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Job Oriented Training Program – Discover the New & Powerful Phase One

Employment strategies and criteria are changing for the IT industry in 2020 all over the world. Phase One has – a job oriented training – been designed to deal with those strategies – a combination of CCNA by Cisco, MCSA by Microsoft, Linux by Red Hat. We bring you the opportunity that you have never had before.

The thing to understand is that all that an inexperienced fresher holds for a qualification is a B. Tech degree. With more than forty specializations under their umbrella, they’re still unable to land well-paying jobs from the very beginning.

A very small amount of people have the ability to start with a great package. What makes them stand out are the additional certifications on their portfolio along with the exceptional knowledge of those certifications as well.

Before we go any further, if you have a question for us or want to know more about the program, feel free to contact us.

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With an idea of making a job-oriented program, six industry experts have come together and built this specialized PHASE ONE program for you, with the main purpose of helping you get a job. Phase one, clearly is the FIRST step for any individual wanting to build a career in the IT industry. Not only does it bring you a vast pool of courses, but in fact, it also helps you decide which job role you’d rather like to make a career in.

With an opportunity to choose from the profiles of a Network Engineer, System Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and a Cyber Security Engineer, this job oriented training program gives you the chance to pick and choose the most suitable profile for your own growth. Phase One builds your first step and guides you for the next steps to take as well. Let’s understand the benefits of each of these courses.

What are Networks Made of?

Job Oriented Programs – Cisco Certified Network Associate by Cisco

The CCNA certification is the first step to take for anyone who wants to build a career as a network engineer. Demand for network engineers in IT giants is growing as we go along. The thing about IT giants is that they hire the best. They hire the ones who have the proper skillset along with the communication abilities as well. Now, Phase one not only helps you build the skills you need as a Network Engineer, but also prepares you for the IT Giants with the Communication Mastery complementary program with Phase One.

CCNA is the most basic certification provided by Cisco and can earn you the following job roles and salaries:

World network

A system engineer earns up to $75,000. One may also choose to become a Network Technician with an annual package of up to $s. $78,000. As the name of the certification says itself, a Network Associate is also a great opportunity to earn an annual package of as high as Rs. $86,000. A number of other opportunities open up as learner go forward.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate by Microsoft

This certification given by Microsoft is the first step for students to start learning the functioning of a server. As anyone with an experience in IT would support, there is no harm in knowing more than the job role asks for. It always pays off to know the basics in fact. The experts with knowledge of servers and the Microsoft solutions are highly valued across the IT industry. The reason behind that is no matter the functionality we talk about, be it servers, business software, cloud or any other service needed across the IT companies, Microsoft acquires more than 80% of the share globally. That is to say that more than 80% IT companies depend upon Microsoft for their business solutions.


MCSA prepares you for those solutions, which in turn means that it makes you a suitable candidate for more than 80% of the IT companies across the globe. A MCSA certified individual can choose from a variety of career opportunities such as Senior Systems Administrator earning up to $81,200 US Dollars per annum. While the most basic career opportunity for an MCSA certified individual is that of a Network Engineer with an earning potential of $67,390 per annum, the opportunities can range from Senior Systems Engineer earning an annual package of $91,400 to Information Technology Director taking a package of $93,000 home per annum. This clearly means that any individual holding an MCSA certification can earn way higher than the basic average all over the globe.

Linux Certification by Red Hat

The growth of the IT infrastructures and the personalized requirements increase in the world with more and more IT sector companies emerging, Linux becomes the preferable answer as beneficially as possible. Linux, being an operating software in the most basic understanding of its nature, Linux is still the overall master with its presence in all possibilities – from bare metal to virtual cloud and personalization for all OS possibilities.


Career opportunities are insanely vast with a Linux Certification as it paves the way for multiple other certifications as well. Here are some of them. A Linux certified individual through Red Hat can earn up to $96,500 per annum as a Linux Administrator. Since Linux is a new operating software even today to a majority of the industry, much smaller number of people understand how Linux works and can function on it. However, as more and more companies across the industry are adapting to Linux, the demand is proportionately increasing for Linux Certified Individuals.

Benefits of Job Oriented Training Program – Phase One with Network Kings

As we’ve discussed before, this Phase One is a combo program of all these trainings and comes with additional benefits such as the communication mastery program as well as resume building. When all these programs come together, they train you to apply for as many job openings possible in the domains of being a Network Engineer, a System Engineer, a Cloud Engineer or in fact a Cyber Security Engineer.

These trainings are a pre-requisite for all advance level trainings as well. They build your foundation for future trainings and your job as well. Your job prospects entirely depend on such programs. Here’s when and how you can adapt to all four programs with Network Kings.

Network Kings is a global learning platform, where engineers from the industry meet you directly and educate you with all these certifications. These trainers all hold experience directly from the industry. They bring their real-life experiences into the programs and make sure you get the best of the understanding of all concepts. They not only tell you the theoretical knowledge but in fact, work on your practical learning as well with more than 5 practicals each.

Phase One is available in both languages – Hindi and English. Phase One English batch is available from October 26, 2020 and is currently open for admissions as well, where you get to learn in English and interact with fellow students from all over the world.

Phase One Hindi batch begins on November 23, 2020 where the trainers simplify the learning for you to understand it in your own language.

Making learning easy and affordable for you at Network Kings is the foremost priority for us. If you have a question for us or want to know more about the program, feel free to contact us. Click here and talk to our counsellors anytime.

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