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Scope of Cyber security: Know your way to a safe career.

Scope of Cyber Security

The Scope of Cyber Security

Do you ever worry, what if you’re still logged in that cyber cafe system? What if your password isn’t too strong? All the worries are in fact all legit. What can be done so as to input the worries to bed permanently? That’s too many questions, well the answer is simple: Cyber Security.  

As the name suggests cyber security means to provide or avail security for a cyber space in the simplest words. It is referred to as the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks. The security is aimed at reducing the risk of cyber attacks and protection against the unauthorized exploitation of any data, systems, technologies. 

Cyber security is an evolving and progressive field that seems to advance each minute, as per the needs, of data safety.

Need of cyber security

With data becoming the new age currency, its safety is primary. Did you know, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. This fact is enough for us to understand the importance of cyber security and also the immense need for cyber security. The cyber security domain is growing and this need is directly proportional to the bright scope of Cyber security. 

Future Scope of Cyber Security:

The scope of cyber security is as vast as the ocean, as the need is just as huge. Cyber security comes in as a savior for all the data and important transactions etc. There are multiple opportunities in this field in terms of  employment, the remuneration and also the reverence at all job roles. The scope is listed as below: 

1.  Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals:
The cybersecurity professionals are at a risk of losing their jobs as they aren’t necessarily equipped to combat the dynamic threats appearing and all the obstacles in cybersecurity.

2. The researchers being held suggest that around 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals are required alone in the Indian subcontinent. Hence this need is going to create a lot of job scope.

3.  Partially Skilled Professionals: 

The current research is evidence enough to show that multiple organizations are still waiting on verifications because of the lack of skilled staff and responsive workforce. It’s a safe bet for individuals to take up the certification as the need is now more than ever.

4. As per data in the year 2019 the data security professionals expressed having close to no expertise to address the dangers that existed. Hence the certifications, learning has become essential. 

5. Global demand:

There is a huge demand that’s on the rise constantly for the operations and security management professionals. The demand is equal all over the globe. Incident and threat management positions are most popular in the LATAM (63%) and the Middle East  and Africa (65%). Hence the increase in the number of cyber security experts will positively change the face of cybersecurity globally.

6. High Pay

The remunerations in this sector are high as the career growth in this domain is always progressive. Also this  domain is known to provide surety of employment, high remuneration all across the globe.

7. Growth

 In this field security groups weren’t as big as it is now. They have raised to fame now In criminal investigations, episode reaction and application security.  The potential for both professional and personal learning is enhanced and is on the rise constantly. 

8. Futuristic aspect: 

The futuristic aspect of this domain is evidently large as the cybersecurity professionals will be getting a chance to work on advancements and frameworks. It is a promising career prospect. There is a varied range of abilities so as to be able to manage security challenges, these job roles will forever be in demand.  

Job Opportunities and Career prospects in Cyber security:

The job roles in cyber security professionals are particularly challenging and full of growth each day with creativity and innovation. It’s essential for people in this field to outgrow their own capabilities and gain acknowledgement at work and globally as well. There are multiple job roles:

1. Network Security Engineer: 

Network security engineer is one of the most highly demanded in the current scenarios. These professionals have the responsibility of keeping security systems up and running. Moreover, to be qualified as a network security engineer a degree in computer science, IT, systems engineering. The average salary in this job role is 6-8 lakh per annum for this role. 

2. Cyber Security Analyst:

The scope for a cyber security analyst is very high in almost all spheres, globally. The professionals should be aware of how to analyze the security policies and procedures to protect an organization’s digital security. Some of the major responsibilities include identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure and suggesting and creating new ways to secure it. The average salary for this role is 6 lakhs per annum. 

3. Security Architect:

These are individuals who are highly skilled and thus in demand. They are expected to have high technical skills. They are responsible for making designs, creating and maintaining security systems within the IT system of an enterprise. This is a job role with good remuneration as well. The average salary for this role is 17 lakhs per annum. 

4. Cyber security manager: 

The cyber security manager’s job duties encompass all the protocols being followed across the organizations. They are also responsible to ensure all the operations are being run smoothly, and also one has to be capable enough to manage infrastructure that is facilitating all those operations. They are responsible for staying updated with all latest trends and equip the enterprise enough so as to be able to tackle any situation that poses danger to the data or breaches security. The average salary for this role is 12 lakhs per annum. 

5. Chief Information Security Officer (CISCO) 

This job role is a senior level position within an enterprise or an organization. People in these job roles are highly paid and essential to the company since their job roles are responsible for developing and implementing an information security program. This position has become of paramount importance in a work organization or enterprise. The career in  this field is a smart choice as the average salary for this job role is 22 lakhs per annum. 

Wrapping Up:

The field of cyber security is a field that is growing each minute as the need for this field is growing. The job opportunities are also multiple in this domain of information technology. The scope of cyber security is also enough for one to make a smart career choice. 

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