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Is the SSCP worth it?

System Security Certified Practioner (SSCP) is a vendor-neutral, entry-level IT certification for people who want to start their career in the security domain. CompTIA Security + and SSCP both are entry-level certifications, but SSCP is more technical than Security+.

If you are a beginner and want to start your career in Cybersecurity then first go for security+ and if you have 0.5-1 year of experience then go for SSCP.

SSCP is a global level certification, it proves your knowledge and skills to implement and manage the IT infrastructure using the best security policies and procedures.

Who earns the SSCP?

IT professionals who are working on the below job profiles and have experience of 1-2 years can take this SSCP exam to validate their skills at the global level.

Beginners who want to start their career in the security domain also go for this exam.

  •  Network Security Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • System/Network Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Security Consultants/Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator

Will the SSCP help me to get my first cybersecurity job?

Yes, SSCP certification will help you to get your first job. Apart from a cybersecurity job, after completion of SSCP certification, you can also apply for many other job roles as well – Senior security system analyst, senior network security engineer and senior security administrator.

Will the SSCP help me to get my first cybersecurity job?

Security+ or SSCP where to start?

Security+ and SSCP both are entry-level certifications. Both are common in some aspect like both provide junior-level security knowledge, but there are some differences too that helps you to decide which one is right for you?

The SSCP certification is more technical and more advanced than Security+. It validates the advanced skills of implementing, monitor and manage the IT infrastructure with best security practices and policies. This SSCP exam is ideal for IT administrators, managers, directors and network security professionals.

Security+ shows that you have the skills to install and configure security devices, applications and other network devices. It also proves that you have the caliber to perform threat analysis and apply mitigation techniques.


Pre-requisite for SSCP and Security+:

Fundamental knowledge of networking up to CCNA level or Network+ level.

To give the Security+ exam, first, you have to give the network+ exam and also it requires 2 years of experience in the relevant security domain as an IT administrator.

While to give SSCP exam, you need only 1 year of experience and no prior certificate is required.

So, it looks like the SSCP exam is a good choice if you want to start your career in Cybersecurity. And if you already have Network+ certification, then security+ is the best training for you.