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Is Devnet worth it?

What is DevNet

Today’s topic is Devnet Worth it in 2023:  It is a networking course that is slightly unconventional. DevNet certification focuses on modern concepts of networking like automation and software. It’s an evolved course for both types of engineers; software developers and engineers in the networking domain as well. DevNet is one of the fastest-growing courses. It provides software developers and network professionals with a definite route for understanding the opposite field and gaining experience in both fields such as programmability and network infrastructure. This course is also progressively blurring lines between software and network roles. 

The two most popular Cisco DevNet certifications are: 

  • Cisco Certified DevNet Associate 
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

It’s recommended often to update from DevNet Associate level to DevNet professional in one’s chosen knowledge domain to have access to better job opportunities. 

devnet worth

At sea with DevNet?

If you’ve come here asking this question, you definitely have searched for a progressive course that will not only authenticate your knowledge but also upskill your potential and current skills. 

Yes, DevNet is worth it as it is a Cisco-certified developers program that is being reckoned as the future of tech. It is amongst the top 2 CISCO certifications.

Syllabus of DevNet exam?

The people appearing for DevNet exam need to be thorough with certain topics that have been listed below as per their weightage.

The exam composition is:

  • Software development and design 15%
  • Understanding and using API’s 20%
  • CISCO platform and development 15%
  • Application deployment and security 15%
  • Infrastructure and Automation 20%
  • Network Fundamentals 15%


Duration of the course:

The duration is atotal of about 60 hours. The hour distribution is often done based on the courses’ topic’s difficulty level assessment. 

Main objectives of the DevNet exam?

The exam’s main aim is to test a candidate’s knowledge at the associate level in software development and design, application deployment, and security. They also aim at gauging the candidate’s application skills of automation and infrastructure. The exam also assesses one’s ability to perform pragmatically in jobs as well as makes the candidate aware of shortcomings and his/her strengths.

Salary one can expect:

The avenues of employment are already  wide in networking but a certification like The DevNet is definite to widen the horizon even more, with packages as good as 3-5 LPA. 

Who benefits from DevNet?

DevNet is most helpful to IT professionals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs ; (An application programming interface (API) is a set of tools, definitions, and protocols for integrating application software and services)  It also ensures that a refined and quality product is delivered to users in a lesser time. It is also beneficial for network engineers with 1-2 years of experience to build on their knowledge and enhance their efficiency. 

Job Avenues

The market is flooded with jobs in the field of networking but a certification makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Similarly DevNet certification also sets you apart by giving you multiple job opportunities like

  • Software developer
  • Android developer
  • Automation network Engineer

Is DevNet futuristic? or Devnet Worth it Now

It’s designed for both the network professionals and software developers to optimize and write applications for the new network and choose the technology skills they want to develop. The certification definitely is going to grow in the future as this is designed in a way that it will improve networking automation. Future aspects of DevNet are bright as it acts as a bridge between the current growth rate of network specialists and the demand. 


  • Innovation and business agility.: This aids innovation of newer ideas, and also makes business modules more efficient. The business can move forward swiftly with the help of automation.
  •  Accelerated time to market: The increased efficiency saves time and also accelerates time for marketing since the focus isn’t diverted.     
  • Service delivery optimization.
  • Highly skilled engineers can focus on business: It broadens avenues as highly skilled engineers can focus on business and grow multifold personally 


Network Kings is an online education imparting platform that provides networking, cloud and cyber security courses. Network Kings has a reputation of delivering to the best of their capabilities with experts on board as trainers, with 10+ years of experience. 

Some of the main attractions are:

  • Easy language: The language used is user friendly, lucid and free of any  jargons of  language.
  • Self paced courses: Students can access courses at their own convenience via pre-recorded        videos. This makes revision and revisitation easier for them.
  • Certificate of completion: Upon completion of course a certificate is given, which acts as a legitimate proof of the students’ knowledge.

What will you learn at Network Kings?

  • Learn software development skills and practice them alongside learning.
  • Learn the basics of python, GIT and certain common data formats like XML, JSON and  YAML
  • Develop an understanding of infrastructure automation using code. , DevOps methodology and microservices.
  • Learn to deploy applications as containers. 
  • Learn to utilize Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. 


On The whole, the answer to the question, if DevNet is worth it or not, is pretty clear.     The DevNet certification is a globally revered certification, it ensures jobs and  also increases the avenues of employment. To work at the pace we need in current times, it’s necessary for developers and operational teams to work together and DevNet is a great way of tying up both together. To be precise, the DevNet certification is of relevance to target 3-4 LPA in the field and also to grow persistently.This certification not only is worth it but is also bridging the gap between the conventional courses and the new age automation.

It also ensures that a refined and quality product is delivered to users in a lesser time. The course hence is definitely worth it.  The market for jobs in automation will definitely be increasing, having a DevNet certification in hand you have an edge over your contemporaries and this keeps you ahead of everyone.