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10 Best IT Certifications For Career Growth In 2020

The industry across the globe is focused on cyber-security and cloud-based architecture come the end of 2020. Specifically, the US-based giants have their eyes on cloud computing solely this year. For the next few years to come, experts predict that without the adequate number of cloud engineers, we might even run out of cloud storage soon, without having any more data storage options left.

It goes without saying, that given the situation, it is pre-empt the requirement of IT professionals is on a high as of 2020.

Let us take a look at the top 10 IT certifications for 2020:

  1. • Google Certified Cloud Architect.
  2. • AWS Certified Solutions Architect.
  3. • Information Security Manager.
  4. • PMP – Project Management Professional
  5. • Data Centre Virtualization.
  6. • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals.
  7. • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate.
  8. • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – CCIE.
  9. • DevOps Basics.
  10. • Power BI by Microsoft.

Google Certified Cloud Architect

More than half the daily users of the internet are aware about the Google Drive. It isn’t harmful to say that most of them also use it on a daily basis. However, the storage capacity that Google provides for the drive cloud storage to its users for personal use for free is limited.

The reason behind that is simple. The storage space available as compared to the ultimate requirement of storage space has an enormous gap in between. This gap is something that needs to be filled soon.

Cloud architects are highly in demand as of today. Since Google itself is one of the well-known names among few of the cloud computing certifications available, organizations across the world, and concentratedly in the US, pay high salaries for Google certified Cloud Architects.

However, completing the course before appearing for the exam to gain the certification is necessary. Google provided courses are the best available option, yet their high fee structures deem unsuited for most aspirants.

AWS Solutions Architect

AWS certifications have jumped up two spots from 2019 to 2020 today. These were already one of the top three cloud certifications accepted worldwide by 2019. AWS certified solutions architects are one of the few 28% on the planet to be widely accepted with high paying salaries among organizations.

The reason why more and more organizations want their own cloud engineer to be running their system is that outsourcing storage space to Microsoft, Google as well as Amazon is getting more and more expensive. Companies would rather pay a consistent salary to cloud engineer or architect to have their own cloud infrastructure.

However, they accept the ones with holding certifications of either of these three with pride as these are tested and trusted brands to have proven their expertise in the cloud computing arena.

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Information Security Manager

This certification is designed to provide the knowledge of cybersecurity details. An Information security manager, clearly depicted by the name, is responsible for securing the information and data of an organization against cyber-threats.

Cyber-security is one of the highest paying industries in IT today. This certification can pave the path and increase the chances of growth for those looking to step up from the role of Security technologists to security manager.

However, it doesn’t come easy to get certified for the particular certification. To be able to gain this certification, the following four domains must be covered:

  1. • Information security governance.
  2. • Information risk management.
  3. • Information security program development and management.
  4. • Information security incident management.

PMP – Project Management Professional

PMP is designed and regulated by the PMI – Project Management Institute. The purpose of this certification is deeming one responsible and trustworthy of being made the in charge of deliverables of the project members. It provides a level of assurance that the project manager is capable of handling the task deliverables as well as the people in the project tasks.

The certification is reliable on two domains: project management experience and passing the PMP examination. A 35-hour training is involved under the certification solely related to project management. In fact, holding a bachelor’s degree can reduce the hours of experience required to 4500 as compared to 7500 for those without a bachelor’s degree.

Data Center Virtualization

Data center virtualization is designed to validate the skills of an IT professional to be able to build a scalable virtual infrastructure to withhold data within. The certification holders learn how to deploy consolidate and administer the virtualization techniques. IT professionals holding the data center virtualization certifications find themselves to be at an 8% faster progress rate as compared to the one without this degree, for cybersecurity and virtual data centers.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft has been providing the cloud computing service in the name of Azure for years now. Being one of the three leading cloud-based services in the world, Microsoft is trusted and relied upon immensely. However, being equally expensive as Google or Amazon, Azure is not depended upon to use for storage by many companies today. Yet, for data scientists and cloud architects, companies prefer the candidates holding an Azure certification.

The best was to begin with Azure understanding is through the Azure Fundamentals certification. Within the fundamental’s certification itself, the areas such as security, privacy, compliance, and trust are covered.

While this is the recommended initiation step for Azure, it is not a pre-requisite for any further Azure related certifications.

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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

CCIE enables you to become of one the highest paid and valued individuals with leading organizations across the globe. This prestigious course is provided by the world’s largest Network Equipment Manufacturer in the world i.e. Cisco Enterprises. CCIE is the topmost level of expertise attainable in the networking industry. It is rightly termed as a Doctorate in Networking.

Developing the heart to learn the course is the first step towards becoming a learned IT professional. A 2-hour qualifying exam and an 8-hour lab exam classify you as a certified professional with CCIE collectively.

The further steps can be taken at:

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

This certification manages and provides all knowledge necessary for azure cloud computing. These engineers and architects manage cloud services that span storage and security networking. To understand the domains of the certification well, it requires for one to have a deep understanding of a full IT lifecycle along with infrastructure services, applications, and environments.

This certification has become the most aspired-for certification of 2020 as more than 24% of IT Professionals have set mind to pursue the certification this year.

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DevOps Basics

Becoming a developer and building a career in the field of technology is wonderfully attainable though the DevOps training. Not every company wants to hire for development and then separate engineer for operations as well. As of today, companies are looking for candidates who are all-rounders and can handle both development and operations. This course offers you a detailed understanding of both these fields. DevOps engineers are under huge demand among organizations today. This Online training will give you an extensive understanding of many different DevOps tools including Git, Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Puppet, Nagios, and Aws DevOps. Also, DevOps training will help you understand Cloud management, Configuration management, Build Automation monitoring, Version Control tool, Linux Administration, and Alert configuration. 

Power BI by Microsoft

The most desired software today in business analytics used by data scientists is soon gaining traction. It provides visual results easily understandable, simplifying data for the capabilities of a layman.

Preparing dashboards, quarterly reports, client reports and data analysis has never been easier. However, even though it seems as though this is for a business professional, it is more of an IT professional’s cup of tea than meets the eye. The backend workings of Power BI require an engineer’s understanding which has made Power BI development a huge demand of a role worldwide.

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