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Top CEH Jobs for Freshers to Land a 6-Figure Salary in 2024

ceh jobs for freshers

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of safeguarding computers, servers, and networks from digital attacks. The Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH course is a popular training program that teaches students the skills and techniques used by malicious hackers to help organizations improve their cybersecurity and defend against these attacks. The course lands the candidates to top high-paying CEH jobs for freshers to excell in their IT careers. 

Therefore, in this blog post, you will learn the top 10 CEH Jobs that will help freshers to accelerate in 2024 with a 6-figure salary. So keep reading till the end to know the available job roles and boost your career in IT.

What exactly is a CEH course?

CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker is a course and certification offered by the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). The CEH course is a comprehensive training program that teaches individuals how to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. 

The CEH v12 is the latest version of the course, which includes new content and updates to existing material. The CEH training covers ethical hacking, computer systems and networks, security protocols and controls, incident response and management. 

CEH certification is designed for individuals who desire to learn how to identify and prevent cyber threats and for professionals who want to enhance their skills in the field of cybersecurity.

What are the top 10 CEH jobs for freshers in India?

There are plenty of jobs in the Cybersecurity domain, but CEH certification can land you the best available jobs in the IT industry. A few such CEH job roles that can help you in getting a 6-digit salary are as follows-

  • Cybersecurity Analyst

A Cybersecurity Analyst protects an organization’s computer systems and networks from cyber-attacks. They monitor networks for security breaches, identify and analyze vulnerabilities, and implement security measures to prevent malicious attacks.

  • Information Security Manager

An Information Security Manager is responsible for developing and implementing security measures to protect an organization’s computer systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks and other threats, including identifying potential vulnerabilities, managing security systems, and developing security policies and procedures.

  • Penetration Tester

A Penetration Tester is a cybersecurity professional who simulates a cyber attack on a computer system, network, or web application to test its defences and identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. They use various tools and techniques to gain unauthorized access and report on their findings to help improve the system’s security.

  • Security Consultant

A Security Consultant advises organizations on protecting their assets from security threats, such as cyber-attacks and data breaches. They assess an organization’s security systems and procedures, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend changes and improvements to help secure the organization’s data and assets.

  • Security Engineer

A Security Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining secure infrastructure and systems. Their tasks list also comprises conducting risk assessments, implementing security controls, and responding to security incidents.

  • Security Architect

A Security Architect is responsible for designing and implementing secure systems and networks. They assess risks and vulnerabilities and develop strategies to protect against cyber threats. They also ensure that systems meet regulatory and compliance standards.

  • Network Security Specialist

A Network Security Specialist maintains the security of a company’s computer networks. They identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities, install and configure security software, and monitor network activity for potential threats.

  • Information Assurance Specialist

An Information Assurance Specialist protects an organization’s data and information systems. They ensure that information is confidential, secure, and available to authorized users. They are also responsible for training users on information security practices.

  • Cybercrime Investigator

A Cybercrime Investigator is responsible for identifying, investigating, and preventing cyber crimes such as hacking, fraud, and identity theft.

  • Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

A Cybersecurity Sales Engineer is responsible for explaining and demonstrating cybersecurity products and services to potential clients and helping them understand how these solutions can protect their organization from cyber threats.

What is the salary aspect of jobs after completing the CEH course?

The salary you can expect to earn after completing the CEH course depends upon various factors, namely- 

  • Your level of experience
  • Your education and training
  • Your job title and responsibilities
  • The specific industry and location 

Professionals in the cybersecurity domain can expect to earn higher salaries than the national average. For instance, a Security Analyst in the United States gets approximately $99,730. 

NOTE: It is necessary to remember that salaries can vary significantly depending on your specific job, location, and experience.

Wrapping Up!

Certified Ethical Hacking or CEH training enables you to scale in cybersecurity. Hence, make a career in the domain through online CEH training and accelerate your career with top CEH jobs for freshers in IT. 

Feel free to write to us if you have any queries or suggestions regarding CEH certification or any other course! 

Good Luck!

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