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The IT Career Goals: How To Set Your IT Goals For 2023?

How to set your IT Goals?

Whenever someone plans to do something, proper research is what they need. In India, most people dream of becoming IT Engineers every year. Parents want their children to become successful and settle on their own. But again, most of them fail because of a lack of guidance. The guidance that expounds their doubts and shows them the right path. Setting a goal in life is necessary; otherwise, the focus trembles. Therefore, here I am with the blog entitled, The IT Career Goals: How To Set Your IT Goals For 2023? for you to understand and fulfil your dreams better.

Before beginning the blog, I want to clarify that this is my opinion and the pathway I followed to become an Engineer. So, read the blog till the end to know the key concepts better. You can follow the same roadmap if you like to achieve your IT career goals.

About Me.

I am Atul Sharma, a Network Engineer and the founder of Network Kings. Having 11+ years of experience in the IT industry, I have worked with Aricent, TCS, Apple, and Juniper. I began my IT journey merely through a YouTube channel in 2013 and focussed on my vision to produce Engineers worldwide. I have been training for eight years. Therefore, the details are about my experience and journey only.

How to begin the journey to become an Engineer?

Whenever we plan a journey, we need to prepare an itinerary. And that itinerary comprises everything that we would need during the ride. Similarly, the voyage of life is more important than any other trip. Therefore, before beginning your IT journey to become an Engineer or Specialist, you need to know the IT industry. 

There are questions that one needs to ask oneself before entering into IT. These are the questions that will decide the roadmap and will lead to success. So, let us discuss those in detail.

What fulfils me as an individual?

During the beginning of my journey, just like the rest, I was fascinated by the Cybersecurity domain. But back in 2011, there were no jobs in the field as it was not in fashion. Hence, I went for Networking as technology has been my passion since the beginning, and I wanted to follow it. Therefore, here I am today.

Therefore, before entering IT, you need to relax and think. All you need to jot down is that what is the thing that can benefit you in the long term. ‘What fulfils me as a person?’ – is an important question to ask oneself before beginning to act. Your calmness with help you choose the best for yourself.

What is my Passion?

Passion is what drives you. Your IT career goals depend upon a purpose. Therefore, it is true that “Purpose drives you; Passion alone drifts you.” Technology has been my passion since the beginning, but what’s yours? 

Another question that arises while answering this is how to identify a passion. You must try dwelling on different things and check what amuses you!

What will be the future of IT?

The future of IT is growing radiant with each passing day. And the IT sectors have been ruling the world for a long. The IT comprises three domains-

You need to try all three domains to specify what you want to do. For Instance, I have a few references for you to try and decide what engages you the most.

To try the Networking domain, you can watch a 7-hour video of Network Fundamentals and a 10-hour video of the Cisco CCNA course on our YouTube channel.

To try the Cybersecurity domain, you can watch a 10-hour video on Cybersecurity on our YouTube channel.

To try the Cloud Computing domain, you may watch a 6-hour video on Linux on our YouTube channel. And after completing that, you can also refer to our 10-hour video on the AWS course.

How to choose a Passion for IT?

Every field in IT is vital as they have its pros and cons. Once you try all three domains, you must compute what suits you. Since, each year, each IT sector has been recruiting tons of people, you already know the demand. The free courses can help you decide on your further journey. Hence beginning with free content is the best way to start. Therefore, your passion depends on what excites you. 

Hence, this is how you can choose the best career option for yourself.

What skills do I have to achieve my IT goals?

After deciding on your IT career goal, you need to add skills that can benefit you in the long term. For specific IT domains, the required skills are as follows-

Network/Cloud Security: 

To dwell in Network and Cloud Security, one needs to add the following skills in the given order to the resume. 

CCNA>CCNP>Firewalls>SDWAN>Python for Network Engineers>AWS

NOTE: Network Security is a component of Cloud Security in IT.


To dwell in Cybersecurity, one needs to add the following skills in the given order to the resume.

  • Networking Fundamentals>Linux>Windows Server
  • Cybersecurity Certifications


NOTE: People believe that earning just one skill is enough. But the reality is the opposite.

People begin to overthink and start believing in myths that only Network Engineering is the best career in IT. But, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing are equally important. All three domains are highly advanced and in demand these days. Therefore, choosing Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing will also lead you to great success. 

Why would I need to achieve this goal?

‘Why’ is always necessary for life. ‘Why’ decides your zeal. To choose a domain, you need to specify the answer to ‘why you need it.’ For Instance, to achieve your IT goals in Cybersecurity, you need to answer the ‘why’ and a few answers that I had while choosing the Networking domain for myself were-

  • Good Salary Package
  • Stability in Career
  • Providing Support to my Family
  • Personal Growth
  • To gift a car to my Father

Similarly, you can set your answers according to your priority. 

When do I want to achieve my IT career goal?

While setting a goal, a fixed time limit is what you need. For Instance, if Cybersecurity is your IT career goal, you must establish a deadline to become one or excel in the domain if already indulged. 

This time limit can be a year or two. You may also set a goal to expand your skills to earn big in IT. 

NOTE: Your goals should be practical. 

The people who strive to become a Cybersecurity Engineer Associate or Network Security Engineer Associate can plan their goal of reaching those positions within a year. 

Similarly, those who got placed as Cybersecurity Engineer Associates or Network Security Engineer Associates can set a new goal of upgrading their IT career. Getting a hike in salary can be your next IT career goal.

What would happen when I achieve my IT goal?

Achieving a goal is like fulfilling a dream. For Instance, if you become a Cybersecurity Engineer Associate, you will have a secure job, can plan to improve your skills and possibly work for big IT firms like Google, Apple, Juniper, or Cisco.

If I talk about myself, I applied around 20+ times to these companies. After waiting a long, I finally got placed in Juniper and Apple at reputed posts. 

NOTE: People begin the copy others’ plans for success, but they forget that success and goals are different for everyone.

How would your surroundings change when you achieve your career goal?

The moment we succeed, our life begins to modify accordingly and a few such changes are as follows:

  1. Our relationships improve
  2. We can support our family
  3. Our livelihood becomes better
  4. We can buy things we dreamt of 
  5. We can go abroad 

Since the salary structure in IT is higher in the US, Canada, and the UK, one can effortlessly shift abroad and accelerate the dream career. All three domains comprise internationally valid certification courses. Therefore, anyone can join and avail of the benefits. 

Indeed, money can not buy happiness, but money can buy comfort.

What would you see, hear, and feel once you complete your goal?

Another question that arises once you accomplish your goal is how you will be. You must examine and evaluate yourself in the third-person perspective to find an answer. If you see yourself as an engineer with immense knowledge who is successful and hardworking, then IT is perfect for you. 

I have been teaching for eight years; and have established Network Kings as a proper ed-tech platform with 50+ team members and 30+ trainers who are real-time industry engineers. 

I dreamt of becoming an engineer and having solutions to almost all IT problems. I worked hard accordingly to turn my dreams into reality. Today whenever I look back, I appreciate myself for sticking to the schedule and focusing on what I wanted.

NOTE: One must not look outside for motivation. Motivation comes from within. Therefore, we must focus on ourselves.

How would you remind yourself to stay on track during your IT journey?

Whichever domain you join or whatever you want to pursue in life, these questions will help you everywhere. One must review all these questions before starting the career journey. And to stay focussed, one needs to know the dreams better. 

Try seeing yourself in a higher position because the more you dream, the more you strive to fulfil it. Therefore, know your actual IT goals as motivation comes from inside.

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