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Networking Expert – An Advancement to Your Career

networking expert

Want to shine in the IT field? Then you need a networking expert! But, who is a Networking Expert? A networking expert analyzes, troubleshoots, and estimates network problems.

A networking expert can open doors to popularity in business. Every IT sector requires networking experts. Networking is the future, and networking expert builds this future.

This blog will help you learn more about networking experts and their importance in the IT industry. So, if you want to become a networking expert, keep reading this blog till the end.

Who is a Networking Expert?

A networking expert manages a computer network and ensures proper working to fulfil business requirements. A networking expert installs and maintains an organization, provides user support, controls and recovers data, and clinches data security. 

Industries like healthcare, IT, edTech platforms, or other businesses use computer networking, and they hire network experts to manage their networking systems. Since this business depends on a networking expert, the networking expert always remains up-to-date. They may have to work late at night to solve the network problems because the organization’s basic setup knocks down.

What is the need for networking experts?

The networking sector is continuously growing. Every business works according to networking. For a business to run adequately, the networking field is crucial. To maintain the networking field, one needs a networking expert.

A networking expert is a professional responsible for making a flawless computer setup. They can also help in network implementation and changes. If you want a systematized system for your firm, you need a networking specialist. Networking is often subject to outages, and fixing it is not a task of non-IT specialists. We need network experts to repair these outages. Network security is substantial for computer networking. So, there is a need for network experts to ensure network security. 

What is the role of a networking expert?

Networking expert uses their expertise to design, manage, and execute hardware and software for computer networks. Any firm needs a networking expert to determine what kind of network they need, set up a networking budget, collecting networking data.

Networking expert advances the computer networking setup, including computer placement and server placement. They help the company access network connections and secure the network.

  • They compose antivirus programs.
  • They position the wires and cables of the networking system.
  • They Lead content filtering systems.
  • They decipher network data.
  • They compile data on the networking performance.
  • They supervise the adequate working of the network.
  • They shield network security.
  • They repair the networking problems.
  • They inaugurate hardware or software.
  • They modify security licenses.
  • They orient users on the working of the network.

How to become a networking expert?

To become a networking expert, you must follow proper steps with guidelines to avoid wandering in your career. Here are the steps to becoming a networking expert. 

  • Get a degree

A graduation degree in Computer science, Information technology, computer engineering, or any related field is crucial. A bachelor’s degree gives you the apt knowledge of computer networking installation skills, maintaining networks, network administration, basic programming, and knowledge of using routers and switches. While pursuing a degree in any of these fields from a renowned university, you can win a chance to get an internship in computer networking. This internship will help you get experience in computer networking. An experienced person is more likely to get hired than an inexperienced. To become more expert or gain a higher degree, you can pursue a master’s in computer engineering, IT or Computer science.

  • Earn a certification

You can earn certification to become a competitive candidate. There are various organization that helps to obtain training certifications in computer networking course online. For computer networking courses, you can pursue CompTia+, CCNA, and CCNP courses. These certifications are valid for a particular time and need renewal by giving exams again. One such organization that helps complete this training is network kings. Network kings will brown your courses affordably with professional network engineers.

  • Reap experience

To get experience in computer networking is a must to become a networking expert. You can gain experience by working on a personal project, working under a senior networking expert, or working with family or any friend for knowledge.

  • Trail entry-level positions

To start your career as a networking expert, you need to stroll the first step of the ladder. In short, you should start from entry-level positions, as are help desk technicians or technical support teams. Entry-level positions train you in tabulating network issues, observing networks, and providing technical support.

  • Recognize your path

After completing an entry-level position, there are various computer networking positions. These roles are Network administrator, manager, analyst, technician, engineer, and solution architect. Choose which path suits you best, and you can start your career in the same.

What are the skills required to become a network expert?

There are requirements for technical skills, but soft skills are also crucial. Technical skills are mandatory to fix problems, but soft skills are decisive in finding the problem, discussing it with co-workers, and preventing these problems in future. Here is a list of networking skills a network expert requires:

  • Computer Networking
  • Network security
  • Hardware Knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Computer systems
  • Multitasking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Analytical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

What are the courses for a networking expert?

There are various courses available for networking experts. Here is a list to start your career as a networking expert-

Cisco CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate course 200-301 is for beginners. It is a course by Cisco. It helps a student to learn to operate small-medium networks. It gives network fundamentals, access, IP address, IP connectivity, security, automation, and programmability. The CCNA course covers the essentials of:

  1. Routing and Switching. 
  2. Network fundamentals  
  3. Network access  
  4. Routing and Switching protocols  
  5. Wireless Access Points (WAPs)  
  6. Internet Protocol (IP) services  
  7. Automation and programmability  
  8. Infrastructure services  
  9. Infrastructure security 

Cisco CCNP Enterprise is an intermediate-level course by Cisco. It covers intermediate-level topics like: 

  1. Advanced Routing and Switching  
  2. VPN technologies: MPLS and DMVPN  
  3. Configuring and troubleshooting OSPF, EIGRP and OSPF  
  4. Dual stack architecture  
  5. Virtualization  
  6. Infrastructure  
  7. Security and automation  
  8. Network assurance

Cisco CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Enterprise is an advanced-level course. It teaches the knowledge of:

  1. Dual stack architecture  
  2. Virtualization  
  3. Network assurance  
  4. Security and automation  

Cisco SD-WAN or Software-defined Wide Area Network solutions are for experts. The topics that Cisco SD-WAN Solutions cover are:

  1. Configuring routing protocols  
  2. Switching from traditional WAN to SD-WAN  
  3. SD-WAN installation and migration  
  4. Deploying WAN Edge devices  
  5. Configure Direct Internet Access (DIA) breakout  

CCNP Data Centre is for intermediate students. It is for those who want to learn about data centre infrastructure. It covers topics like:

  1. Applying routing and switching protocols in the Data Center environment 
  2. They learn to execute Fibre Channel fabric. 
  3. Apply Cisco automation. 
  4. They learn to use scripting tools in a data centre.
  5. Learn Cisco Cloud service.  
  6. Monitor infrastructure. 

Cisco CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security is an advanced-level cybersecurity course. It provides the study of:

  1. Designing network system
  2. Managing the whole network system
  3. Deploying the network system
  4.  Study of Complex Security Solutions 

Cisco DevNet is a beginner-level course. It passes the knowledge of: 

  1. Software Development & Design
  2. Understanding and Using APIs
  3. Cisco Platforms & Development
  4. Application Deployment & Security
  5. Infrastructure & Automation
  6. Network Fundamentals

Python is a course for managing network automation skills. It covers the study of:

  1. Python Foundation for Network Engineers
  2. Python Libraries & Data Types
  3. API Concepts & YANG Data-Modelling
  4. IAC and DevOps Introduction

Note: There is no exam to clear the Python course.

Open Short Path First or OSPF; Broader Gateway Protocol or BGP; Multiprotocol label switching or MPLs is part of the Cisco CCNP Enterprise course. 

Here is the list of topics covered in OSPF, BGP, and MPLS:

Topics of OSPF:
  1. Basic OSPF Configuration
  2. OSPF Overview
  3. OSPF LSAs
  4. Router LSA, Network LSA, etc.
  5. OSPF Multi-Area and Multi-Domain Functionalities
  6. Configuring a Multi-Area-Multi-Domain Network
  7. OSPF Area Types
  8. Configuring a Stub Area, Configuring a Stubby Area, etc.
  9. Redistribution in OSPF
  10. Configuring the Multi-Domain Topology for Redistribution
  11. OSPF Advanced
  12. Virtual Link
Topics of BGP: 
  1. Basic eBGP Configuration
  2. BGP Overview, Configuring Basic eBGP, etc.
  3. iBGP Configuration
  4. Configuring Routing Protocol for iBGP
  5. Filtering and Summarization
  6. Access-lists and Prefix-lists
  7. BGP Attributes
  8. BGP Attributes – Overview
Topics of MPLs:
  1. MPLS introduction
  2. MPLS Labels
  4. VRF
  5. MPLS Layer 3 VPN
  6. MPLS Route Distinguisher and Route Targets
  7. MPLS with OSPF configuration

What is the expected salary of a networking expert?

The expected salary of a network engineer is 3.2 lacs per year in India. The pay range varies from country to country and from person to person. One who possesses higher qualifications will get more pay.

Also, a country with more IT companies will offer a high salary to a network expert due to high demand.

Here is a list of salaries of network experts according to different countries. It may vary from the qualifications of distinct candidates.

USA: USD 57,000 per year

UK: £47,847 per year

Canada: $90,419 per year

Australia: USD 65,000 per year

Brazil: $64,239 per year

UAE: AED 48,828 per year

Singapore: $57600 per year

New Zealand: $85,000 per year

What are the available job roles in networking?

Although there are many job roles in the networking field, here is a list of the most-wanted jobs in the networking field-

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Specialist
  • Network Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • VOIP Engineer
  • Data Center Engineer
  • Telecom Engineer 
  • Technical support Engineer

Where to pursue the networking expert course?

Networking is the backbone of the IT industry, and to maintain the backbone of the IT industry, we need networking experts. A networking expert manages the overall networking system of the company. But the question arises, Where should a student pursue a networking expert course

We know many organizations offer online training for the same. Rather than searching and wasting time on finding a perfect networking edTech platform, you can pursue your networking course from Network Kings, the largest virtual labs provider. 

You might be thinking, why should you trust to pursue networking courses from Network Kings? Keep Reading!

Why Network Kings for pursuing a networking career?

Network Kings is an EdTech platform that helps students make their space in the networking field. Network kings have 40k+ global students with 11k+ placements. Here are the benefits of pursuing a career in networking course from Network kings:

  • Live 1:1 Guidance from experts.
  • Learn directly from Engineers.
  • Pre-recorded Videos.
  • Live Doubt-clearing Sessions.
  • Experience real-world simulations to become job ready.
  • Get 24×7 access to labs to learn at your convenience.
  • Access virtually.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Industry-oriented training.

Apart from these many benefits, the main profit is the Master program by Network Kings. Let us discuss this Master’s program in detail.

What is the Network Engineer Master program by Network Kings?

The Network Engineer Master Program by Network Kings encompasses three courses: CCNA, CCNP, and Palo Alto Firewall.

This program offers a complete networking course in one subscription. It contains designing and working with network configurations, looking after networks, troubleshooting performance problems and configuring security systems such as firewalls. 

Eligibility of Networking Master Program

  • One who has basic knowledge of networking concepts.
  • Experience working with network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls.

Benefits of Networking Master Program:

  • The course is available in Hindi and English.
  • 24/7 assistance to answer your queries is also available.
  • We provide training with the latest syllabus.
  • You can get hands-on experience with the world’s largest virtual labs.
  • You will earn a completion certification which will add value to your resume.

Note: Not only Master Program, but there is also another beneficial course – All Access Pass. Let us discuss this in the next section, where you can learn everything related to it.

What is an All Access Pass by Network Kings?

All Access Pass by Network Kings is to gain access to all current courses with all video lessons and supporting materials for 12 consecutive months from the date of purchase. With an All-access pass, you get to learn around 50+ courses. 

Benefits of All-Access pass: 

  • Access to networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and DevOps courses.
  • It contains thousands of videos, quizzes, and practical exercises.
  • The main courses are CCNA, MCSA, Linux, AWS, Azure 104, and CEH.
  • Language can be Hindi or English.
  • You get access to the lectures for a year.
  • Learn directly from real-time industry engineers.
  • Receive a completion certificate upon finishing the course.


By now, you might have understood the value of a networking expert in IT. A networking expert is the hero of the networking and Information Technology industry.

We need networking experts for the maintenance of our organization. One can become a networking expert in just five steps-get a graduate degree; earn certification in the related field; get hands-on experience; enrol for an entry-level job; and choose your career as a networking expert.

To become a networking expert, one should acquire technical and soft skills. The candidate must enrol for Cisco CCNP, CCNA, and Python courses. There are various job opportunities in the networking field. The salary of a networking expert depends on the certifications and experience the candidate possesses. Also, it depends from country to country. A developed country with more IT fields will offer more salaries. 

You can follow your networking expert dream from Network kings. Network kings offers various benefits along with affordable learning. Network kings have also introduced Master programs for networking or all-access passes to learn all the courses within a single pass.

What does a networking expert do?

A networking expert is the backbone of the networking field. They manage and protect the overall networking system.

How to become a networking expert?

To become a networking expert, you need a background in IT, a graduation degree, certifications, experience, and entry-level jobs.

What are networking skills?

Networking skills include technical and soft skills.

What is a networking career?

A networking career is the paid step-in of a student into the networking field of the IT sector.

What is the salary of a networking expert in India?

In India, the salary of a networking expert is around INR 3.2 lacs per year.

Is networking a skill for a CV?

Recruiters highly recommend a CV with networking skills.

What are the basics of networking skills?

Networking skills require basic knowledge of routers, switches, and wireless access points.

What are the four types of networking?

The four types of networking are LAN, PAN, MAN, and WAN.

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