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Entry-Level Highest Paying IT Certification Programs In 2024

top it certifications in demand today

The IT industry has been excelling for a long time now. Undoubtedly, the IT industry has taken the world by storm. Getting IT certification in 2024 can help you sustain yourself in the world of technology with a bang. Innumerable highest-paying IT certifications exist in the market to brighten your future. But, earning the certification at different levels, such as associate level, professional level, and expert level, requires hours of project management education.

The skills and salary report varies according to the position but the work experience in two of these can help you accelerate your career in the IT industry. From earning entry-level certification to professional-level certification, one is free to enroll for highly regarded certifications. Therefore, there is a vast variety of top IT certifications available in the market.

Hence, keep reading the blog till the end to familiarize yourself with the IT certifications in high demand in 2024 and do not forget to leave your feedback.

What are the top entry-level IT certification courses in 2024?

The top entry-level IT certification program comprises a certification exam to excel in the domain. And, there are in total three domains to step into the world of IT, namely-


The networking domain refers to the specific area of computer science and engineering dealing with the design, implementation, and management of networks connecting computers and devices.

Networking consists of hardware and software components, like routers, switches, protocols, and network security and comprises various IT certifications, from entry to professional and expert-level certifications.


The cybersecurity domain is the practice of protecting internet-connected systems from attack, damage, and unauthorized access, as it includes protection against a wide range of threats, such as hacking, viruses, and malware.

Cybersecurity comprises various IT programs to boost an individual’s career in the industry. Various cybersecurity certifications validate the skills required to manage, troubleshoot, and implement the defensive system on the network and data information.

Cloud Computing

The cloud computing domain delivers information technology services where the resources are available to customers over the internet on a pay-per-use basis and comprises services like infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) that allow customers to rent computing resources, such as servers, storage, and software, instead of building and maintaining their own.

Cloud Computing also includes the management and administration of cloud-based systems and services and the security and compliance of data and applications stored in them.

Explain the top-paying IT certifications in Networking.

Networking is undoubtedly the most in-demand IT domain in the contemporary era. Innumerable courses have been designed so far so that an individual can begin a new career journey. A few such top networking courses in IT are as follows:


(Cisco Certified Network Associate) CCNA certification is designed by Cisco and is a beginner-level course serving as the stepping stone in your IT career. The training comprises networking fundamentals like automation, programmability, routing, and switching.

Cisco DevNet

(Development Network) DevNet, offered by Cisco, is an entry-level course. The training comprises an understanding of security, automation, and network infrastructures regarding software development and DevOps.


(Cisco Certified Network Professional) CCNP certification, offered by Cisco, is an intermediate-level course. The training comprises skills taught in CCNA in detail regarding the knowledge, understanding, functioning, and supervision of network services and networking.


(Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) CCIE course designed by Cisco under the category of expert certification provides advanced-level training of skills learnt in CCNP. The training comprises developing, deploying, handling and optimizing the networks in detail. 

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco offers (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) SD-WAN to build expertise in designing, establishing, organizing, and operating SD-WAN solutions. The training comprises installation, migration, controller placement, deployment and replacement of edge devices, and (Direct Internet Access) DIA configuration. 

Python for Network Engineer

Python for Network Engineers course enables Network Engineers to learn Python and other automation skills to manage networks and devices. The training comprises how to automate tasks on routers and switches using Python (the programming language). 


(Open Shortest Path First) OSPF calculates the best path to a destination and shares the information with other routers in the network. 


(Multi-Protocol Label Switching) MPLS creates a private network across the Internet. 


While (Border Gateway Protocol) BGP is an Internet Protocol that delivers routing information among self-sustaining approaches on the Internet.

CompTIA Network+

The network+ course offered by CompTIA provides the skills essential to install, uphold and troubleshoot networks without any threat or danger. The training prepares you to assist networks on any platform.

What are the highest paying IT certification courses in Cloud Computing?

The cloud is known as the future of IT and opting for cloud certifications is a great way to excel in the industry. To achieve this certification is a smart step to accelerate your IT career. The experience required in the cloud and Microsoft certifications virtualization plays a vital role. A few such top cloud courses in IT are as follows:


(Amazon Web Services) AWS is a cloud platform, offered by Amazon, that provides in-depth cloud services. The AWS training comprises Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings and helps in becoming an AWS certified cloud practitioner. 

AWS DevOps

(AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Program) AWS DevOps course enables individuals to implement solutions as DevOps engineers. The training provides skills to supervise, operate, and manage distributed application systems on the AWS platform. AWS certified solutions course is also a part of AWS DevOps.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure course provides cloud services like computing, analytics, storage, and networking. The training caters to GCP, AWS, and IBM.

GCP Cloud

(Google Cloud Platform) GCP provides elemental to advanced skills required to design, implement, and manage Google Cloud products. The training validates products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases of Google Cloud and deals with basic concepts like resource monitoring, load balancing, autoscaling, and cloud migrations. 


Docker is the newest cloud trend offered by DevOps. The Docker training comprises software development tools to create, share, and run individual containers.


Kubernetes is the latest cloud trend in the industry offered by DevOps. The training comprises a system required to operate containerized applications at hierarchy.

Discuss the list of top IT certifications in Cyber Security.

Cyber security is the most crucial domain of IT. Undoubtedly, it is the foundational credential of network systems and technology as well. Cyber security certifications include big data protection and project management certifications. Cyber security courses certification is offered as online courses in different project management institutes. To pass the exam, check out our list of top IT certifications courses which is as follows:

CEH (V12)

(Certified Ethical Hacker) CEH course program covers a wide range of topics, like network security, cryptography, web application security, and system hacking. The training provides knowledge and skills to understand and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a computer system.


(Certified Information Systems Security Professional) CISSP program, offered by (ISC)², comprises designing, implementing, and managing best-in-class cyber security programs. The CISSP training provides the necessary knowledge and skills to secure and handle sensitive information. 


(Certified Information Security Manager) CISM, offered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), is a professional program for individuals to manage, design, and oversee information security. 

CompTIA PenTest+

The PenTest+ course provides the skills required to plan, scan, and perform vulnerability and penetration testing on a network. The training shrouds the safety of all the technologies and is the only exam to cover all the vulnerability management requirements.

CompTIA Security+

The Security+ course by CompTIA provides information along with handling the threats. The training is an entry-level credential for cyber security, helping to learn the foundational skills demanding defensive cyber security skills.

CompTIA A+

The A+ course designed by CompTIA concentrates on providing knowledge and skills associated with Initial Security Protocols. The training comprises how to run and manage different OS on Multiple Devices at the same time and run the basic level data backup and recovery services.


CySA+ course offered by CompTIA helps to regulate software and application security, automation, threat hunting, and IT regulatory compliance and affects the daily work of security analysts.

What is the salary aspect after pursuing the highest paying certifications?

The average salary one can expect after achieving these certifications listed above can vary according to the jobs or promotions offered. Certification training regarding Information Technology or computer analyst is the best IT certification in the industry. From being a certified information systems security professional to a project management professional, certifications demand at least a year of hands-on experience and reward you with the best package of average salary.

Therefore, the highest-paying IT certifications land an individual to earn huge in different countries at different positions. Even after having at least six months of experience, one is supposed to get a salary hike on the average salary. The average salary packages for IT certified are as follows:

  • United States: $81,000 
  • Canada: C$70,000 
  • United Kingdom: £38,000 
  • Germany: €60,000 
  • France: €45,000 
  • Australia: $85,000 
  • India: ₹5,00,000 
  • Singapore: S$55,000 
  • Japan: ¥6,000,000 
  • China: ¥200,000 
  • Netherlands: €50,000 
  • Spain: €30,000 
  • Italy: €40,000 
  • Ireland: €50,000 per year 
  • Poland: PLN 120,000 
  • Sweden: SEK 550,000 
  • Denmark: DKK 500,000 
  • Norway: NOK 600,000 
  • Finland: €50,000 
  • Turkey: TRY 100,000 
  • Mexico: MXN 600,000 
  • Argentina: ARS 1,200,000 
  • Chile: CLP 8,000,000 
  • Egypt: EGP 400,000 
  • South Korea: KRW 60,000,000 
  • Hong Kong: HKD 600,000 
  • Taiwan: TWD 2,000,000 
  • South Africa: R450,000 
  • Brazil: R$8,000 
  • Russia: RUB 1,000,000 
  • Saudi Arabia: SAR 120,000

What are the skills required to enroll for the IT certifications?

The skills required to enroll for the IT certifications are as follows:

  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software
  • Understanding of networking concepts and protocols
  • Getting familiarity with operating systems
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Experience with databases and data management
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Understanding of security concepts and best practices
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team 

Are the IT certifications responsible for information security?

IT certifications are not solely responsible for information security. They are a mandatory part of an overall security strategy but are not a substitute for a comprehensive approach to security, including policies, procedures, and best practices. The effectiveness of a certification program depends upon the credibility of an organization.

IT credentials demand at least 35 hours of project management skills to earn a high salary package in the industry. The perks of choosing Network Kings are as follows:

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From having top project management skills to earning a good salary or becoming a Microsoft Engineer, the dreams can be as big as we can make them. But all those dreams are achievable only if we work hard enough. Acquiring the skills like performing big data analysis in information systems getting AWS certified or identifying the need to troubleshoot a network or a device can help a candidate earn the best IT credentials in the industry.

What are the top high-paying jobs after receiving IT certifications?

The top high-paying jobs after receiving IT certifications in different domains are as follows:

  • Network Architect
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Network Operations Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Data Scientist
  • Network Design Engineer
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Network and Information Security Manager
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • Cloud Database Administrator
  • Network and Cloud Integration Specialist
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Certified Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Cloud Storage Engineer
  • Network Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst
  • Network and Cloud Infrastructure Manager

Where should I enroll for the top IT certifications training?

Undoubtedly, there are innumerable offline and online platforms available to enroll for the top IT certifications training worldwide. But everyone wants to get enrolled at the best one. Similarly, the job prospects and project managers along with the hiring managers look for such candidates who have obtained certifications from the top IT platforms. The experience required to handle the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is in demand these days. And, these valuable IT certifications add a star to your resume.

Therefore, Network Kings is one of the best platforms to enroll for top-paying certifications and helps to begin a new career in information technology as well.

Why choose Network Kings for IT attestations?

Choosing Network Kings for IT attestations over other platforms is a smart way to scale in the industry. The training helps to get high salary packages in diverse fields and enables you to access ITIL in the technology as well.

Wrapping Up!

Since now you are familiar with the valuable IT certifications, get hands-on experience and improve your ability to design and safeguard a network and data. Each certification gets designed on a different basis. Advanced certifications demand years of professional experience in the industry. Each IT certification gets offered with innumerable responsibilities and higher salaries. These certifications can help you stay in demand.



The top-paying certifications are CCNA, CCNP, CEH, AWS, and SD-WAN.

All the expert-level certifications help you get the highest salary packages in IT.  

Networking, Cloud, and cyber security comprise diverse courses that can accelerate your IT career.

IT certifications help us grow in the field of technology and it depends upon an individual to consider if the course is hard.

Yes, IT certifications can get you highly-paying jobs.

IT certifications are considered important these days as the skills and information provided during the course training can benefit the industry as well as an individual in diverse ways.

Yes, getting an IT certification is worth it since these certifications provide you with the in-demand skills required to excel in IT.

Having IT certifications can increase your chances of getting a higher salary package in the tech industry.

Cloud computing means delivering computing services (servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence) over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Networking means connecting and communicating with other devices or computers in a network.

Cybersecurity means protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Networking, cyber security, and certified cloud certifications have been the best in 2022.

Top certifications like CCNA from networking, CEH from cybersecurity, and Amazon AWS from cloud computing are the best IT certifications for the future.

Innumerable IT certifications are available in networking, cybersecurity, and cloud domains that can help you excel in your dream career and get your dream salary.

Yes, IT certifications matter a lot in the tech industry since they can provide you with the in-demand skills and land you high-paying jobs.

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