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TAC Engineer’s Journey: Fully decoded.

TAC Engineer journey

Networking is a pool of opportunities, learning etc. I’m sure you’ve heard this, multiple times. I’ve heard that too and I can bet it is the truth. There are multiple opportunities that are available. 

Although in this blog we shall be reading about one of the most popular job roles, in the field of networking. The thorough journey of a TAC engineer. Here we aim at providing answers to all your questions regarding a TAC engineer’s journey.

TAC; what do we understand by this term?

TAC stands for Technical Assistance Center. These network engineers set up, develop and even maintain computer networks in an organisation and also amongst organisations. They play a pivotal role in establishing the proper administration of the systems in any enterprise or organisation etc. 

Duties and responsibilities of a TAC Engineer:

  • A TAC engineer is supposed to offer support to all, like staff, clients, customers and suppliers. 
  • They are responsible for troubleshooting any problems. 
  • They are also responsible for designing newer networks. 
  • They should be efficient in Switching Routing and Firewall Technologies. 

They are to possess an in-depth understanding of the networking concept VLAN, routing protocol VPN and firewall as well. 

How to be one?

The person willing to become a TAC engineer must at least have a bachelor’s degree. They should have completed a three-four year degree course in network, systems or computer engineering or computer science. A degree in any of these or any other related field also suffices. After this they can aim for any networking certification, it can take anywhere between 6 months to three years to earn the same. 

After knowing how one can go about, becoming a TAC engineer, let’s now have a look at, other equally important questions.


The certain qualifications for an individual to be a TAC engineer are as follows:

  • BE/BTech/MCA/ME/MTech from any learning institution.
  • College GPA- no as such set boundary
  • Great pH score
  • Must have the capability to work really hard and also deliver results.

They must have expertise in oral and written communication skills. 

Additional Technical Knowledge preferred:

It’s always an added benefit of having the following technical knowledge although there aren’t any rigid criteria for the same: 

  • A strong understanding of all the networking basics.
  • An aspirant must have a basic understanding of the following: 
  1. They must have a good knowledge of routing and switching.
  2. Have knowledge of the basics of security technologies like Firewall, VPN, AAA etc. 
  3. The candidate also must have an understanding of IP telephony and also of all the collaboration products. 
  4. Data centre knowledge is also preferred. 
  • It is good to have a CCNA certification degree, it works to the advantage of the candidate, as it strengthens the knowledge base. 
  • If the candidate has knowledge of Linux, SQL, or Oracle Database and Microsoft Active Dictionary 
  • The candidate must have a strong ability to analyse and also must have the quality to solve problems. 
  • They should be able to communicate assertively and smoothly. 
  • The candidate should have an attitude to resolve or approach problems and that too with an optimistic approach. 
  • It works in their favour if they can multi-task, self-start and also can work in a fast-paced team environment that too independently.

Courses available to be a TAC Engineer:


The courses are many but the engineering students in the field of networking also get to learn:

  • System Administration
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Cisco 
  • Network Administration 
  • Networking Monitoring 
  • TCP/IP

The courses that will aid in the pursuit of becoming a TAC engineer: 

  • CCNA 
  • CCNP
  • CompTIA Network+

Salary Aspect of this Job role :

The job role is among revered job roles. The salaries speak for that. However, having said that it is always subjective based on the skill a person has acquired during his/her learning period. But the salaries of a TAC engineer in India range from 3lakhs to a whooping 16 lakhs. The average salary is estimated to be up to 9 lakh rupees. This data has been obtained after looking at approximately 200 TAC engineers’ salaries. 

Scope of a TAC Engineer:

Scope of Tac Engineer

The scope of the profession of TAC engineer is vast consequently casting an effect on its scope, which undoubtedly is positive in nature. This profession is in high demand as well. The future of a candidate willing to be a TAC engineer is bright as this profession has a lot of potential as network engineers are of paramount importance. 

There is debate surrounding the role of these engineers and the rise of automation and how it can take over the role of the former. The data from the industry opposes this, as the role of TAC engineers isn’t only that requires automated expertise but manually also one needs to be aware so as to assist issues being reported by customers, and staff. 

Is being a TAC Engineer worth it?

The profession remains a worthy stake and one should definitely go for it. The salary for TAC is another attraction that makes it one of the most sought-after job profiles. It is a subjective choice to make as well but considering the job security, it is a very strong and safe option. TAC engineering is a progressive profession. All the critical outages are being catered to by these engineers. So the field of network engineering is a safe option. Jobs for all these roles are available in all the cities, across the country while we talk of the Indian subcontinent. 

The most in-demand Employer :

cisco TAC Engineer

Cisco is one of the top employers in the game currently. People aim to be a part of this highly revered organisation. As for TAC engineers, it’s pretty huge. Cisco TAC engineers are in huge demand elsewhere as well. But to be an engineer at Cisco sets a benchmark in this field and proves one’s skills to be able enough to navigate through the most evolving landscape of IT. 


In conclusion, it can be said that TAC engineering is a smart career choice and it holds opportunities for handsome remunerations. This job profile is reputed, and makes a way out of conventional engineering. 

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