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How to Make a Best Networking Career? Explained

Networking career

Networking has become a crucial part of the IT industry, and one can find diverse highly-paying job opportunities. After a candidate completes graduation in IT, the next question that strikes the mind is, “what next?” Some change their stream, while others wonder how to make a best networking career. 

Therefore, if you, too, are bustling with the same confusion, we are here to resolve it with our blog entitled, How to Make a successful Networking Career: Explained. Read the blog till the end to dive deep into networking and accelerate your IT career.

What is Networking?

Networking means practising connecting computers and devices to share resources and information. The resources and information get shared through various methods, including wired or wireless connections and protocols like TCP/IP

Networking is a vital component of modern computer systems that allows sharing of files, printers, and other resources, enabling communication between devices; and the creation of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the internet. 

It also shares internet access and connects devices to the internet.

What is the use of networking?

Networking gets used in diverse ways, and a few of them are as follows:

  • Networking allows multiple devices to share resources.
  • Networking enables the communication between devices- locally and remotely, through email, instant messaging, and video conferencing.
  • Networking connects devices to the internet, allowing users to access a wide range of information and services.
  • Networking allows for the creation of centralized storage systems, allowing multiple users to access and back up data.
  • Networking allows for remote access and control of devices, such as remote desktop access and remote control of industrial equipment.

What is the scope of networking?

The scope of networking is expansive and confines many different areas of technology, including:

  • Data communication: The transmission of data between computers and other devices, such as routers, switches, and hubs.
  • Network design and architecture: The planning and implementation of network infrastructure, including LANs, WANs, and the internet.
  • Network protocols: The standard procedures and rules governing the communication between devices on a network.
  • Network security: Network resources and data protection from unauthorized access or use.
  • Network management: The ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of network systems.
  • Cloud computing and virtualization: The use of remote servers and virtualized environments to provide network services and resources.
  • Wireless networking: Wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, connect devices to a network.
  • Mobile networking: The use of cellular and other wireless technologies to connect mobile devices to a network.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Device and appliance integration into a network, allowing them to share data and communicate with one another.
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV): The use of software to manage, control, and configure the network infrastructure and services.

What are the top courses available in networking?

There are diverse beginning to advanced-level courses in IT networking to excel in the industry. The top courses available in networking are as follows:

  • Cisco CCNA

Cisco Certified Network Associate is a beginner-level course in the networking domain. Even a candidate from a non-IT background can enroll on the CCNA certification program. 

  • Cisco DevNet 

DevNet provides the best automation, security, and basic DevOps practices in the IT networking industry.

  • Cisco CCNP 

Cisco Certified Network Professional is an intermediate-level course in the networking domain. One can opt for the CCNP certification even before CCNA.

  • Cisco CCIE 

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is an expert-level course in the networking domain. The CCIE certification program facilitates you with the top-most networking concepts and techniques. 

  • Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) enables businesses to securely and intelligently manage data traffic over hybrid WANs.

  • Python for Network Engineers

Skilled Network Engineers do require a basic understanding of programming languages. Therefore, they need to learn python programming to boost their networking career. 

  • OSPF 

OSPF is a link-state routing protocol, which means that routers exchange information about the state of all links in the network and use that information to calculate the best path to a destination. OSPF is commonly used within a single autonomous system (AS) and is considered a classless routing protocol.

  • BGP 

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a path vector routing protocol that exchanges information about the paths and their attributes to reach destination networks. BGP is used to exchange routing information between different autonomous systems (AS) and is considered a classful routing protocol.

  • MPLS

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a method for forwarding packets in a network, used to forward packets based on a label rather than the traditional IP routing. MPLS can be used to create virtual private networks (VPNs) and improve the performance and stability of network traffic.

How to make a Successful networking career?

To make a networking career, you will need to gain knowledge and experience in network design, configuration, and troubleshooting. Some ways to do this include:

  • Earn a degree.
  • Get certified in networking technologies such as Cisco, Juniper, or CompTIA.
  • Gain hands-on experience through internships or entry-level networking jobs.
  • Continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest networking technologies and trends.
  • Network with other professionals to learn about job opportunities.
  • Specialize in a particular networking area such as security, data center, or wireless networking.
  • The networking field has a lot of vendor-specific certifications highly valued in the industry.
  • Look for opportunities to move to more senior-level positions in a company.

What are the job opportunities in networking?

The following are the top job opportunities for a networking professional; to make a networking career:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Consultant
  • Network Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Network Technician
  • Network Sales Engineer
  • Network Solutions Engineer
  • Network and Information Security Officer
  • Network and Communications Manager
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Cisco Network Engineer
  • Network Infrastructure Engineer
  • Data Network Engineer
  • Network Project Engineer
  • Network and Systems Administrator
  • Wireless Network Engineer
  • Network and Cloud Architect
  • Network and System Automation Engineer
  • Network and Telecommunications Analyst
  • Network and Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

What is the salary aspect of networking?

  • United States: $70,000 – $130,000 per year
  • Canada: $60,000 – $120,000 per year
  • United Kingdom: £30,000 – £60,000 per year
  • Germany: €40,000 – €70,000 per year
  • France: €35,000 – €65,000 per year
  • Australia: $60,000 – $120,000 per year
  • Singapore: $50,000 – $90,000 per year
  • India: INR 3,00,000 – INR 7,00,000 per year
  • China: ¥150,000 – ¥300,000 per year
  • UAE: AED 70,000 – AED 120,000 per year

Where to find the best networking course training?

Numerous ed-tech platforms are available for individuals to learn about networking, online and offline, but Network Kings stands out as the best option. 

Why Network Kings?

Network Kings offers a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors (real-time engineers), the world’s largest virtual labs, and a variety of learning resources to ensure students have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field. 

Network Kings’ focus on hands-on learning and real-world experience sets it apart from other platforms and makes it the ideal choice for those looking to advance their networking knowledge and career.

Wrapping Up!

Networking has set new standards in IT and will continue to expand. Therefore, enroll today in the best networking courses to accelerate your dream career in IT. 

For further details, reach us through comments!

Happy Learning!

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