsoft Azure Certification exam preparation, one should never forget to manage the time as there is a particular time limit allotted to solve the Microsoft Certification exams. An enrolled candidate must always remain prepared for the challenges and should face them with a smile as well. 

During the preparation, a candidate must practice to manage time or else the candidate might also lose the chance of scoring good in the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. No doubt, the best way to prepare for the Microsoft Certification exam is by setting a timer nearby to keep a check on the time taken to solve the given questions. 

What not to Do in the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination?

Well, no matter what, one should never leave any questions unanswered as there is no negative marking in the Microsoft Azure Certification examination as who knows if luck is on the candidate’s side! Even if a candidate does not know the correct answer of the question, he or she must not take the chance of leaving the question unattempted in the Microsoft Azure Certification examination. 

What to Do if the Exam does not Get Cleared?

Since it requires an immense level of hard work to pass the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam, if by any chance any enrolled candidate fails to clear it, he or she must not give up at any cost. In fact, the enrolled candidate must gather the courage of moving ahead to receive the Microsoft certification by appearing in the exam, again with a lot more practice and hard work than the previous time.  

Wrapping Up!

The Microsoft Azure Certification can lead the enrolled candidates to become a Software Engineer as well as a Cloud Server Master and much more in renowned IT firms to earn a handsome salary package ranging between 4.7 LPA to 12 LPA depending upon the experience.

Since the demand for Engineers is increasing with each passing day, the Microsoft Azure Certification serves the best. For any further help regarding the Microsoft certification, we are always available. Good Luck!

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