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All you need to know about CCC Computer Course: Full Form, NIELIT, Duration, Exam, Fees 2023

In this article you’ll learn about the CCC computer course offered by NIELIT which is designed to aim at developing a basic level of IT knowledge for the common man. Read further to understand about the CCC Course in detail and topics such as What is CCC Computer Course, CCC Course Duration, Fees of CCC Computer course and much more.

CCC Computer Course

What is a CCC Computer Course?

The full form for CCC is Course on Computer Concepts. The CCC Computer Course is mapped out for anyone looking to gain practical knowledge and basic information about computer hardware and software. It deals with providing various basic computer-related knowledge such as preparing his personal/business letters, viewing information on the internet (the web), receiving and sending mails, preparing his business presentations, preparing small databases, etc.

What is the use of the CCC Computer Course?

With providing the basic IT knowledge to the common man the CCC Computer Course promises to be useful in many professional purposes for the user and in turn for the organization he/she works with. By studying the CCC Course you can learn the essential uses of a computer system such as sending and receiving emails, searching the internet, and about the different hardware and software programs as well. 

Is CCC Computer Course worth it in 2023?

In today’s era every strata in society has crawled into making everything online, hence it becomes absolutely necessary to have a basic understanding about working of computer systems. The CCC Computer Course provides just that. It enables a person to get the knowledge about day to day use of the computer. But unfortunately the learning curve ends right there. 

In 2023 where it is a hard competition to score a good job this course does not guarantee any job security as it only provides you with the knowledge of very basic softwares. If you are looking at a course from job opportunity to upscale your skillset with certification courses like CCNA or Technical Support Master’s Program, both being beginner friendly courses also provide employment opportunities in the IT field.

Eligibility for CCC Computer Course

There are no prerequisites for CCC Computer Course and any candidate who has completed his CCC Course can appear for the CCC Exam. Candidates can appear for the CCC Course exam via 3 different modes. CCC Course eligibility for all of the 3 modes is mentioned below:

  • Candidates who are sponsored by NIELIT approved Institutes that are permitted to conduct CCC courses can apply irrespective of any academic requirements.
  • Candidates who are sponsored by government schools and colleges with a unique identification number from NIELIT for conducting CCC courses can also apply irrespective of any academic requirements.
  • Candidates who are not sponsored by any government-recognized college or school can apply to CCC courses irrespective of any academic requirements.

CCC Exam Pattern

  • Mode of the exam- Online exam (No pencil/pen/paper is required)
  • Type of question- Objective type questions
  • Paper- only one paper
  • Total no of question- 100
  • Duration of the exam- 60 min. (1 hour)
  • Negative marking- No
  • Total marks- 100
  • Qualifying marks- 50%
  • CCC Syllabus

Are there any substitutes for CCC Computer Course?

One question which frequently comes across one’s mind is whether any course can replace CCC Computer course ? and the answer is a Big yes! And the direct answer is Yes. If you enroll into the CCC Course it is true that you can learn the basic use of a computer and its software like E-mail, MS-Word and hardware as well. But it is just that. A course that will teach you the very basics which in truth is not sufficient to make a prominent impact on the career growth of an individual. This opens up gates to various certification courses in which one can enroll.

Professional certification courses like CCNA, MCSA and Technical Support Master’s program offers you a wider area of knowledge and expertise. You can enroll into these beginner friendly courses that will provide you with a professional certification and a skillset which will prove more beneficial than the CCC course has to offer.