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Top Free Online Courses to Upskill Your Career 

free online courses

Are you looking to start a career in the IT industry or upskill yourself in tech? Look no further than the top free online courses mentioned in this guide. What’s better than gaining skills for free, right? You can check a variety of online free certification courses that can help you land high-paying jobs in the tech industry.

This guide mainly focuses on courses that are suitable for individuals who wish to start a career in the tech industry with minimal to no coding. These free certification courses can help you kickstart a solid career in network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and the cloud computing industry.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the list of free online courses that can be beneficial to land jobs in the tech industry directly.

Why is there a need for free online courses with certificates?

It is good to have a graduate degree in your respective field. But is it enough? Considering the current market competition, organizations are on the lookout for candidates with outstanding hands-on experience.

This is where you can take up courses for skill development and stand out from the crowd. These free online courses can help you bridge the gap between the industry requirements and your skills.

These online learning free courses are the best way to skill up in your free time to make up for the requirements of job opportunities.

The free online certified courses include the following:

Let us now go over each of these free online certifications so that you know which is the best fit for you!

What are the best Free Online Courses in IT?

There are plenty of free online courses with certification that you can enroll in to become a professional in the tech industry. Some of the most popular free online IT courses with certification are mentioned below:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Fundamentals:

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is one of the best networking fundamentals courses you can take to kickstart a career in the IT infrastructure industry. No matter what is your educational background, if you’re interested in beginning a career in the tech industry, the CCNA fundamentals free training course is the best option to go for.

In short, you will cover all the network fundamentals in this course relating to the CCNA 200-301 courseware.

You will cover the following main topics in this course:

  • Basics of networks
  • IP addressing and subnetting
  • OSI model 
  • Routing 
  • Switching
  • Automation and programmability
  • Network topology architecture
  • TCP and UDP
  • OSPF
  • Security fundamentals

Average salary: Rs. 5 LPA

  • Red Hat Linux:

More than 90% of business organizations use Red Hat Linux as their main operating system to carry out daily tasks. This is why it is important to pursue a Linux course by Red Hat. It is indeed the best free online course to establish a successful career in the IT industry.

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) makes you proficient in carrying out the core functions that are required in an Enterprise Linux environment.

You will learn the following major skills in the Red Hat Linux free online course:

  • Handle files, directories, command-line environments
  • Shell scripting
  • Operating running systems
  • Configuring local storage
  • Creating and configuring file systems
  • Managing users and groups
  • Deploying, configuring and maintaining systems
  • Managing security including firewall basics
  • Basic container management

Average salary: Rs. 6.6 LPA

  • AWS Cloud Essentials:

AWS is one of the best courses online. All thanks to the increased popularity of cloud computing in today’s world. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the best online free course to enter the cloud computing industry.

This free online IT course with certification will prove your high-level AWS skills and cloud foundational skills. You will become familiar with the AWS environment and terminology.

The following topics are covered in the AWS Cloud Essentials course:

  • Cover AWS fundamentals
  • Difference between hybrid, on-premises and all-in cloud
  • The basic global infrastructure of cloud
  • Benefits of AWS cloud
  • Learn about core AWS services such as compute, storage
  • Learn how to apply AWS services to various use cases
  • AWS Well-Architected framework
  • Core security services of AWS cloud
  • Basics of AWS cloud migration
  • Shared responsibility model
  • Pricing models, core billing and account management of AWS cloud
  • How to use pricing tools

Average salary: Rs. 3.8 LPA

  • Self-discipline course:

Self-discipline is one of the best skills to learn. It is crucial to have control over your thoughts and move through everyday tasks effortlessly. This is why it is important to take a self-discipline course. It is also one of the best skill development courses.

You can check out various online platforms for such courses such as Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, etc.

The main things to learn in this course include:

  • Learning to break bad habits and form new ones
  • Becoming self-disciplined
  • Strategizing to improve diet
  • Learning to get out of status quo bias
  • CCNP Enterprise Fundamentals:

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise fundamentals is one of the best free online IT course with certification. This free course makes you proficient in carrying out troubleshooting and implementation of advanced routing technologies and services.

It is the best option to opt for the CCNP Enterprise fundamentals course after pursuing the CCNA course. You will get to learn new skills to work successfully in an enterprise environment.

The following topics are mainly covered in this course:

  • Layer 3 technologies
  • VPN services
  • Advanced routing and switching protocols
  • Basics of OSPF, BGP, MPLS, EIGRP
  • Infrastructure security basics
  • Basics of infrastructure automation

Average salary: Rs. 8 LPA

  • Ethical Hacking Advance course:

With the exponential increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks, it has become crucial to employ ethical hackers in medium and large-sized business organizations. The Ethical Hacking advance course offered by EC-Council is one of the best online course to take up.

You will learn how to protect online and cloud environments from getting hacked and attacked by malicious cyber attackers. You will learn how to think like a hacker.

The following are the main topics covered in this course:

  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • System hacking
  • DoS
  • Hacking web servers and web applications
  • Hacking mobile platforms
  • IoT and OT hacking
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptography

Average salary: Rs. 5.1 LPA

  • Python Fundamentals:

Because of its simplicity and integrity, Python has become the world’s number one programming language. In fact, your favourite applications such as Spotify, Pinterest, Uber, Reddit, etc. are built on top of Python.

Therefore, it is important to take up a Python fundamental course. You can then become a Python Developer, Web Application Designer, Data Analyst, etc. after learning Python.

The following are the main topics covered in this course:

  • Learning about the basics of Python
  • Learning about various data types and variables
  • Learning to write simple programs in Python
  • Learning about functions and loops
  • Learning about dictionaries, lists, tuples, etc.

Average salary: Rs. 4 LPA

  • Palo Alto Firewall Basics:

Palo Alto firewall basics is one of the best online certification courses for free. This course will teach you how to deploy a new Palo Alto networks Next-Generation firewall. You will learn how to integrate a new firewall in your network and set up a basic security policy.

You will learn the following main topics in this course:

  • Basics of Palo Alto firewall
  • Subscriptions
  • Software and content updates
  • Firewall administration and authentication
  • Certificate management
  • High availability
  • Monitoring
  • User-ID
  • App-ID
  • Threat prevention
  • Decryption
  • URL filtering
  • Quality of service
  • VPNs

Average salary: Rs. 7.7 Lakhs

  • CompTIA Fundamentals:

The CompTIA Fundamentals is one of the best online courses to get a grasp of IT fundamentals. In today’s digital world, it is essential to have a good knowledge of tech fundamentals.

You will learn the following skills in this course:

  • IT concepts and terminology
  • Software development
  • Infrastructure
  • Database fundamentals
  • Applications and software
  • Security

Average salary: Rs. 3.5 – 5.5 LPA

Which is the best online course platform?

Network Kings is a one-stop solution for taking all such free online courses. You can learn hands-on directly from top-notch engineers. The benefits of enrolling at Network Kings are as follows:

  • You always have access to the largest virtual labs.
  • You will succeed over others if you attend live sessions led by well-known engineers with more than 12 years of expertise in the field.
  • For a pleasant approach to study, there are also frequent professional Q&A sessions.
  • You always have access to the session records.
  • You can always seek help from career counselors for your professional problems.
  • You are given a certificate for course completion.
  • Additionally, you receive advice on how to create the best possible CV.


In this competitive world, online IT courses can boost your career prospects in front of recruiters, especially. Free online courses are the best way to make use of the spare time and upskill. This blog has mentioned some of the most popular and in-demand skills development courses.

You can explore more in the fields of network infrastructure, cybersecurity and cloud computing by checking out Network Kings, one of the best online courses platform across the globe. When you learn new skills on top of your graduate degree, you can stand out.

Play around and find what fits your desired job profile the best. Happy learning!

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