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Basics of networking


Lets Exercise

ping :– packet internet gopher it uses icmp ( internet control message protocol)? protocol For verification the other device is reachable to me or not?? ipconfig :– to check the ip address of a computer ipconfig /all :– to check the ip address + mac address getmac :-? to check the mac address of a computer ?netstat :– to check the session’s nslookup :– to check the all servers of a website arp -a? :– to check arp table arp ?d :– to delete arp table ( run as administrator) ? TO check public ip ? Visit to check your public ip ??????????? ? To assign address to your PC ? button +? R??? 2. type? ?ncpa.cpl? to go to your network connections 3 choose your lan adapter and go to properties and click on IPV4 HUB

  • ALWAYS do Broadcast
  • Layer 1 device
  • Shared bandwidth
  • Less no of ports
  • Doesn?t learn mac address?


  • which connects two or more computers together
  • Many no of ports
  • Learn mac address
  • Two types of switch :-
  • Manageble switch and unmanageable switch
  • Layer 2 devices, datalink layer ( mac address )


  • It is an internetworking device used to connect two or more different networks
  • It works on layer 3 i.e. network layer
  • It Performs Routing


  • Network Basics: The Definition of a Static IP Address
  • Why are ARP queries sent in a broadcast frame? Why is the response sent with a specific destination MAC address?
  • Understanding Public IP Addresses
  • Layer 2 ARP spoofing attack
  • Troubleshooting

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