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Python Fundamentals Training

(Learn Python directly from an Engineer)

Unlock the world of programming with our comprehensive Python training. This beginner-friendly course introduces you to the versatile and powerful Python language. Learn Python’s syntax, data structures, and object-oriented programming concepts. Enroll now and embark on an exciting journey to becoming a proficient Python programmer.

Skills You Will Learn

Programming Fundamentals

Python Syntax

Data Structures

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Web Development

Data Manipulation


Web Scraping

Error Handling

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This Course Includes

Who should join this program?

Aspiring Professionals

IT Students and Graduates

IT Professionals Seeking Advancement

Small Business Owners

Anyone Interested in Technology

Course Overview

Introduction to course

Programming: Algorithm and Pseudocode

Python Installation and Strings, Comments and Variables

I/O Functions | Operators | Conditional and Iterative Statements

Implement : Class Methods and Constructors

Python : Data Structures

Errors and Exception Handling

How to read and write Files in python?

Django: Validate Data | HTTP Error | Connecting mysql database

Basic Functionalities of DataFrame

Install mysql and Establish connectvity from python

Init Testing

Example : Implement Test Suite

MongoDB Introduction | MongoDB connectivity with python

Python Queue Interaction

Understanding django framework

Example: Implementing django with Python

Lab: Eclipse with Django

Django Template Inheritance

What is Anaconda Navigator?

Pandas Library with Jupitor Notebook

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Why should you choose this program?

Back-end Developer Jobs

are in High Demand (5x)

Available Job Roles


Career Opportunities

Average Salary

INR 7 - INR 16 LPA
Per Annum

(with 5-10 years of Industry Experience)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skills for Everyone is a learning platform introduced by Network Kings where learners can take free online courses. All the courses are in-demand and free of cost, prepared by experienced industry experts.
Skills for Everyone is an online platform to take free online courses with certificates. It does not provide live classes, labs, live doubt-clearance sessions, or career guidance like Network Kings' paid course training.
No, these free courses enable you to learn online without any cost.
All courses on Skills for Everyone are in-demand. You can learn job-ready skills online from industry experts. Every time you complete a free program, you can also earn a certificate serving as a credential for your skills.