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What Is CISSP Certification Training?

Certified Information System Security Professional, in short, CISSP certification is offered by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium(ISC2). This CISSP certification is globally recognized and gives the candidate an expertise in all fields of information security.

Looking back in the history, CISSP certification was the first in this field, due which it was accredited with ISO/IEC 17024 and ANSI IS0/IEC 172024:2003, making it an international standard. CISSP also got recognition by US?Defense?Department and currently, it has become the baseline for US national Security Agency Program.

What Are the CISSP Certification Training? Course Objectives?

Networking’s CISSP certification?training is as per the (ISC2) CBK 2015 requirements. We will be training to make you the best in the industry from both Exams as well as carrier point of view.

Also, nowadays many big business?organizations and enterprises are facing security breaches and so the demands for IT security personnel has?increased considerably even more. By doing this CISSP Certification training you would be able to define, manage and design? a security environment for your enterprise

What Skills CISSP Certification Training Offers?

Here are the 8 carrier making skills you will learn from Networkings CISSP Certification Training.

  • Asset Security-? This skill includes creating security architecture to protect the assets of the Information System.
  • Security Architecture And Design-?This skill will help you design, manage and define a security architecture to enforce information confidentiality and Integrity.
  • Security And Risk Mangement-?This skill includes identifying?and evaluating risks against the organization’s assets and also providing security to extenuate such risks.
  • Security Engineering- This skill basically includes monitoring, maintaining and enforcing a security policy to preserve the integrity and security of the system.
  • Securing Communication And Network- This skill deals with making the decision for implementing network and communication transmission method, structure and security measures to prevent integrity and confidentiality breach.
  • Security Operations- This skill focus is primarily on identifying, detecting and protecting organizations confidential and critical business information from threats and breaches.
  • Identifying Access Management- This skill includes identifying and controlling?the access privileges?over hardware, media or other resources in the system.
  • Software Development Security– This includes planning and implementing security features for an application and software.

Why Get CISSP Certification?

Here are some major benefits you will get if you get Cissp Certification.

  1. Popularity In Industry –As per the most recent reports, 93,391 individuals across the globe have gotten themselves certified. Since the day of its inauguration?in 1989, that is almost two and half decades ago, CISSP has become the most popular security certification in IT industries.

So basically, if you are going for CISSP certification you would definitely be popular in IT sector.

  1. Universal Recognition-CISSP certification is globally recognized and highly respected and valued by major tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM etc. Also as mentioned earlier, United States Defence Department has adopted CISSP certification as a baseline for hiring employees.Major Banking Sectors have also started showing interest in CISSP certified employees, as recently there has been a major increase in recruitment?for CISSP in Bank Info Security.According to BIS report CISSP has become the most job giving certification in Information Security.
    1. Salary-There is a report by Workforce study and Global Information? Security, that suggests CISSP professionals earn 25% more salary than any other security professionals. So if you have gotten yourself CISSP certified then you don’t have to worry about less salary, though as a fresher you might get less but as your experience grows theirs bound to be a major hike.CISSP Online Training

Also, The Tech Republic has ranked jobs for CISSP professional at number 4 amongst the topmost 15 highest paying jobs.

There are many other similar surveys that indicate the person that has CISSP certification in hand earns more than the non-certified person.

Who Should Do This CISSP Certification Training?

People who are looking for the following job description or are already employed with these should do this network king’s CISSP Certification online training.

  • Security Manager
  • Directorate Of Security
  • Security Consultant
  • IT Manager/Director
  • Security Architect
  • Security System Engineer

Why Do Online CISSP Certification Training With us?

Here are top the top 6 unique offerings to you on doing Online CISSP Certification Training with us

  • Online training led by Real Industry Experts.
  • You will get one to one live online training.
  • You will be learning according to your own pace.
  • You will be provided with relevant notes and videos made by experts for deep thorough exam preparation.
  • 6 Simulation exams with 250 questions each.
  • 8 domain specific test papers to boost your confidence before appearing for CISSP certification exam.

CISSP Certification And Exam

Time Allotted For Examination – 6 Hours

Number Of Questions- 250

Passing Score- 700 points out of 1000

Test Format-? MCQ | Computer Based Test.