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Free Ethical Hacking Courses

free ethical hacking courses

Looking for free ethical hacking courses online? Hacking news has spread like fire, and there are still fewer ways to overcome these hacking tricks. That is why the Ethical Hacking courses are in demand and there is the option of a free Ethical Hacking course. But before knowing about the free ethical hacking courses, you should know about Ethical Hacking.

Ethical hacking is the technique of using hacking approaches to push the computer system or network security. 

To ensure Cybersecurity, we need knowledge of Ethical Hacking, right? Let us know about the importance of cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity is essential because it enables the user to shield organizations and the user from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity can assist in controlling data breaches, identity heist, and other types of cybercrime. Organizations must have vigorous cybersecurity measures to protect their data and customers.

What is Ethical Hacking?

People are confused with Ethical and Malicious Hacking. 

So, let’s eradicate this confusion first. 

The major difference between ethical hacking and malicious hacking is ideal. Ethical hacking is performed to enhance system security and control cyberattacks, while malicious hacking is conducted with the goal of personal gain or rendering harm. Ethical hackers acquire permission from organizations to conduct security checks, while malicious hackers do not.

Another key difference is legitimacy. Ethical hacking is lawful as it is accomplished with the organization’s permission and pursues legal procedures and regulations. Malicious hacking is prohibited and can result in criminal charges and captivity.

Ethical hackers use their knowledge to ensure and improve the technology of organizations. They supply an important service to these organizations by peeking for susceptibilities that can direct to a security violation. An ethical hacker notifies the vulnerabilities of the organization.

The benefits of cultivating ethical hacking skills are substantial, from the high demand and lucrative possibilities to improved career flexibility, holistic safety performance, continuous understanding, and ethical grants to society.

How to get started with Free Ethical Hacking Courses?

Before enrolling in your desired course, you must evaluate your strengths and goals, spend time reflecting on the things you are good at, research, take aptitude tests, explore options, seek professional help, see growth opportunities, review course material, and set a deadline.

To pursue free Ethical Hacking Courses, you must go with Network Kings. But why Network Kings?

  • Professional trainers: Network Kings offers learning from expert trainers. You will learn from industry experts with Network Kings that will add advantage to your knowledge and resume.
  • Virtual Lab Commitment: Network Kings has the world’s largest virtual labs to enhance your practical knowledge.
  • Skills: Learn a variety of in-demand skills to conquer the IT industry.
  • Flexible Learning Hours: The learning timetable is tailored according to your schedule. It is suitable for working professionals.
  • Career Guidance: Get career roadmaps, and up-to-date study materials, and understand interview skills.

What are the ethical hacking modules in the free Ethical Hacking Courses?

The Ethical Hacking modules in the free Ethical Hacking Courses are: 

  • Information Security and Ethical Hacking Overview
  • Reconnaissance Techniques
  • System Hacking Phases and Attack Techniques
  • Network and Perimeter Hacking
  • Web Application Hacking
  • Wireless Network Hacking
  • Mobile Platform, IoT, and OT Hacking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography

What is the eligibility of the free Ethical Hacking courses?

The eligibility of the free Ethical Hacking courses are:

  • Graduation is a must.
  • Basic knowledge of the IT Industry.
  • 2-3 years of experience in Networking.
  • Basic Understanding of Servers
  • Understanding Ethical Hacking
  • Fundamental knowledge of Cloud management

What are the benefits of Learning Ethical Hacking for Free?

Here are the benefits of learning Ethical Hacking for free:

Play with a Hacker mindset: The major Hackers are the Black Hat Hackers, and if you know the strategy of these hackers, then you plan according to their minds and strategies. This will help you to check the threats before they arise.

Explore extra techniques: Learn more than casual technologies, such as 

Hacking Mobile Phone, Windows and Linux, ART of Hacking, and Testing Web Application Security. Having more knowledge will help you pre-determine the threat and cyber attack possibilities.

Quality Guarantee: With the help of Ethical hacking knowledge, it is easier to quality check the newly launched products to ensure safety. Checking security before introducing a new product is crucial.

Handsome Salary: With the help of better ethical hacking knowledge, you have a high chance of getting a better job opportunity with high salary packages because every IT firm needs an ethical hacker to check their quality before launching. The average salary of an ethical hacker in India is INR 50,000 per month.

Outpacing: Cyber attacks are on an all-time ride and are outpacing the ethical hacker’s supply. Thus, there is an abundance of prospects for cybersecurity experts.

Some Ethical Hacking Ethics and Legal Considerations

Ethical hacking allows control of business and government organizations of problems generated by hackers attempting to steal critical data. If the hackers intrude alone, they can reveal data. By advancing digital network security, one can effortlessly ignore security violations by real-world testing.

To become an Ethical Hacker one needs to clear the CEH Exam. The CEH exam tests the understanding of security dangers, risks, and countermeasures. The exam course is guided via instructor training, video lectures, self-study courses, and labs for information security professionals.

You must go above the basics, like resources for additional learning with books, blogs, and forums for continued exploration, paid courses and specialized training options, and participating in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions.

What are the job roles after the free Ethical Hacking courses?

The job roles after the CEH certification are as follows-

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker
  2. Penetration Tester
  3. Security Analyst
  4. Information Security Manager
  5. Network Security Engineer
  6. Cybersecurity Engineer
  7. Security Architect
  8. Security Engineer
  9. Incident Response Analyst
  10. Forensic Analyst
  11. Malware Analyst
  12. Vulnerability Analyst
  13. Cybersecurity Trainer/Instructor
  14. IT Security Consultant
  15. Security Researcher
  16. Cybersecurity Project Manager
  17. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  18. Cryptographer
  19. Cybersecurity Lawyer
  20. Cybersecurity Journalist

What are the salary prospects for a candidate after the CEH v12 training?

The salary prospects for a candidate after the CEH v12 training in different countries are as follows-

United States: USD 95,000 to USD 110,000 per year.
Canada: CAD 80,000 to CAD 95,000 per year.
United Kingdom: £50,000 to £65,000 per year.
Australia: AUD 80,000 to AUD 110,000 per year.
Germany: €60,000 to €75,000 per year.
France: €45,000 to €65,000 per year.
India: INR 500,000 to INR 1,000,000 per year.
United Arab Emirates: AED 140,000 to AED 180,000 per year.
Singapore: SGD 60,000 to SGD 90,000 per year.
Malaysia: MYR 60,000 to MYR 90,000 per year.
Saudi Arabia: SAR 100,000 to SAR 150,000 per year.
Qatar: QAR 180,000 to QAR 220,000 per year.
South Africa: ZAR 400,000 to ZAR 600,000 per year.
Nigeria: NGN 3,000,000 to NGN 5,000,000 per year.
Brazil: BRL 80,000 to BRL 120,000 per year.


Ethical hacking or penetration testing or white-hat hacking, has arisen as a vital skill set in this field. There are various benefits of ethical hacking, like High Demand and Lucrative Opportunities, Enhanced Career Flexibility, Holistic Security Understanding, Continuous Learning and Growth, and Ethical Contribution to Society.

Met with online invasions, private and public firms are darting for ethical hacking experts who can defend their systems from cybercriminals.

There is a high scope of ethical hacking so you can pursue free ethical hacking courses online with Network Kings.  

There are numerous malware research opportunities available. In the enterprise, cyber terrorism is very helpful for estimating software solutions. Ethical hacking ensures that almost all facilities are safe against black-hat cyberpunks. So, you can start your CEH career today!