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Navigating Computer Networking Course: A Comprehensive Guide

computer networking course

Seeking a career in Computer Networking? Initiate with a basic Computer Networking course! But before that dive into the knowledge of what is computer networking. Computer Networking is a part of our daily life. We can not imagine our life without computer networking.

Computer Networking is something that permits real-time communication and cooperation, which directs to improved productivity. Also, computer networking boosts efficiency by allowing businesses to share resources, like printers, servers, and storage devices.

With Computer Networking course, we can learn tasks like data management, communication, research, and presentations. Computer Networking Skills enhance connectivity or internet connectivity, a substantial part of computer education, and help bond with people worldwide, making global communication and information exchange easier.

This blog will contain information about what are the required courses to pursue computer networking training, their importance, and their future.

What is a Computer Networking Course?

Computer networking directs to corresponding computing devices that can swap data and transfer resources with each other. These networking devices work on the system’s rule sets or communications protocols to transfer information over physical or wireless technologies.
Computer Networking education is essential for conquest in the modern digital world. It enriches technological skills, which are vital in today’s digital era. Knowledge about software, hardware, and internet usage profits in personal and professional tasks.

What are the Best Computer Networking courses?

Here, are the top best Computer Networking Courses including

Cisco CCNA 200-301:

The CCNA Course helps learners with all the necessary skills required in the field of networking. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a beginner-level technical certification course offered by Cisco which serves as the stepping stone in your IT career catering to you with all the necessary skills required in the field of Networking. CCNA Certification is one of the most popular & in-demand Networking certifications in the industry. The CCNA course covers the essentials of Networking such as Network Security Fundamentals, Automation, Programmability, and Routing and switching. You’ll get in-depth CCNA training after enrolling & can become a skilled Network Engineer in the tech world.

Topics under Cisco CCNA 200-301:
  • Routing and Switching  
  • Network fundamentals  
  • Network access  
  • Routing and Switching protocols  
  • Wireless Access Points (WAPs)  
  • Internet Protocol (IP) services  
  • Automation and programmability  
  • Infrastructure services  
  • Infrastructure security  

This course has 3-levels: specialist, professional, and expert level.

CCNP Enterprise:

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is an intermediate-level course offered by Cisco that provides in-depth knowledge, understanding, functioning, and maintenance of the study of everything regarding Service Providing Solutions and Networking. The Cisco CCNP course consists of the core technologies with Enterprise Specialization as it is an upgrade of the pre-existing Networking experience provided through Cisco CCNA certification for CCNP training. CCNP Enterprise training involves advanced Routing, Switching, Troubleshooting, Security, SDN, etc. 

Topics covered in CCNP Enterprise:

  • Advanced Routing and Switching  
  • VPN technologies: MPLS and DMVPN  
  • Configuring and troubleshooting OSPF, EIGRP, and OSPF  
  • Dual stack architecture  
  • Virtualization  
  • Infrastructure  
  • Security and automation  
  • Network assurance  
Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure: 

The CCIE course training is a perfect solution for you! The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Enterprise course is an advanced-level certification offered by Cisco Systems. The CCIE training program validates your skills in designing, deploying, and troubleshooting complex enterprise networks. CCIE course is one of the most prestigious certifications for those learners who want to gain advanced knowledge and skills in various networking areas.

Topics covered in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure:

  • Dual stack architecture  
  • Virtualization  
  • Network assurance  
  • Security and automation 
Cisco SD-WAN Solutions:

The SD-WAN Certification helps in upgrading skills and knowledge regarding in-depth networking. The Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN course builds expertise in designing, installing, arranging, and managing SD-WAN solutions in wide networks in a short period. The Cisco SD-WAN training Certification also teaches the SD-WAN installation and migration, placement of controllers, deploying and replacing edge devices, and the ways to configure Direct Internet Access (DIA). 

Topics covered in Cisco SD-WAN:

  • Configuring routing protocols  
  • Switching from traditional WAN to SD-WAN  
  • SD-WAN installation and migration  
  • Deploying WAN Edge devices  
  • Configure Direct Internet Access (DIA) breakout
Cisco CCIE Security:

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE course Certification is meant for Senior Engineers and falls under the category of expert certifications offered by Cisco. CCIE training or CCIE Security training certification deals with the study of complex Security Solutions and further helps in understanding, designing, deploying, and managing the Network Systems to keep them secure.

Topics covered under CCIE Security
  • Network security principles and technologies
  • Security protocols and technologies
  • Network infrastructure security
  • Network security management and monitoring
  • Security policies and compliance
Cisco DevNet

The Cisco DevNet Associate certification or DevNet course is an entry-level course offered by Cisco which provides an in-depth understanding of Security, Automation, and Network Infrastructures. One can learn the best practices of modern Software Development, DevOps, and how to securely interact with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to automate existing manual processes with DevNet training.

Topics covered under Cisco DevNet:
  • Software Development & Design
  • Understanding and Using APIs
  • Cisco Platforms & Development
  • Application Deployment & Security
  • Infrastructure & Automation
  • Network Fundamentals

The Python for Network Engineers course is designed for Network Engineers to learn Python course and other forms of Automation skills using Python Programming Language to manage Networks and Devices. Python for Network Engineers training deals with the study of how to Automate tasks on Routers and Switches using Python. With a proper knowledge of Networking coupled with Python training, one can automate networking tasks.

Topics covered in Python:
  • Python Foundation for Network Engineers
  • Python Libraries & Data Types
  • API Concepts & YANG Data-Modelling
  • IAC and DevOps Introduction

What is the Future scope of the Computer Networking course?

Here is the future of the Computer Networking course:

  • Growing Opportunities – Every sector demands networking in some or the other way. In the business sector, networking is available from manufacturing to business processing. As organizations and institutions support domains like technology, cloud computing, big data, etc. they all rely on a workforce with networking skills to enhance technology. High-demand in technological advancement demands more Network Engineers, which ensures more job opportunities in the future.
  • Automation – Technology is experiencing constant automation. Automation plays a crucial role in cost decrease, productivity, and performance. Automation is evolving the base of networking. Automating the composition, deployment, supervision, and troubleshooting has become a part of automation. Everyday network tasks like these grow the extent of networking. There is a myth that automation might take away jobs in the future, which is not true. It will add to the resume of a network engineer.
  • Innovation – Innovation is quite necessary for companies to expand. The change could be superficial for a better requirement of products and services to the customers or internal for the better performance of the internal networks. If you are an investor, you have the opportunity to take up your career to a higher level.
  • Job Opportunities – The networking profession is huge with sub-domains like routing and switching, security, service provider, collaboration, etc. As we know, routing and switching are major components of security and the network computing training includes knowledge of both. Hence, the job opportunities in this domain multiply day by day.
  • Travelling chance – Networking harbors an international standard. It means that the world identifies your knowledge and skills in networking. Especially, a Cisco certified professional may trek to global corporations around the globe. Networking professionals work in a lot of professions. They support small businesses, schools, industries, and every place where networking is applicable.

What are the job opportunities after the Computer Networking course online?

Here are the job opportunities after completing the computer networking training:

  • Network support specialist.
  • Network technician.
  • Network administrator.
  • Field service engineer.
  • Computer systems analyst.
  • Computer systems administrator.
  • Network engineer.
  • Wireless engineer.

What are the salary expectations after the online computer networking course?

Here are the salary expectations after the computer networking course in different countries:

  • USA: USD 57,000 per year
  • UK: £47,847 per year
  • Canada: $90,419 per year
  • Australia: USD 65,000 per year
  • Brazil: $64,239 per year
  • UAE: AED 48,828 per year
  • Singapore: $57600 per year
  • New Zealand: $85,000 per year


We all know Computer networking course is the future in this technical era. To become a master of computer networking, you must pursue a computer networking course. To start with the best computer networking course, you can enroll with Network Kings. Network Kings offers online network computing courses from industry experts.
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