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What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?: Explained

what is google cloud platform?

An explanation nowadays, companies are utilizing cloud computing more and more to store and process their data. One of the most widely used cloud services is Google Cloud Platform (GCP). But what exactly does GCP do in terms of security related to clouds? In this article, we will be exploring these questions further.

What is Cloud Computing?

Before diving into everything there’s known about GPC let’s first get a grasp on how cloud computing works as a whole.

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services over the internet, allowing users to access and utilize resources such as storage, servers, databases, and software without needing on-site infrastructure. Cloud computing gives scalability, flexibility and cost savings which makes it appealing for businesses big or small.

What is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a set of cloud-based offerings from Google that provides an extensive selection of infrastructural components and platform solutions so companies can construct applications quickly while deploying them efficiently with scaling support using the strength behind Google’s network.

How is GCP useful in cloud security?

Organizations need to have trust and confidence that their data is safe when it’s stored in the cloud, which is why security should be a top priority. Thankfully, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides reliable protection for businesses so they can run operations securely. It has an extensive set of features and controls designed to keep your sensitive information protected from threats such as encryption while at rest or travelling over networks, identity management measures like access control protocols, network defences against infiltration attempts and technologies focused on preventing loss of important data.

In addition to this advanced technology utilized by GCP there are also strict compliance requirements met with industry standards regarding privacy laws; giving customers peace of mind knowing their private information won’t fall into the wrong hands. So if you’re wondering how secure GCP is for business use – don’t worry! The answer: very secure indeed – make sure you take advantage of all these useful tools today!

What is the scope of learning GCP?

Gaining familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can be a real game-changer. It opens up exciting prospects in cloud computing, such as working as a cloud architect or engineer – jobs that involve creating and managing digital solutions for companies. The demand for GCP is continuously growing, turning it into an attractive skill sought by many employers.

What skills will you learn with the Google Cloud Platform training?

The skills you will learn with the Google Cloud Platform training are as follows-

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Understand the basics of cloud computing, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

  • GCP Service Familiarity

Gain expertise in various GCP services, including computing, storage, networking, and databases.

  • Virtualization

Learn how to create and manage virtual machines (VMs) and virtual networks in GCP.

  • Data Storage and Management

Master data storage solutions like Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL, and learn how to manage and analyze data effectively.

  • Containerization and Kubernetes

Get hands-on experience with containerization using Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Serverless Computing

Learn to build and deploy serverless applications using Google Cloud Functions and other serverless services.

  • Big Data and Analytics

Explore tools like BigQuery for data warehousing, Dataflow for data processing, and Dataprep for data preparation and cleaning.

  • Machine Learning and AI

Gain insights into Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence services, such as Google AI Platform and TensorFlow.

  • Security and Identity Management

Understand GCP’s security features and learn best practices for securing cloud resources and managing identity and access.

  • DevOps and Automation

Learn how to automate tasks and streamline deployment pipelines using tools like Google Cloud Build and Cloud Deployment Manager.

What are a few Google Cloud Platform services?

The top Google Cloud Platform services are as follows-

  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Offers scalable and customizable virtual machines (VMs) for running applications, websites, and services.

  • Google Cloud Storage

Provides scalable and highly available object storage for storing and retrieving data, including multimedia content and backups.

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

A managed Kubernetes service for container orchestration, making it easier to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications.

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

A messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications in real-time.

  • Google BigQuery

A fully managed, serverless data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.

  • Google Cloud Firestore

A NoSQL document database that provides real-time data synchronization and scalability for web, mobile, and server applications.

  • Google Cloud Functions

A serverless compute service that allows you to run event-driven code in response to HTTP requests or events from other GCP services.

  • Google Cloud Vision AI

An image analysis service that uses machine learning to detect and classify objects, recognize text, and understand the content of images and videos.

  • Google Cloud Natural Language API

Provides natural language processing capabilities, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and content classification.

  • Google Cloud Spanner

A globally distributed, horizontally scalable database service that combines the benefits of relational databases with NoSQL scalability.

Is the Google Cloud Platform certification worth it?

Investing in obtaining a GCP certification can boost your career prospects and open up new job opportunities when it comes to cloud computing. Achieving this type of recognition from employers worldwide is extremely valuable, showing that you have the expertise needed for working with GCP as well as demonstrating an enthusiasm towards developing professionally. Plus, if successful – higher pay grades could come on top! So why wouldn’t you want to take such an opportunity?

What are the exam details of the GCP course?

The exam details of the GCP course are as follows-

Exam Code


Exam Cost

USD 125

Number of Questions


Test Format

Multiple Choice


120 Minutes

Passing Score


NOTE: Learn the pathway to earn the GCP certification in IT.

Where can I get the best GCP training?

If you want a pro-level understanding of GCP then definitely look into the best online learning platforms that run comprehensive courses on this topic – such as Network Kings. A few perks of earning the GCP certification at Network Kings are as follows-

  • Learn directly from expert engineers
  • 24*7 lab access
  • Pre-recorded sessions
  • Live doubt-clearance sessions
  • Completion certificate
  • Flexible learning hours
  • And much more.

What job opportunities are available after the GCP training?

The top job opportunities available after the GCP training are as follows-

  1. Cloud Engineer
  2. Cloud Architect
  3. DevOps Engineer
  4. Solutions Engineer
  5. Data Engineer
  6. Machine Learning Engineer
  7. Cloud Security Engineer
  8. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
  9. Kubernetes Administrator
  10. Big Data Engineer
  11. Cloud Consultant
  12. Cloud Sales Engineer
  13. Cloud Product Manager
  14. Data Analyst
  15. Cloud Trainer/Instructor
  16. Cloud Administrator
  17. Business Intelligence Analyst
  18. Cloud Cost Analyst
  19. Cloud Compliance Specialist
  20. IT Manager/Director

What are the salary aspects after earning the GCP certification?

The salary aspects after earning the GCP certification in different countries are as follows-

  1. United States: USD 100,000 – USD 150,000 per year
  2. Canada: CAD 80,000 – CAD 120,000 per year
  3. United Kingdom: GBP 40,000 – GBP 80,000 per year
  4. Germany: EUR 50,000 – EUR 90,000 per year
  5. Australia: AUD 80,000 – AUD 130,000 per year
  6. India: INR 6,00,000 – INR 15,00,000 per year
  7. Singapore: SGD 70,000 – SGD 120,000 per year
  8. United Arab Emirates: AED 180,000 – AED 300,000 per year
  9. Brazil: BRL 80,000 – BRL 160,000 per year
  10. South Africa: ZAR 300,000 – ZAR 600,000 per year
  11. China: CNY 150,000 – CNY 300,000 per year
  12. Japan: JPY 6,000,000 – JPY 10,000,000 per year
  13. South Korea: KRW 50,000,000 – KRW 100,000,000 per year
  14. Mexico: MXN 300,000 – MXN 600,000 per year
  15. Russia: RUB 1,000,000 – RUB 2,000,000 per year

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a strong cloud computing platform which provides numerous services to help organizations develop and run their applications in the cloud. Acquiring knowledge about GCP offers thrilling job opportunities in cloud computing due to its sturdy security characteristics, plentiful service options as well and industry acceptance via certifications. Start your journey today by investigating various training resources available on this subject matter and taking your career upward in the ever-growing field of data technology!

Happy Learning!

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