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Technology has continued to advance for a long and never fails to amaze us with its incredible evolution. Undoubtedly there is no end to technology. All of our life is dependent on it. But what happens when a life-saving technology turns into a threat? No one is ready to imagine it! Even the loss of data creates immense turbulence in life. What if I tell you you can secure your data for a lifetime without worrying about data losses? Yes, you can! Just shift to the Cloud domain in IT. And there comes GCP. The GCP Certification Path is what you need to know!

Cloud has set a new base in technology. And the world of Cloud technology hence has become a new layby for your data, information and all other confidential documents calling for intense security. Migrating data and files to the Cloud domain means putting them in safe hands. 

Who has not heard about Google? Who has not been helped by Google? Well, everyone! And here, while talking about Cloud in Google, the enterprise has introduced a certification course entitled GCP under Cloud Computing to migrate and manage data and data services.

In this blog, you will read about the GCP Certification Path in detail. So keep reading the blog till the end to know about the certification path better! 

What is GCP?

GCP, known as Google Cloud Services, provides fundamental to advanced-level skills required in designing, implementing and managing Google Cloud products. It is a certification designed by Google.

Why choose the GCP course?

GCP course is necessary as it validates your understanding of the cloud about products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases of Google Cloud by dealing with the concepts like resource monitoring, load balancing, autoscaling, cloud migrations, etc. 

Is the GCP training worth it?

Yes, GCP certification training is still worth it and can further help a candidate get a high-paying job, as it is undoubtedly an in-demand cloud course.

What is the eligibility to enroll for the GCP course?

To enroll for the GCP course, all you need is a graduation degree in IT.

What are the exam details of the GCP certification course?


Exam Code


Exam Cost

USD 125

Number of Questions


Test Format

Multiple Choice


120 Minutes

Passing Score



The GCP Certification Path comprises three certification levels-

GCP Foundational Certification 

The GCP Foundational Certification is the basic-level Google certification that provides the fundamentals of Cloud Services to those having zero knowledge of Cloud and IT. The course validates our understanding of cloud concepts and the products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases of Google Cloud at an entry level.

Job Role:

  • Cloud Digital Leader

GCP Associate Certification

The GCP Associate Certification is one step ahead of the GCP Foundational Certification offered by Google to provide the fundamentals of Cloud Services to those who at least have some knowledge of Cloud and IT. The course assesses the fundamental skills required to deploy and uphold cloud projects.

Job Role:

  • Cloud Engineer

GCP Professional Certification

The GCP Professional Certification is the final step of the GCP Certification offered by Google to provide all the in-depth concepts of Cloud Services to those holding complete knowledge of Cloud and IT. The course assesses technical job functions and advanced designing, implementation and management skills required in Google Cloud products.

Job Role:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Database Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Google Workspace Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer

What is the syllabus of the GCP course?

After enrolling for the GCP certification training course, you will learn the following concepts-

  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS)
  • Virtual Machines and Networks
  • IAM
  • Cloud SQL
  • App Engine and Cloud Run
  • Resource Management and Monitoring
  • VPNs and Cloud DNS
  • Load Balancing & Autoscaling
  • GCP Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud Migration

What are the available job opportunities after completing the GCP certification training?

  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • Security & Privacy
  • Cloud Consultants
  • Data Centers
  • Business Systems
  • Sales & Cloud Product Managers
  • Cloud Engineering Managers

What is the salary aspect after completing the GCP certification course?

A fresher can make up to 9 LPA in India. The salary range keeps increasing with time and experience. 

Where can I enroll for the GCP certification?

Various platforms are available to enroll for GCP training; one of the best online ed-tech platforms to study GCP certification is NETWORK KINGS. Not just the quality education, Network Kings provides 24*7 access to the world’s largest virtual labs with zero downtime. The Students here learn directly from the engineers.

Why Network Kings?

  • As we provide online training, you can enhance your knowledge and skills just by sitting at home.
  • Courses are available on your mobile phone and laptop.
  • Timings are flexible here, so you can learn without affecting your working or study hours.
  • Network kings have Experienced Trainers and Industry Experts who provide in-depth knowledge of the particular course.

Wrapping Up!

The GCP certification provides the best in the Cloud domain as it serves a candidate with every skill required to deploy, manage, and design the Google Cloud Services. However, GCP training has proven itself as the best in the world of IT. 

The GCP course promises a bright future as the Cloud domain is high in demand, and a candidate can make up to Lakhs. Enrolling at the best place to learn helps to achieve heights in Information Technology. Therefore, Network Kings provides the best GCP training directly from industry engineers. 

The GCP certification prepares the enrolled candidate to cumulate innumerable techniques necessary for Cloud services. Thus, the blog GCP Certification Path serves every candidate with the best!

Therefore, enroll now to step into Cloud technology and stand out in the IT world. For any further information, please feel free to get in touch! Do not hesitate!

Good Luck!


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