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For night shift health tips

Do you know any Night shift health tips?

I want to tell you Four night shift health tips something which is very important while working night shifts, the person should focus more on health this time,

As our body is not made according to night shifts, Some of the serious risks associated with shift work seem to develop gradually over decades, but others develop more quickly

Consequences of Too Little Sleep may cause:

  • Memory problems?
  • Depression?
  • A weakening of your immune system, ?
  • an increase? in?your chance of becoming sick

If you work in night shifts, there are some things you can do.

Eat well and exercise. Since many of the risks of shift work are tied to obesity and metabolic syndrome, step up your efforts to prevent them. Exercising regularly, eating well, and keeping a healthy weight could make a difference.

Drink water and eat food (bring real food, not just junk, and a big water bottle that you can reach for when you are writing notes). Drinking enough water is my absolute number one piece of advice. It?s hard to be high functioning when you are dehydrated.

Your body reacts to sunlight. Wear dark glasses home, and invest in cut-out curtains; or an eye mask.

Avoid artificial light ? constantly checking your phone or iPad because you can?t sleep will make it worse.

Most of us use noise (alarms) to wake up. So, if you need to sleep, invest in ear plugs.

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