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Our Top Job-Oriented Courses Explained

Job-Oriented Courses

#1 Which course is best considered as job-oriented?

There are the Top Master’s Programs that help you to become job-ready-

These courses are specially made for you as these courses fill up with all the needed skills by the top MNCs such as TCS, Amazon, IBM, Apple, etc. 

You need to note that in the upcoming years, if you want to sustain yourself in the technical IT industry, you need to have very sharp job-oriented multi-skills to get a job placement. So, if you are looking to be the best in the industry, you should have all the in-demand technical skills.

#2 Which courses have more job opportunities?

Which courses have more job opportunities
Which courses have more job opportunities

In a very competitive world, everyone is looking for job placement in the IT infrastructure industry. Fortunately, we are here to back you up with the in-demand engineering skills. If you are looking for a job, you should know that you need industry-relevant skills for that. 

You need to have the following to land a job: 

  • A well-built resume 
  • Relevant industry experience 
  • Professionally recognized certification 
  • Language skills 
  • Soft skills 
  • Spot-on technical knowledge. 

The best part is that you can get all of these skills brushed at Network Kings! So, what we do is help you automatically become job-ready. These are the skills that are often ignored by students. But we are here to work on them. 

In addition to that, the courses that have more job opportunities are the courses that are trending in the industry. These trending courses are job-oriented courses that have a futuristic vision in the technical world. These courses are: 

  • Cloud computing courses 
  • Cyber Security courses 
  • IT Networking courses 
  • DevOps

#3 Which IT course is best for the future?

There are tons of IT job-oriented courses that can lead you to high-paying job roles but unfortunately, it is not that easy. Right job-oriented courses are not that easy to find. If we talk about the IT courses that are best for the future are mostly the ones that deal with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Cloud Computing. 

Some of the best such courses that you can go for are: 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): 

It is one of the most widely used cloud computing services in the technical industry. Being an AWS expert, the number one in the industry, you can land a high-paying job. 

  • Microsoft Azure: 

It is one of the most trusted cloud brands in the technical industry. The world’s top-most companies such as Wipro and TCS use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

  • Network Automation (Python for Network Engineer): 

If you want to join a job-oriented course, you should stay up-to-date with the industry’s demands. Gone are the days of Network Engineers. If you want to stand out, you should learn Python after Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) course to become a Network Automation Engineer. 

These are the job-oriented courses that help you acquire the in-demand skills in the industry. You can get enrolled in any of them at Network Kings.

#4 Which computer course is best for a job?

You can enrol on our job-oriented courses if you want to acquire in-demand industry skills. The real catch is that the quality of the courses needs to be the best at what you learn with crystal clear focus. If you are looking for the best Networking courses then you can go for the following: 

The Cisco professional courses dealing in the networking domain are job-oriented. How our courses are better than the other Ed-Tech platforms? 

We provide training from industry experts with 11+ years of hands-on experience in the technical domain.

#5 Which job has the highest salary?

Looking out for job-oriented courses is hard sometimes but it is not impossible. There are many job-oriented courses in various fields such as Networking, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Firewall, DevOps and much more. 

Plenty of job-oriented courses are there to look for but the right ones are the ones that help you get the highest salary. The different job-oriented courses that can give you the highest salary are the following: 

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) 
  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • AWS 

If you go for these job-oriented courses, you can easily acquire the top IT skills to land an IT job. You can get trained for these courses online but going for the right training platform is very important. 

#6 Spectrum of courses we provide:

JOB Guarantee Courses

There is a wide range of job-oriented IT courses that we provide. We provide the following courses: 

  • Cisco courses 
  • Firewall courses 
  • Cloud computing courses 
  • Cyber Security courses 
  • DevOps

Let us go ahead and have an overview of all of these courses. We have specially hand-picked these job-oriented courses that are relevant to the industry. Taking up courses that are from well-recognized vendors highly improves the eligibility for a job. 

First: Cisco courses: 

Cisco Systems is one of the most popular networking hardware companies all across the world. Getting Cisco certified helps you get the expertise required in the IT industry. Exploring all of these courses would further help you expand your career in the technical world. You can take the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certification training at Network Kings.

Second: Firewall courses:

The Firewall courses help you land a job in the security domain. One of the major things to keep in mind is that you need to take up the networking courses from Cisco to further do the job-oriented firewall courses available in the industry. These job-oriented courses would give you an edge over others since these are the in-demand courses. 

Third: Cloud Computing courses:

Cloud computing platforms are booming right now. These are the job-oriented courses since everything is shifting to the cloud. The physical servers are no longer in demand right now. This major shift in the storage and management of data highly signifies the importance of the cloud in the technical industry. The major job-oriented courses are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Fourth: Cyber Security courses:

Cyber Security professionals are the most in-demand currently. Since the amount of data generated and consumed is increasing right now with the arrival of cloud platform courses, the number of data breaches is increasing a lot. You can opt for the best job-oriented courses in cyber security such as Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH), etc. This would further make your ethical hacking skills better with expertise in thinking ahead of the hackers.

Fifth: DevOps

DevOps professionals are in demand today and its demand will even see a 5x demand in the coming years too. Therefore, enroll on our job-oriented DevOps Master Program to land a high-paying job and acquire all the required skills to excel in the IT industry.

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