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What to choose between CCNA vs RHCE ?

A laptop image with a red circle in the center representing the comparison between CCNA and RHCE certifications.

Welcome guys to Network kings, We are going to discuss here, which one will be better option CCNA vs RHCE ?

CCNA is an IT field certification by Cisco, which will give you the basic fundamental knowledge of how basically the whole network infrastructure works throughout the world. CCNA stands for Cisco certified Network Associate. By doing CCNA you will be able to learn and implement how the IPv4 and IPv6 works. You will be able to create networks using all the routing protocols.

 CCNA is a Cisco Certification, Its is commonly to learn Networking Basics, Cisco Devices Configurations.

RHCE is a certification from REDHAT which is a Linux Flavor,

In comparison of REDHAT & CISCO , Cisco is the Leader of IT Networking.

As we are working professionals in IT industry, We are a team of real engineers who trains people online for any networking Course.

My name is Atul, I am also engineering graduate have done CCNA + CCNP + CCIE and working as a network specialist.

Knowledge is important but if you have both knowledge + Certifications it will be a ?booster for you !

They both completely different fields :- CCNA is for network engineers who manages routers switches firewalls and RHCE, RHCE is for system administrators who manages servers , virtualization and other server related.

I will give you two options to make a career.

Complete these CCNA Training + CCNP Training with ?certifications & Learn ?BGP + MPLS Topic. You are fresher so give only CCENT ?or CCNA exam if you are financially good,? do CCNP certification as well. In future you have many options to go for Expert level exams CCIE in routing switching Service provider or Security. This is not the end, Many other compannies like cisco has many courses? to pursue like Juniper checkpoint Manyothers.

If you want to pursue career as a system engineer RHCE, MCSE is good but again this is not the end,? you have to do so many courses like Vmware certification VCP and many other in RHCE side too.

I personally advise you to make a career in IT networking, Start with Our CCNA online Training, Which is cost effective and trained my real network engineers, Once your Network Basics are clear you can choose any IT Certification & Get a good job,

I have seen a good growth of network engineers over System engineers.

Take the first step in Our CCNA Online Course or CCENT online Training.


Atul Sharma

4 thoughts on “CCNA vs RHCE”

  1. hii atul actually i want 2 know by doing certifications in ccna+ccnp etc we can apply for government jobs?

  2. Hi Atul I Just want to know that it good to do RHCE after CCNA or I have to do MCSE instead if doing RHCE?
    Suggest me your opening in my mail I’d

  3. Hi Atul I Just want to know that it good to do RHCE after CCNA or I have to do MCSE instead if doing RHCE?
    Suggest me your opening in my mail I’d


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