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Network Kings' Best Career Oriented Courses

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Best Career Oriented Courses in India

Experts have been training students and aspirants for years now, yet professionals continue to fail time after time, identifying the correct direction and the correct field of knowledge required for them to acquire forthwith.

Not too long ago, even I had the major dilemma as to what exactly I needed to move into the right direction for my career. It took me a little while to realise what I needed to learn and the skills that I was lacking as to achieve the goals I had in my mind.

The only thing that helped me understand what the right direction is, was through the experience of professionals who knew what the industry was all about and understood it well enough through their experiences.

Let’s take a look at the 10 major courses that can help you grow your career, pivot if you need to and find the right direction. The reason why we need to continue to engage ourselves in these courses is because similar to medicine, even technology is a world that changes continuously today. If you lag behind, there is no recovering from the loss you incur.

  1. Beginner Programs

Let us explore the courses best suitable for you if you happen to be a fresher. The most common mistake that professional make today with an abundance of knowledge available, is that they misidentify the courses they need to invest their time in.

As a fresher, if you end up enrolling yourself for a course that the industry accepts only for experienced professionals, you end up doing nothing but wasting your resources.

Therefore, it is important to identify the correct courses for yourself.

  1. Cisco Networking Basic Specialization

Now, as a technology student, I should assume that you are most definitely pursuing a bachelor’s in technology currently. While that is the basic education threshold for you, it is important to understand the basics of the specialization you are trying to pursue as well.

A bachelor’s in tech would simply provide the knowledge required for the vast field of technology. Once a student identifies the field that they wish to proceed in, understanding every detail of the field is equally important. This course provides exactly that knowledge.

Leading companies like Google provide the most basic and important courses for the knowledge that a fresher or beginner might need while stepping into networking. While that serves as a perfect steppingstone for a lot of people, most students find it difficult to pay such high fees and end up not gaining the knowledge at all.

This is where is comes in necessary for student to pursue these courses with the help of the training platforms who train through the experiences personnel of the industry to provide the best possible knowledge, however still, offer the same curriculum at affordable prices and fee structures.

This makes it possible for the aspirants who do not have proper financial support for their education, to be able to enrol for these courses and attain the necessary education.

  • Computer Network Courses

Computer network courses most often include the curriculum necessary to understand the specifications behind the computer networks. The most basic courses are available with the names that are easy to understand and adapt for freshers. The name of the course merely clarifies to the student, what they would reap by investing in a certain course. While the curriculum is quite advanced in these courses such as Phase 1 by Network Kings, which clearly suggests that it’s the very first step to take to build a career in networking, it is important to understand that all necessary details will be taught during the sessions.

  • Introduction to Computer Networking

Introduction to Computer Networking is a field of courses which has a vast curriculum designed by the experts and is taught by a number of training platforms. Students in fact may find these articulated by different names at different training platforms, however, it still makes the course to remain the same.

No training platforms ever ignore the very basics of the trainings required. The introduction to computer networking is an umbrella of courses that surfs through anything and everything necessary for a career in networking.

  • Networking courses by Cisco

Cisco has by far, been proven the best ever networking organization across the world. Leading the market as such in the field of networking, cisco has conquered the platform with its outstanding approach to other networking organization as well. From devices to services, Cisco has not left anything behind.

Yet, similar to Google, students also find it hard to be able to pay for the Cisco training services.

As the Cisco curriculum is the best and widely accepted so far, the training platforms worldwide have taken upon themselves to provide the exact same curriculum to the students as acceptable fee prices.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Programs

Experienced professionals are expected to have the most basic of the knowledge of the field that they are associated with. That is the reason why for experienced professionals, there is a whole separate set of courses which helps the aspirants grow faster and reach higher for the sky instead of staying stagnant.

Let’s take a look at what is best suited for the networking professionals as of today, in the times of 2020.

  1. CCNP R&S and Security

CCNP or Cisco Certified Networking Professional is a curriculum designed by Cisco itself for the understanding of how Cisco networks and devices function. The most important aspect of this training is to learn about securing networks. As a fresher, the industry would expect merely the understanding of creating and deploying networks while as an experienced professionals, the expectations rise. Being able to secure those networks are of utmost importance to organizations. That is what CCNP entails for an aspirant network engineer. While one is bound to learn these details eventually with experience anyhow, companies across the industry appreciate those who go out of their way to learn these aspects even before the industry itself presents the opportunity with higher packages.

  • CCIE Enterprise and Security

CCIE is also a Cisco presented curriculum with, as it suggests, is an integrated course which provides the knowledge of all cisco network enterprise and security information. While a lot of training platforms today provide the training for CCIE at much better prices than Cisco themselves, hardly do they ever share with their students that as a fresher, this course holds no credibility in the industry.

In fact, a student holding the qualification of CCIE as a fresher on their resume, would rather be considered as too eager by the industry instead of what the students usually expect.

The curriculum of this course is designed as such that it is best suited to be attained only by experienced professionals.

  • CompTIA Networking+

When the basics are covered and understood through the education and experience, the professionals are required to reach the next level.

This can be done by identifying the next step.

CompTIA Networking+ is a course that provides the advanced knowledge required for any network engineer to move onto the next level in their career.

The reason behind this is that this course provides the advance level knowledge which is also not suitable for a fresher. As it is, the industry would definitely frown upon that, apart from that the knowledge would also not be understood by a fresher well.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker

A certified ethical hacker, as it suggests, is bound to learn how to hack into systems. However, the purpose of this course is not to hack into the systems of others but to protect their own. A company providing networking solutions is bound to get hacked into from time to time by competitors or others.

The advantage and requirement here are to prevent their own systems from getting hacked into.

This is the best possible course to understand all that one needs to, to be able to prevent the network systems from getting hacked into.

  • F5 Technology Specialist

F5, similar to Checkpoint and Palo Alto, is a Firewall training which comes as a next step for networking professionals.

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