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5 Things Technical Recruiters Need in Your Profile | Network Kings

As a technical recruiter, I see candidates running after guaranteed job placements from institutes a lot of times. They don’t realize that recruiters hardly pay attention to such portfolios. How do I know this? I have been a technical recruiter for the past year and I understand the mistakes well.

The question that we need to answer for job seekers, is what exactly are recruiters looking for?

Let’s take a look!

Extra Qualifications on the Resume Go a Long Way

What do I mean? The basic education is a must for any organization to consider you as a potential candidate. No matter how problematic it may seem, every organization wants a graduate to work for them. But, is that enough?

Certainly not! You must have extra qualifications as well, to be able to get a job. In fact, having these extra few stars on your resume are a must to be considered as a hiring potential. The idea is that each one of the candidates for a job role is qualified with the basic education however, these extra qualifications such as trainings and certifications are what make you exceptional.

These qualifications prove that the candidate is a keen learner, adapts easily to change since they are looking out to change themselves constantly and are great contributors to the organization.

Here’s how to enroll for them.

Communication Skills are Usually Undervalued

Technical recruiters often have to neglect the communication skills of their candidates, adhering to the fact that people from technical backgrounds focus much less on honing their communication skills.

This is a huge mistake. Having great communication skills doesn’t necessarily mean having a grasp over the English language. In fact, it involves everything from your tone of voice to your choice of words, from your face expressions to your body language, from your choice of language to how well you deliver it.

Don’t fret over making everything sound too polite. Be real.

Here’s how you can learn how to crack interviews better.

Tell the Truth on the Resume

Imagine sitting in front of a recruiter and not being able to justify the pointers of your own resume. It seems vague, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I often interview candidates who find it difficult to justify their own said qualifications.

That is because they do not prepare their resumes authentically. Instead, all they do is copy-paste matter from Google templates. Doing this can simply negate your chances to even get a chance to reach the next round, let alone getting hired. People tend to think that the resume is usually neglected once an interview starts, forgetting that it is the only way of getting yourself noticed.

Be truthful about your work, your qualifications, your interests and achievements on the resume. It can make all the difference.

Here’s where you can get the assistance to building a perfect resume.

Knowing Your Niche is Important

Firstly, what is a niche? A niche is basically your specialization. Why is it so important? Knowing what you want to become as a professional can go a long way. Understanding yourself is the first step to being able to sell yourself.

It can be difficult, though. Identifying one’s passions and ambitions can be hard. Yet, it is important to lay a strong and focused foundation at an interview. When a candidate appears for a certain job role yet, shows instability and indecisiveness, it can be a mojor game-changer.

Be sure of why you are interviewing. Understand the importance of the job role for your career and be decisive about your goals.

Here’s how to learn more about what to say in an interview.

Never Stop Learning

The times have changed and today, growth is a never-ending process. All minds that do not like to learn more, portray rigidity. That doesn’t work anymore. If you’d like to be taken seriously, never say NO to any opportunity.

Learning can be a great joy and the only possible way to build a career. A recruiter is bound to take you seriously when he or she knows that you take yourself seriously. That willingness to learn and grow makes all the difference.

Even when you might feel that the need to learn has disappeared per your role, compel yourself to learn more and find out what you did not know already. This is a crucial steps when it comes to skills. Certifications can be a wonderful way to go about this. Earning many certifications was once considered a negative impact for it used to give an impression of uncertainty.

Thankfully, we are a part of the 21st Century and live amongst companies who value diversity. Diversity doesn’t confine to religious or caste or creed or gender. It also shows within a person. Diversified learning is a great way to go about your career. Embrace it.

Learn more about this from engineers and successful professionals directly.

Bonus tip: Ask Questions!

“If you never ask, the answer will always be No!” Ask whatever’s on your mind below in the comments or visit here!


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