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5 Things You Need to Know Before Learning CCNA Online

CCNA Online Training – Cisco Certified Network Associate by Script Cloud includes the basic information on how the entire infrastructure of networks is built globally. The completion of CCNA training helps you learn and implement how the IPv4 and IPv6 function.  Creating networks comes naturally to a CCNA certified professional using all the routing protocols.

Benefits of CCNA

A non-IT background fresher can build a career in networking with the help of CCNA. As it counts as a certification in networking, it becomes a steppingstone for freshers and experienced professionals to step ahead in their careers in the field of networking.

A CCNA certified professional attains higher and better value in the industry due to the certification, which then helps the professionals to demand and earn higher packages. Better salary prospects are in order for those who are dedicated to attaining the CCNA certification.

Our training modules are designed by IT professionals who are still associated with tech organizations that helps our students to face all situation well in the face and not be sublime instead.

Network kings is known to provide the up-to-date and practical industry knowledge to its students for powerful growth.

Let’s take a look at how to complete CCNA super-fast in 5 easy ways:

Learn From the Experienced Individuals.

Your trainer quality matters more than you might think. A trainer is the source of all your knowledge. Your trainers must be well-versed with all things covered in an online training. Tray and make sure that your learn from the best.

It is undeniable that experienced individuals share the best of knowledge for they understand how the industry works and how well is CCNA needed in the industry.

Trainer Experience

Know the Duration of Your Online Training

I often get asked by students whether the duration of training matters or not. It does. The training being too short most often means that the trainers skip topics and essential parts of the training however, too long a duration can also mean that a lot of unnecessary information is being passed on.

Netiher of the two are recommended. Instead, having a course duration that is nominal helps the candidates achieve the best of their potential. Keeping that in mind, Script Cloud built a Fastrack batch for a few in-demand online trainings that are to completed within two months giving the best of the knowledge and making students job-ready quickly.

Interviews and Job Prospects

Understand What You Get from an Online Training

Here are the topics and the curriculum that Network kings Covers under their CCNA online training:

OSI Layer, IP Addressing
Campus Network Design
VLANs and Trunking
Switch Virtualization
Inter-VLAN Routing
Gateway Redundancy
Switch Security
Network Management
SDN Introduction

These course topics are usually covered in a span of three to four months however, with the current Fastrack batch at Script Cloud, the students cover the CCNA Online Training in a fast span of two months, covering all above mentioned topics.

CCNA Online Training is a Job Oriented Training. But, How much can one earn with it?

The CCNA Certification entitles individuals to multiple opportunities. Certain job opportunities such as the ones mentioned below can be achieved with the certification completion:

Information Security Analyst.
Security Engineer.
Network Security Engineer.
Cybersecurity Engineer.

On an average, a professional who merely holds a CCNA certification, except any additional certifications, can earn up to INR 3,73,000 annually. The worldwide evaluation of the same is taken up to be $75,000 – $78,000 USD.


CCNA Options & Benefits

The CCNA umbrella of certification provides multiple tracks and directions in which a network engineer can take the leap once the CCNA online training is completed. These include the following:

The CCNA Online Training provides wonderful opportunities to the aspirants who can then move into the world of the IT industry attaining reputed jobs with great salary packages, after all, that is the whole purpose of the certification for the students.

Job prospects are the foremost priority for a student to ponder upon. Learners come searching for their prospects of landing a job. The bigger question, however, is the salary packages they get post getting CCNA certified.

Steps to becoming a Network Engineer


CCNA Fastrack is an online training that includes the entire curriculum of the Cisco CCNA 200-301 Examination and yet is covered within a period of two months.

The industry experts providing the training are well-experienced to help the students understand the concepts practically and easily.

Getting a job is the first target for most aspirants and this course enables candidates to pursue the same earlier than expected.

What do you wish to gain guidance for? Leave your queries in the comments below and we shall get back to you soon!

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