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Best Short Term Courses with High Salary in India

best short term courses with high salary in india

Looking for the best Short term courses with Higher Salary in India? Look no further! Network Kings provide ‘n’ number of short term courses for students to choose from, irrespective of their background, be it technical or nontechnical. One can get their hands on short-term courses to acquire a skill and be proficient in a particular subject of their liking, adding value to their career. Moreover, a wide range of options helps a student bring clarity and thought to what is best for his future prospects.

What are Short-Term Courses?

Short-term courses are specialized training programs designed to equip individuals with specific skills in a relatively short duration. These courses typically range from a few weeks to a few months, offering quick and focused learning opportunities for individuals looking to enhance their employability and career growth.

What are the benefits of pursuing online Short-Term Courses?

  1. Flexibility: Online short-term courses offer flexibility in terms of timing and location, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace.
  2. Cost-Effective: Online courses are often more affordable than traditional classroom-based programs, making them accessible to a wider audience.
  3. Diverse Course Options: Online platforms offer a wide range of short-term courses across various industries, allowing individuals to choose based on their interests and career goals.
  4. Skill Enhancement: Online courses provide an opportunity to upskill or reskill in specific areas, enhancing career prospects and earning potential.

Which Short Term Course is Best for High Salary?

Which Short Term Course is Best for High Salary
Which Short Term Course is Best for High Salary?

Here, are the best short term courses with high salary in India. Whether you are looking to switch careers, upskill, or simply explore new opportunities, these courses offer a promising pathway to success. 

#1 Best short term courses for IT Hardware

Duration: 2 months

Best short term courses for IT Hardware​
Best short term course for IT Hardware

Technical Support

Comptia A+
If you are new to the tech field and eager to learn the basic concepts of IT hardware and software, CompTIA A+ is the first step for you.

Network +
For a Network professional, the training required to attain beginner’s skills like configuring, managing, and troubleshooting essential network devices or providing support to the network is learned through Network+

The Foundation or pillar of Cybersecurity is Security+, which enables one to learn technical problems related to security. Earning this certification is a prerequisite to successfully launching one’s career in a cybersecurity career or other system or security administrator jobs.

Palo Alto
It is one of the most popular Next-generation firewall which Network Kings provide at an affordable price, not to forget 24*7 lab access. For pursuing this short-term course, one needs to have a prior knowledge about cybersecurity and of course, be an inquisitive learner!

SD Wan
It is a software-defined approach to manage a wide area network from one particular centralized location, which will not only reduce cost but increase agility in business. It connects a wide range of networks through routers and switches. At Network kings, expert engineers deliver training at your time & comfort plus, unlimited access to pre-recorded videos. This short-term course is the best for anyone who aspires to earn more.

#2 Short term courses in Networking, Cloud, Security

Duration: 2 months

Short term courses in Networking, Cloud, Security
Short term courses in Networking, Cloud, Security

These courses can also be considered as short term courses as they provide a learner with latest technical knowledge in a short span of time. However, they are equally effective in skill acquisition and salary hikes.

CCNA: CCNA training is the base for your career in networking. It will open up many doors for you which will help you climb up the ladder of success. The most interesting part being , this training can be undergone by anyone with an interest in it. Apart from performing basic routing and switching, building LANs and implementing IPV4/IPV6, Network Kings, provides you bi-lingual trainings for the same ! Not to forget 60+ hours recordings, 60+ hours live classes !

AWS: Amazon Web Services is a part of the Amazon MNC, which provides cloud computing services at a cost effective including a mixture of services like IaaS PaaS and SaaS. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect  Certification is one of the most important certifications and one of the most difficult papers to crack , but most recognizable.
Network Kings, provides you a comprehensive detailed training about the AWS course, with the best in industry.

Azure: After MCSA in your pocket, Azure is the best certification you can hunt for, azure cloud is a Microsoft enabled service which has more than 200 designs to ease the challenges faced every now and then. It is the fastest growing technology which will definitely and completely sweep the market in near future. At Network Kings, we will teach you about Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection and multi-factor authorization and much more, at a time of your liking and at the pace which you want.

Linux: It is an inbuilt OS used for a variety of applications touching a wide array of systems like household, automotive to name a few. Linux also acts as a base for many other technologies for learning , most importantly being CLOUD services, say AWS and GCP ! We at Network Kings, teach and deliver training for the syllabus of Red Hat Linux. You will not only be able to write Shell scripts and command lines after the completion of this course, but also learn everything about the Linux kernel. 

Windows Server: Also known as MCSA, it is the entry level certification into the world of IT and computing, which includes proficiency and learning for installing , storing and computing by using Windows 2016.This course has been specially made for the individuals who aspire to become a Computer Network Specialist or Computer System Administrator. 

CEH: Certified Ethical Hacking is a most liked profession and is gaining a lot of attention in regard to the security domain. It is the most advanced hacking certification which mimics the skills and techniques of  hackers. CEH training helps an individual to identify the security issues before a hacker uses the opportunity to exploit the system and penetrate the existing system.

#3 Short term courses to Become a Network Expert

Duration: 6 months

Short term courses to Become a Network Expert
Short term course to Become a Network Expert

Network Kings, has a lot of courses in it’s pocket which last for more than half a year or so, under MASTER PROGRAM COURSES like,

This course is a combination specially designed for you to master your skills on CCNP/CCIE Encor along with a bunch of firewalls to make you proficient in Network as well as security. This course will upgrade and polish your skills for better job opportunities.

Network kings has made a fantastic amalgamation of CCNA CCNP and one FIREWALL, be it Fortigate, Palo alto or checkpoint, of your liking. Having a detailed  knowledge about the concepts essential for Networking will not only make you the first preference amongst your competitors but also boost your morale !

It is an intermediate level of certification which takes care of advanced routing, switching, security and SDN. The only prerequisite of enrolling in this course is having a CCNA certification or good in hand experience. Network Kings offers a lucrative study program focusing primarily on ENARSI (300-410).

It provides you skills for VPN and troubleshooting and one can learn to increase security on devices . By security we mean, securing Network, Cloud and Network ! There is a direct relation in regard to networking and software , and softwares is used everywhere, hence privacy is of utmost importance. CCNP Security makes you efficient in security solutions opening your career pathway for Security Engineer and more. Network Kings helps you reach this goal by providing you skills for troubleshooting VPNs, Defend against endpoint attacks just to name a few out of the many things we teach.

#4 Which career Oriented short term courses can help you to get high pay?

Duration: 2 months

Which career Oriented short term courses can help you to get high pay?
Which career Oriented short term courses can help you to get high pay?
  • Network Engineer

Network Kings provide you with a headstart in the field of Networks empowering you with in depth knowledge of CCNA,CCNP and one firewall. This will make the learner confident enough to work his hands in the field of network.

  • Network Specialist

The security domain is prospering and growing by leaps and bounds. To stand out in the field of network security domain pursue a Network specialist program from NETWORK KINGS . It includes combo of CCIE / CCNP ENCOR and Firewalls (F5 LTM, Palo Alto, Checkpoint) for a comprehensive study in the field of network.

  • Technical Support Master’s Program

Comptia A+ Network+ Security + VMware VCTA is the best combination for people who want to enter into the world of network and understand the basics, gaining knowledge about the field of network and security at a macro level.

  • Cloud Architect

If one has an interest in Cloud and wants to pursue it as a career and earn a better salary package, this course is just for you. If you are MCSA certified , it is the best career course to choose. The cloud architect program in Network Kings however, is a combination of the courses: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


In conclusion, pursuing short-term courses can be a strategic investment in your career growth. By acquiring specialized skills through short-term courses, you can enhance your employability, expand your professional network, and unlock lucrative opportunities in high-paying fields. Whether you are interested in networking, cloud computing, cybersecurity, or any other field, there is a wide range of short term courses with higher salary in India to suit your career goals. Invest in your future today by enrolling in a short-term course that aligns with your interests and aspirations.


What is the shortest career course to study?

Technical Support Engineer program by Network Kings The short term course program is specially made for building up the basic concepts of networking and security for beginners who want to make a career in IT. With this beginner level certification you will have various job designations open like, Tech support services. Help Desk Technician Associate Network Engineer Service Desk Analyst

Which 1 year course is best?

Network Specialist Masters Program by Network Kings It is an advanced networking program curated for the learners who are inquisitive and want to upskill their career for gaining knowledge as well as for a better hike. It includes Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)/ Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Firewalls (F5 LTM/ Palo Alto/ Check Point firewall).

Which course is best for a high salary?

Any course in the field of Networking is equally appealing if you have a keen interest in it. Salary hikes are essential for growth and for optimal growth upgrading your skills are essential. With a good in hand experience you can automatically project your growth in your career. However, with the latest technological training in your pocket you will have an upper hand over others in your workplace, as you will become multi-skilled !

Which short term courses to pursue after 12th?

The courses already mentioned above describe the best short term courses which prove beneficial in deciding future career prospects, namely Tech support Palo Alto Firewall SD Wan

Which short term courses are good for ladies ?

While the whole world was battling with the crisis of Coronavirus,we saw an increase in work from home. This proved a blessing in disguise specially for women, as they could manage and balance work as well as their family obligations. Any course which one has interest in can be undertaken like all the two month courses.

Which Short Term Course is Best for High Salary

Any firewall or cyber security course claims to give you 2 to 4x salary hikes ! Network Kings provides an online platform for beginner level as well as advanced courses and certifications, for the same purpose.
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