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What is networking?

What is Networking?

What is a network anyway?

A network is just a collection of devices and end systems connected to each other and able to communicate with each other. These could be computers, servers, smartphones, routers, etc. A network could be as large as the internet or as small as your two computers at home

Sharing files and a printer.

Some of the components that make up a network:

Personal Computers (PC): These are the endpoint of your network, sending and receiving data.

Interconnections: These are components that make sure data can travel from one device to another, you need to think about:

Network Cards: they translate data from your computer in a readable format for the network.

Media: network cables, perhaps wireless.

Connectors: the plug you plug in your network card.

Switches: These boxes are network devices that provide a network connection for your end devices like PCs.

Routers: Routers interconnect networks and choose the best path to each network Destination.


Batch applications

File transfers like FTP, TFTP, perhaps an HTTP download. Could be a backup at night.

No direct human interaction.

High bandwidth is important but not critical.

Interactive applications

Human-to-Human interaction

Someone is waiting for a response, so response time (delay) is important

Real-time applications

Also Human-to-Human interaction

VoIP (Voice over IP) or live video conferencing.

End-to-end delay is critical

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