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Best Courses Available After Graduation

Best Courses Available After Graduation
Best Courses Available After Graduation

Stumped about post-grad?

Well, not anymore, we’ve got an answer for all confused graduates, who are bewildered and get asked, What next all day long?

We’ve all heard how graduation is of utmost priority and how completing our graduation is going to benefit us, haven’t we? Hoping and waiting for a  brighter future we keep on mulling our way through life wondering what now? But in order to avoid being phased after our graduation, 

it’s very crucial to understand what he/she needs to pursue further to achieve his/her goal and a pragmatic availability of jobs for the same so that he/she is aware of the best courses available after graduation.

Research shows that networking is growing at a rapid pace. According to the United States Bureau Of Labor statistics by 2024 the job rate will increase by 8%. Which is a good news 

Networking seems to be a forever growing market, with wider job perspectives than ever. To get a head start in the networking world it becomes vital to be aware of the courses available for the same.  

The courses make it easier for people to get jobs with the desired salaries and the horizons are also widened in regard to job opportunities.

The graduates with BA, BBA, BSc, BCA  all can have access to these courses as they are, mostly entry-level courses. Network Kings, the largest online teaching platform, is offering all the courses one can need to excel and get the desired packages as freshers after graduation. The CISCO courses are :

They  also offer a bunch of master’s programs like :

Technical Support

Best Courses Available After Graduation technical support
Best Courses Available After Graduation technical support

The course is designed for people at an entry-level, mostly after graduation ie. beginner, it focuses on providing knowledge and enabling learning through understanding. The main emphasis is laid on beginners who aspire to make a career in IT infrastructure.

 This master’s program aims at making the students experts in the core technologies with CompTIA certifications, including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ A offering a security of job after graduation.

This will make you able enough to land jobs like Help Desk Technician, Associate Network Engineer, Service Desk Analyst, etc. This master’s program is a bunch of courses put together that save you time and energy by not looking for other courses and enrolling in them. 

The courses upon completion make you eligible for a course completion certificate that opens various job opportunities for an fields like Healthcare, finance, telecom etc. to provide tech support and troubleshooting. This keeps you ahead of all your contemporaries for the job, you’re eyeing right after your graduation.

Network Engineer

Best Courses Available After Graduation network engineer
Best Courses Available After Graduation Network Engineer

One of the most revered and renowned global certifications happens to be that of the certified Network Engineer. To achieve a sense of employment security this course stands second to none amongst all offered courses after graduation, and is often reckoned as the best short-term course available. To get started with the course one should possess a basic understanding of networking although it is more of a beginner-friendly course. This prepares you for jobs in the market as upon completion along with a certificate one also gets to be an expert in designing and working with network configurations, looking after networks, troubleshooting performances, and configuring security systems such as firewall.

IT Professional

Best Courses Available After Graduation it professional
Best Courses Available After Graduation IT Professional

The IT professional Master’s program is specially curated for individuals who are just beginning to venture into the technology industry. The program is a combination of Cisco Certified Network Associate  (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MSCA) Windows Server and Redhat Linux. It’s a top pick amongst newcomers planning to get a start in the IT field as it acquaints the former with the three main domains namely, networking, windows server, and Linux.

Another perk of this professional course is that it doesn’t need any prerequisite knowledge and is open to all, alike, be it from a technical background or non-technical background. 

Network Specialist

Best Courses Available After Graduation network specialist
Best Courses Available After Graduation Network Specialist

The course is definitely a job-oriented one, though it does require prerequisite knowledge in the networking domain. The aspirants must possess a medium to advanced level knowledge in this domain and it also demands top-notch skills as it itself offers the knowledge and technical skills to master the job. CCNA happens to be the requisite, as the CCNA certification builds a strong base and is thorough with the concepts of networking.

The courses curated in the network specialist program are :

  • CCIE/ CCNP ENCOR OR ENARSI (Choice of the student)
  • Checkpoint firewall
  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • F5 LTM Load Balancer 

Cloud Architect

There is no certainty in life regarding whatsoever, but one thing you can be certain of is that jobs in the cloud computing market are going to grow perpetually and a cloud architect program is going to help you secure a job in this field. The cloud computing market is expected to grow by 4 billion dollars in the coming 5 years. The number of jobs that this will create is massive and evidence to the fact that the market’s growth is inevitable.  

This masters program is an all-in-one cloud computing program. This program is specially designed keeping in view the individuals who plan on shifting to cloud computing from networking. There isn’t any specific prerequisite but the knowledge of servers and their working is a must.It’s also open to aspirants having MCSA; Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate though it’s not a necessity.

Cyber security

Chasing your dreams is all fun and games till the bills are getting paid, eventually the salary is one big attraction and also the driving force. The course certification stands tall as one of the highest paying jobs. The course is for beginners who have just ventured into the cyber security field. It’s befitting for aspirants after 12th in the  field of Information Technology. The course will cover fundamentals of cyber security and go on to master the domain.

Super Firewall Combo


The course makes aspirants stand second to none with impeccable proficiency with firewalls in the security domain. The course is a promising one as it begins with Palo Alto Firewall training; the most widely chosen firewall globally. The course comes with another follow up firewall solution. As it’s well known that the Checkpoint Firewall Certification is hands down amongst the best in Next-Generation Firewalls available.

This certification is bound to open many job avenues for aspirants, as a Network Security Engineer. This course will enhance one’s skill set and put you ahead of all else. The students willing to enroll for this course must have a very basic knowledge of networking fundamentals in order to be able to grasp enough theoretical concepts as well as be equipped to programmatically use the same in the professional world. 

Why choose Network Kings?

Network Kings is an online education platform that aims at delivering the best possible education and making it convenient as well. Hence they’ve come up with master courses that are tailored to fit everyone’s needs of learning. While curating them, we keep in consideration the need of courses as per job availability, complementary courses; that will be beneficial as a prerequisite or a follow up for acquiring an advanced level of expertise in that course. 

The reasons that make Network Kings stand out are:

  • We rank as number one amongst all online professional training platforms.
  • The students get access to the largest virtual labs.
  • Students can revisit knowledge and revise with self paced sessions.
  • Live training is a mode of teaching to ensure maximum practical learning.
  • Career guidance based on aptitude assessment is also provided to students whenever necessary.
  • Our support team is a call away and is available 24×7 all seven days of the week, for our students.

Perks of our Master’s program :


This course is a compilation of three different courses; Cisco Certified Network  Associate CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP, and one firewall certification course of the student’s choice. They also get to choose the firewall certification of their choice, from Fortigate, Palo Alto and Checkpoint.

Sessions to enhance one’s soft skills and CV will also be provided which will make them carve a niche for themselves and stand out from the crowd.


We provide students with personalized resume- building sessions from trained mentors, which will be a skill that is going to be helpful now and in future as well.

We hold our students’ hand in the beginning of the course, right through it,  until the end, we provide placement assessment as well. 


The masters program is curated with all three cloud platforms to learn with, practically. The combination being offered here is : Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).This will render you expertise in managing, monitoring and implementing cloud applications. Visualization is being taught with the help of  the best available sources and mentors.


The cyber security master’s program by Network King is meant for beginners who wish to start their careers in the cyber security field right from the grassroot level.The course is a combination of the courses: Certified Ethical Hacking v11 (CEH), CompTIA Security+, CompTIA PenTest+. Not this alone , students also get a chance to learn professional hacking along with designing and how to implement secure network solutions to provide protection against any kind of cyber security  threats and attacks alike.


In this master’s program Network Kings not only teaches about the two most popular and leading firewall courses but also teaches to master the traffic management space with an F5 LTM load balancer. 

After the completion of the super firewall combo, you shall be equipped to set up, administer and secure LTM devices.

On the whole all the courses offered are unarguably the best for opting after graduation, as they also set the record on job availability straight. They have been smartly curated keeping in view the same. Hopefully, you’ve found a course that suits your career expectations along with an insight into the employment window. So now you can smartly dodge any concerns of ‘WHAT NOW?’ by having a clear view of the educational courses you need to make a living with your dream salary. 

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